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I think I'm fat...

I'm worried about my weight. I went to my doctor for a physical and she said I was at a good weight, but I still...
158 Comments | Add Yours

I'm 14 years old weigh 180 and my height is 5'1. My doctor always says I'm overweight when i go to my physical. I try losing weight but after a week I stop what should I do to lose weight.

by Candykorn3 on 12/8/2012 8:21:40 PM


I am almost 14 years old am 4'11 and i weigh 110 lbs. Am I too Fat? I am not super super active, but I am not a couch potato either. I eat mostly healthy foods, but every now and then I enjoy a cookie or some fries. Is that bad?

by brie366 on 7/16/2012 5:59:28 PM


MODMODMOD! I am 13 and 5'9 and weigh 155lbs. all the girls in my grade are way skinnier than me and shorter. The guy i have liked for like 5 years is my friend but i want him to be more than that. But he only likes cheerleaders and girls who are like a size 2. I dont fit any of those things, should i just forget about him or still try to make myself look better so he will notice me. Please Help!


Hey girl, if a guy can't accept you for you then he's not worth it. Don't ever try to change for someone else, embrace who you are, because chances are you're awesome just the way you are. However there's nothing wrong with getting a little dressed up to get a guy's attention. Try something different with your hair or try wearing a cute outfit. Smile

Lynae P.

by krystin on 11/13/2010 7:55:46 PM


MOD i am 13 and i weigh almost 180 pounds maybe a couple pounds less some times i get upset if things dont look good of things dont fit because of my size i go to the gym and play sports but i cant seen to lose weight do you think i should go to a doctor or just talk to my mom? please help ! thanks


Hey girl definitely talk to your mom and then she will know best whether or not you all should talk to a doctor!

Lindsay S.

by sparksfly13 on 10/12/2010 4:18:55 PM


MOD**** I am 13. I am 5'1" and i weigh ___lbs. I weigh more than my sister.. who is older than me! Is the good or bad???

Hey girl,

It's not bad... it's YOU! Just as everyone comes in all different heights, we come in all different weights too. I know that sounds cliche but it's true - you can't compare yourself to your sister or your BFF or anyone. Just go by what you feel. Do you eat healthy? Do you try to get exercise every day? Do you feel healthy? All of these things are the most important, not the number on the scale. Focus on you and you'll be in good shape!
Lauren C.

by ali.rulez13 on 10/11/2010 9:48:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! Please help. I'm 12, almost 13 and i feel like im the fattest girl in the world. Everytime i look in the mirror, i pick myself apart and look at all the bad things. My mom says im fine, but i dont believe that. I have low self esteem and absolutely NO confidence in myself. Life is tough for me, i compare myself to others. Last time i went to the doctors i weighed about 127 pounds. I have no idea what i weigh now, but i think im really fat. Please help or answer, just anything! Last year, i had to have talks with my teacher about confidence and believing in myself. i still feel the same way. all my friends were sharing weight one day, and they are all under 100 pounds, I didnt share my weight. I have tried going on diet, and eating nothing but its difficult. I just wanna fit in, and not be fat. Please help. Thanks.


Hey girl, I am so sorry to hear about the confidence problems - I know it is really hard when you just don't feel good about yourself.  First off, dieting or not eating won't make you be healthier or feel better.  The right thing to do is take care of your body and yourself, inside and out.  That includes working on your confidence so you can realize what a great gal you are!  Try recognizing the things you do like about yourself, and don't put pressure on yourself to be perfect.  I think it's also really important for you to talk with an adult you trust - like a parent or counselor - who can support you while you work through this.  You are an awesome girl, so hang in there and things can get better! 

Marie H.

by caliluv135 on 10/11/2010 7:42:02 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I am 11 years old i will 12 on April 1st but i weigh 109 lbs and my height is 5'5 am i overweight?Even my older sister that is 16 weighs less than me she is 5'4 and weighs 90 lbs.All my friends say i am skinny i think they might just be saying that so please be honest am i over weight?

Hey girl! I don't think you are overweight! If you are comfortable with the way you look then that is all that matters. 
Lauren H.

by playboy_babe on 10/8/2010 3:27:06 AM


MOD**** I am about 5'5 and I weigh like 137lbs... we do this thing called kids quest last year and when i got my results when i was 5'2 and weighed about 130 it said my weight was in the like 86th percentile... am i overwiehgt???


Hey girl, Every body is different, so even what a test tells you doesn't necessarily mean anything about what's right for your bod.  As long as you are taking care of your bod, that's what matters.  Your weight will change a lot as you're growing up, so taking care of yourself  - not a number on the scale or test result - is really what matters. 

Marie H.

by kt_catlover on 9/6/2010 1:28:43 PM


I have big bones so does my mom ! But i feel fat ! Im 5"6 And 155lbs And im only 12 is this normal i try workouts and trying to eat healthy but i still feel bigger then all of my friends . DO u think thats overweight for my age ???
thnx !Smile

by bgirl98 on 8/19/2010 10:17:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! if I'm 12 and about 4 foot 11 inches and i way around 105lbs. is that good or bad??? honestly...



Hey there girly, it sounds like you're pretty normal!


Becca G.

by bree123 on 8/15/2010 11:48:10 PM

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