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Power Nap

When you’re stressed out, being tired just makes the problem worse. Or you can even get really irritable and stressed when you’re lacking Zzzs. The...
32 Comments | Add Yours

Im really obbsessed with junk food im gaining like 5000 cals a day is that bad im 12 and i weigh about 150 pounds people make fun of me.
Cassie,Kristie's friend

Hey girlie, You might want to cut back on the junk food. It's okay to eat every once in a while, but all the time is really unhealthy! Try eating something healthy, like a piece of fruit, every time you crave junk food. Pretty soon you won't crave the bad stuff anymore!  
Alissa S.

by swizerland on 7/7/2010 1:08:52 PM


I have trouble sleeping during the day so i can't take naps but when i am REALLY tired i want to take naps but it doesn't work! i put the curtains down and turn off the lights. any suggestions???


Hey lucky you, I am the queen of naps!  Haha but seriously, I'm like a pro.  Try finding the darkest room in your house.  Sometimes I go to the couch in my basement.  Also, you can get a sleep mask to put over your eyes.  VS Pink has really cute soft ones.

Brittany B.

by coke-cola on 6/29/2010 10:26:57 AM


i have to go to my dads ever other weekend. if a emergency comes up, and i can't be there like usual, he gets angry, and gives me the cold shoulder. then, a day or so later, he wants to buy me things, and he's apologizing and he's really happy and hunky-dory. i never know what kind of mood he'll be in. sometimes after he's been mad at me, i come home with migraines. i feel really guilty when this stuff mom is going to see if the judge will allow me to choose when i go to his house (i'm 13) so it will be My choice. what should i do?? (please hide or delete this when you write back)

Hey girl, try to talk to your dad about how you feel. He probably just gets sad when he can't see you, and he may begin to think you don't want to spend time with him. Try to have a conversation with him about these things, so you both can feel better the next time you have to unexpectedly cancel. Communicating will definitely help with this situation. Good luck! 
Abby C.

by smellysocks101 on 6/2/2010 11:53:11 AM


i am thinking about getting my ears pierced a second time, what do you think i should do? also, how do i keep them from getting infected?

Hey girl, it's really up to you whether you want to pierce your ears again or not. To keep infections away clean them regularly and ask the person who pierces them what else you can do. Good luck! 
Abby C.

by smellysocks101 on 6/2/2010 11:36:58 AM


******MOD MOD MOD***********
Can you get thin strapped sports bras? and if so, where? I was just wondering, because mine are so thick that sometimes they are wider then my tanktop straps!
Thanks in advance! <3 Smile

Hey girl, unfortunately I think sport bras are just made like that in general. You can always check a sports store like Nike or Dick's Sporting Goods though to see if any companies make sports bras with thinner straps.

Alyssa B.

by malgal22 on 5/26/2010 10:24:07 PM


hey girlies!
I know the GL moderators do a great job of answering questions, but they are busy gals! if you have any questions about tough stuff, school work or anything else, come to my profile and I would be happy to see all your fun profiles and stories

by Olivia T. on 5/26/2010 9:35:36 PM


hey girls! any one want to be workout buddies? comment on my profile and we can set goals, and reach them together!! [:

by paigedelainey on 5/22/2010 4:48:17 PM


i love taking naps but it doesnt give me any power! it just makes me more sleepy and lazy when i wake up and i dont want to do anything

by coolchick110 on 5/20/2010 4:22:44 PM


hey guys! i give great advice so check out my profile. yeah i just made a new account...but im former lalaladi11.

<333 livelaughlove

by livelaughlove131 on 5/16/2010 3:56:38 PM


MOD I am thirteen years old and have sleeping issues. It can take me up to 3 hours to fall asleep at night, and even when I have been sleeping for like 10 hours I am still tired. I am always tired on school days which I get but even on the weekends I am tired.It's annoying becuase just today I woke up like 4 hours aago and I am so tired I am thinking about going back to sleep. Please help me

hey girl! You might want to talk to the doctor about this. 
Eryn G.

by cheergirlars on 5/16/2010 1:45:38 PM

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