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Teacher's Pet

My teacher treats everyone in my class like dirt except her teacher's pet. I just want her to treat everyone equally, but how?
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MOD Okay, first thanks for your time. My teacher hates me some days then is complementing me the next. I really like her cuz she's pretty, young and funny, but she also picks favorites. My friend happens to be one of them, and is like, obsessed with getting her attention. What can I do to A. Get my teacher to not hate me, and B. Get my friend to stop making a fool of herself???


Hey girl,
I'm sorry to hear that your teacher picks faves.  The best thing to do in any class is to be respectful and kind to your teach (no gabbing at the back of the class!), and be responsible about your assignments.  If you do that, she will have no reason to hate you!  As for your friend - unfortunately, you may not really be able to stop her in this sitch.  It may seem silly that she's obsessed, but as long as she's not hurting anyone, it may be best to just let it go.  The good news is, eventually you will have new teachers - and the silly behavior will be done!

Marie H.

by dashor on 5/15/2010 9:10:25 PM


Hey girlies! Are you in 4th-6th grade and need advice? Then head on over to my profile! Ask us anything, and we'll get right back to you ASAP! We are also hiiring. If you need a job on GL and you're in 4th-6th grade and great at giving advice, then tell me about you. I'll ask you tough Q's and make sure you answer them well with good advice. Check out my profile for deets! See ya there! Smile Love always, iDance4Him

by iDance4Him on 5/9/2010 8:07:23 PM


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by Artsygurl4evr on 5/1/2010 10:34:28 PM


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by Artsygurl4evr on 5/1/2010 10:30:53 PM


mod mod mod mod mod**************************** nobody is modding my comments and i so angry about it!


Hey girl, we get a lot of comments so sometimes sometimes we miss some, even though we try not to. Sorry about that, hope it doesn't happen again!


- Gabrielle

gabrielle m.

by megsta123rox on 4/28/2010 12:55:35 PM


I'm a major teacher's pet, too. >.<

by WaffleAddict on 4/24/2010 6:45:04 PM


I know how you feel my french teacher likes this girl so much she could probably cut class and she'd still get more points (her way of rewarding us) then if she was here!

by sockmonkey49 on 4/12/2010 9:52:36 PM


Do you need advice? Well then ask me! I will give the best advice you can get! You can ask me questions about fashion, make-up, school, boys, family, friends, and everything that a girl has to know! I will answer your question in 1 or 2 days, promise! I check my GL everyday, so you are sure to get an answer! Just post the question on my profile in the comments. If your profile isnt publicly visable, then I will answer the question on MY profile, so make sure you check my profile daily!
♥Love & Rockets♥,
Keidy♥ aka zebraatastic♥

by zebraatastic on 4/8/2010 10:01:36 AM


mod mod mod
ok i asked you before about those mean girls and how they hate evryone and started making up stuff and making others ignore me so i don't really have friends well i talked to my mum about it and now she wants to talk to my teacher because this is making me want to move schools but i really don't want her to i think it will just get worse and i will be teased and called a crybaby and a nark what do you think i could or should do??

Hey girl,

If your mom really wants to talk to a teacher about it, maybe let her know that you want it all to be confidential. And make sure the teacher knows this, so that she can be aware of the problem but not make it obvious unless it becomes worse. 
Allee S.

by purple9111 on 4/8/2010 1:11:17 AM


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by princess bubbly on 4/7/2010 4:15:36 PM

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