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Dreams of being an actress

I want to be a professional actress, but I’m not sure if I’m any good. I also question if I want to go into show...
124 Comments | Add Yours


sorry about the all caps i just wanted to get ur attention 8-P

I am having a writing contest on my profile!!

The story has to be about ROMANCE!!! It can be made-up, real, something you wish would happen to you, i don't really care. It can be about heartbreak, first true love, or just a crush. Whatevers!!!

Submit your story by March 1 and i will announce the winner on March 5!!!

Please put **CONTEST ENTRY** at the top so i know your comment is very important!!!

thanks a bunches!

by Quince_playa on 2/17/2010 5:09:36 PM



if ur reading this girl talk column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 3 days, guaranteed. if ur profile isn't publicly visible, i'll answer ur questions on MY profile. thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, lauren

by soccergirl524 on 2/17/2010 4:56:57 PM


I either want to be an actress or be a graphic designer for movies

by skatefun on 2/17/2010 3:01:48 PM


i kinda have the same problem. I want to sing a solo in at my choir concert, but i really don't know if I'm any good. I started recording myself singing and then listening to myself and i sound horrible! I used to be really prideful of my singing cuz i thought i was soooooo great at it, but now i'm not so sure. What do you think i should do?

Hey Girl! Try talking to a chorus teacher or someone who can guide you to listen to you sing. Ask them for some tips and to lend you an ear! xo Lizzie 
lizzie n.

by <3jesusfreak<3 on 2/17/2010 1:18:26 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!
this guy said he like's me but after i said i like him too, he stared to call me words and talk about me, so i don't talk to him no more. but now he has a new girl friend and i'm soooooo JEALOUS!!!!!! i think about him being with her and not me all the time. what do she have that i don't. is he trying to make me jealous? and should i make him jealous?


Hey babes, dont stopp to his level. Carry your head held high. If he started calling you names and talking about you, then he isnt worth it. If he liked you he wouldnt do that. xo JANA

jana k.

by j4zm09 on 2/16/2010 9:03:31 PM


mod mod mod
ok so im ALMOST postive the guy i likr likrs me! Smile but i REALLY dont want to ask him out...so i m kinda stuck what do i do to possibly get him to ask me out....or if it comes to it how do i ask him out...do i get a friends to ask him for me?

Hey babe! Be brave, if you never ask him you'll never know if he feels the same way!  
Megan R.

by sassykinz on 2/16/2010 6:30:53 PM


i wanna be a doctor! how can i start pursueiong this dream job? (btw i am in 6th grade"


Hey babe! Just participate and work really hard in your science and math classes. 6th grade is early to know what you want to do, so remember also to keep your options open and do what you enjoy and what comes naturally! 

Megan R.

by Angel07 on 2/16/2010 6:24:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!! What are some ways to burn belly fat, in a healthy way!!! I do crunches, but is there anything that works great!! Thanks so much!! MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!


hey girl! veggies, lots of water, crunchies and jogging all work GREAT together!

Hallie R.

by beautygirl212 on 2/16/2010 3:26:17 PM


i going to take acting classes this summer. i hope i'm good :~)

by j4zm09 on 2/16/2010 2:34:05 PM


Great advice! Just go out for some stage productions and see if you really are in it for the acting! And maybe if you get really good, we'll see you on Broadway!

by skichick95 on 2/16/2010 2:00:33 PM

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