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Sad About New Family

My dad and new stepmom took me ice skating with them and my stepsister. I thought it would be fun, but it wasn’t. My dad...
133 Comments | Add Yours

Mod mod I'm on my period!!! I have had it 2 yrs I'm still irregular r u irregular?


Hey girl- i've had it for 7 years and I still get irregular sometimes!

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 4:42:09 PM


Mod u didn't aNswer

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 4:40:22 PM


Mod mod mod I don't have anything to apologize about!! I told her about all the emotional torture I'm going thu mods in thus site said it'd be better to talk to som1 but totes regret it!! Her twin might come too....and I'm not ad close friends w her but if she comes how can I make sure they both get equal attention w me bcuz I like the one I told more and she's nicer to me


hey girl! i had friends who were twins... you can hang out with both, talk to both whenever you get the chance.. dont always make plans iwth just the one... but inthe end, they will learn that they each have their own groups of friends. you can be friendswith both and still be closer to one!

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 4:23:58 PM


mod mofL mod u didn't get it I dnt want her to sit down and tlk bout it I've gown thru alot The Shadow comes and all kinds of stuff I regret I texted her but it at all and she may come over this wkend!!!


hey girl! im glad she may come this weekend. be careful with texts, but always apologize if you slip up!

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 4:15:37 PM




hey girl! that just means u want a GL mdoerator to answer your question. Otherwise, just post your commetns and all the other chicas will answer for you!

Hallie R.

by cheesecube939 on 4/6/2010 1:30:15 PM


Mod haV u ever had problems u could relate to us girls aboiyt


haha hey girl, yes, most of the probs you girlies have had, us MODs have also dealt with, from period questions to crazy boy crushes!

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 8:32:19 AM


Mod mod mod how can I ChaNge up my "look"


Hey girl- try a different shade of make up, wear a color you dont normally wear, or cut your hair!

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 8:31:06 AM


Mod mod mod is thereabtwher thar has bras like A1/2 or anything???


hey girlie i think some places do, you hsould talk with your mom! You could also try different sizes like A32 will be smaller and A36 will be a little bigger.

Hallie R.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 8:13:48 AM


Mod Mod mod I'm hideous and wayyy sad bout it and chubby is there like creams or something to make me not? Like skinny cream or beauty pills???

Hey girl,

First of all, you should be happy with who you are. Sometimes we all get down, but if you wanna pick yourself up, get yourself outside working on it. If you feel like you wanna get in shape, start an exercise routine and begin eating healthy. You don't even need to do it to lose weight, but it will make you feel so good about yourself. Once you gain confidence, you'll feel so much better about everything! 
Allee S.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 8:12:05 AM


Mod mod MoD I'm so mad at myself I told my friend a lik of way I'm goin thru (if u haven't modded 4 mr b4 ask another mod exactly wat I mean) and I rreally regret it she didn't fully ubdestand but still!! And y'all aid it'd make me feel better? Didn't. I told her in txt butv i'm scared shell wanna talk bout it in person and I def don't!

Hey girl!

Even though it might have been hard to tell her, being honest is so important. She may be a little confused now, but I'm sure when she sits down and thinks it out, she'll understand. 
Allee S.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 4/6/2010 8:09:58 AM

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