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Gaining weight to get my period?

I haven't gotten my period since May. My mother says that I need to gain weight, but I don't want to. I'm really skinny for...
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Hey the other day I went to my moms job the said i gained pounds and i go to the gym 3-4 times a week and work extra hard..but the lady said that her child got hers at 12 but she gained a couple of pounds and then after her period she went back down since i gained pounds is that a sign on my period.

P.S. i get alot of cramps and things but I dont get why i havent had mine yet


by niahayes0324 on 1/28/2012 12:47:18 PM


I heard that when you put your tampon in, if you can feel it, it's not in right. I just got my period today for the first time, but I have to use tampons since i'm a swimmer. when i walk i can't feel a thing, but when I sit, i can feel something small... am i just adjusting and going to get used to it, or should I try again to put it in? I've tried twice and it's gotten better the second time.

by artgirl116 on 7/11/2010 5:16:01 PM


ok thanks for the advice its really helpful just 1 more question: so u said i should put a pad in that morning if i thought i would be getting my period. i would do that, but i only ask about this because i will have my period on a hiking/camping backcountry trip at camp and if it starts, i dont wanna leak. i would put a pad i, but the day its supposed to start is one of the days that we do major hiking and swimming and it would be really uncomfortable

Hmm.. I see the problem. But, I still think stick with a pad.  I'm sure you can veer off from the group and go put in a tampon if you feel your period is starting.  If you feel more comfortable having a tampon in, do it. It won't hurt you having it in without your period, it might just add extra stress! Do whatever will let you have more fun on your hiking trip! 
Katie R.

by mkroberts96 on 7/9/2010 2:58:24 PM


1. sometimes the blood from my tampon leaks down the string, but if i use a bigger size, it wont go in all the way. if im swimming with a tampon in, will the blood still leak down the string? it does sometimes when im not swimming, but i have a liner on. but i cant wear one when im swimming.
2. is it ok to put a thin tampon in on the day my period is suppossed to start if i dont see any blood yet? because i will be getting up early and my period usually doesnt start till l8r in the day and i really dont want to leak
thanks again!!

I wouldn't put a tampon in unless you have started you period.  Wearing tampons for 5ish days is enough already- why put yourself through another day.  If you think you're going to get it, put a pad on your underwear that morning, just to be safe.  And don't worry about swimming with a tampon in! If it leaks, it's not because of the water, but just because of your heavy flow (nothing to worry about!) You probably leak at the beach because you have a liner... Make sure that next time you go swimming you use a tampon- you'll have much more fun at the beach when you aren't worry about leaks! 
Katie R.

by mkroberts96 on 7/9/2010 2:48:13 PM


im 11 n i got my period wen i was 10 around 11 monthes ago-except da first time i got it was powdery..... no one in my class gets it except me n 1-2 other girls..none of my friends got it n i dont like getting my period,its awful! is there any way 2 stop it? and i stopped growing now so i am around 5.2" feet will i stay this height forever? because this height is VERY short! thanks in advance! Smile

Theres no way to stop it. And youre not completely done growing so give it time Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by jenna70831 on 7/8/2010 12:03:21 AM


I am like 90 pounds and im 9 years old... am i 2 heavy? plzzzzzz reply asap... and am i heavy enough to get my period? ASAP!!!!


Hey girlie, that totally depends on your body shape and height. Your period is generally more of a genetic thing so you might get it around the age your mom did. 9 is pretty young to get your period.

Lauren T.

by ChickaGirl900 on 6/25/2010 6:02:59 PM


o.k i'm 12yaers old and havent got my period i have pupic hair and im 4.9 75lbs i confused

by meme23614 on 6/13/2010 7:04:46 PM


I have heard that you get your period typically when you are about 100 pounds. I am 13 years old and I weigh 100-104 pounds (it varies a lot within that). Last summer I went from being 70 pounds and 4'11" to 100 pounds and 5'4" really fast but then my weight and height didn't change much. I have also had discharge for almost 2 years and I am a B cup.
What I'm asking is, is my body ready to get my period? All my friends have it and I want to know when I will get it but it seems really unpredictable.

Its very unpredictable so you cant be sure when youre going to get it. Be patient. It will come Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by hannah12345 on 5/27/2010 11:07:59 PM


Mod, When I go to the bathroom and I wipe there's blood, but not any other time. Is this my period, or what's up?

Hey girl! Yes, it could totally be your period coming ... when your period first comes, it usually is not super strong, but there will be a little blood. Hope that helps! 
Kelli S.

by 1flyingmonkey on 5/22/2010 9:21:12 AM


okay, so I'm am turning 16 next month, but i haven't started my period yet. I'm about 5'8 and 100 pounds, could that be the problem? I have so much discharge it's like a machine! I cover it up to my friends and talk to them about it. even my best friend got it before me, and we practically lived together for 3 years. I even lied to my mom. I haven't developed anything either, I'm flat in the chest area and my little booty, and I'm tired of getting made fun of being a moving twig. Please help me do something!!

by fasho.homez on 5/20/2010 12:03:58 AM

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