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I have hair on my upper lip, like a mustache!

I want to get rid of it but don’t know how. I tried tweezing it, but it hurts. Many dark-haired girls and even some blondes have...
76 Comments | Add Yours

Oh gosh I have this! And boys make comments ALL THE TIME. It sucks. But when I talked to my mom about it we went to a drugstore (or grocery store) and bought the Sally Hansens bleach. Theres also a remover that's absolutely painless. Hope this helps!(:

by miss rissy on 3/9/2013 12:58:38 PM


I used to have that. I have dark hair, so 2 years ago, in 5th grade, my mom started threading the hair. It hurts at first, but it really gets the job done!

by Sweetie99 on 3/9/2013 12:09:16 PM


If you bleach it wouldnt it look weird or is it totaly not noticeable? I've never tryed.


Hey girl, I don't think it looks weird! 

lauren r.

by tapdancer6192 on 3/9/2013 10:41:02 AM


I have the same problem! I use Nair

by chocolateworld12 on 3/9/2013 5:43:36 AM


What is best and cheapest way to remove mustace hairs? I heard hair removal creams but are there any drawbacks to them?Do they just work on face or legs? Is it permenent?


Hey girlie, the only drawback is that your face is really sensitive and the cream might irritate it. Try it in a small spot first so that if you get a rash it isn't your whole upper lip. They're just made for your face and other small areas. It's not permanent, but it'll last for a few weeks. 

Lauren T.

by ssblue on 1/23/2013 5:06:47 PM


MOD MOD MOD I am 11 years old and I want my upper lip hair gone but at some points its noticeable and at some points its not and when I ask my mom she says when I'm 13 or so but I want it off and my mom had this one cream and I asked can I use it she said no what should I do?


Hey girlie, these types of issues can become difficult, especially if you've already been rejected by your mom. I would go to her again and tell her how unhappy you are about the upper lip hair. There are things you can try like bleaches and waxes, but they should be used under the supervision of an adult. So, try again and talk to your mom about the different options!

Marly Z.

by _karen_ll on 12/3/2010 10:12:42 PM


i really dont want to wax or bleach!does smooth aways work???

by fashiongirl21 on 10/18/2010 5:44:43 PM


i had a mustache too!!! (not like full-on bush, but it was visible) but then i used biore hair removal cream and it works!!! ppl with that problem shud try it!!! (but you hsve to test it on ur inside elbow first, you mite b allergic)

by justinb321 on 8/24/2010 2:31:34 PM


is it ryt to wax the upper lips coz its possible if while waxing it we get our skin off wid it..plzz help wid this.

by candiefloss on 8/19/2010 3:26:27 PM


hey mods not answering qucik enough?! there busy gals so in less than 3 hours i will help you if its not busy way earlier!!!.....
come to my profile i will answer all these topics....
*foster care problems
*friendship issues
*down there
*eager boyfriends
*tampons vs pads
*vaginal discharge
*facebook troubles
*ex boyfriends
*perfume vs deoderant
*and anything else. there is no stupid question!!

u can also chat with me!! Smile ill be here to help ya!! Smile SmileSmile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

by club twillight on 8/17/2010 10:33:17 PM

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