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Egg-cellent Easter Party!

The bunnies are hoppin’ and the sun is shinin’! You guessed it…it’s finally Easter! Kick the weekend off with your chickies a little early with a Easter party!
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MOD What ever happeneed to that spring contest where you could win those pink and green skinny jeans and that pink sparkly guitar? I

tried to enter and it said the contest expired. But just a few weeks ago it said the contest didnt end until april 31. Has the contest ended?


Hey girly, yeah I think they pushed the deadline up., Sorry about that, but there will be more contests to enter, so keep checking back. Smile

Lynae P.

by christiangirlsmusicclub on 4/9/2010 11:23:36 PM


I had this party yesterday with my friends! It went great!

by prettypinkconverse on 4/4/2010 3:15:36 PM


Next year, I'm going to middle school. One of my reall good friends Miiight not go to the same school as me. My other friend is might not either but probably wont and my bgf won't either. I have a couple of good aquantinces who are going to the same school except for Maaaybe one. So I'm kinda nervous about the first day and weather I'll make friends or not. And his may not sound like a big deal, but I'm kinda worried about where to sit at lunch, like not being by myself or not.
Thanks, sorry it's long.

Hey girl, of course you'll make friends! Don't worry at all. The first few days might be a little awkward, but be brave, talk to some people who seem like you would get along with. You can do it! 
Lauren R.

by nerdykitty97 on 4/3/2010 11:10:17 PM


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Hey girls!

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by Club Fashion and Beauty on 4/3/2010 7:45:01 PM


Hey, I need to know easy cheap easter gifts for my mom! Please help!
Thanks yall

hey girl! You could get her candy, choclate goes a long way. You could also get her her fave magazine, lip gloss or a candle. 
Eryn G.

by starkstud on 4/3/2010 6:37:03 PM


hehe, i just had an awesome easta partaii with my chickies, i filled our wole yard up with glitter I loved it so much!! Need party ideas? Just ask moi! ( i know abit of french as well buuuuttt not much Smile)
Love lots,
Bon Bon

by bonbon on 4/3/2010 12:33:38 PM


hello there ; okay, so i'm completely obsessed with alternative/emo/pop-punk (you get the idea) bands and if you are too, what are you favorite bands ? kthxbye. (:

by breakdancing101 on 4/3/2010 2:31:45 AM


MOD!MOD!MOD!Ok so im over at a friends house any ideas fo what wecan do Please give us some ideas THANKS!!Smile


Hey girly! You can always give yourself fun makeovers! Or, watch some scary movies (or even romantic comedies).  As for other ideas, you can tell ghost stories, play truth or dare, play never have I ever, do manicures and peddies...the possibilities are endless! Have fun Smile

Becca G.

by ashton062698 on 4/2/2010 11:53:28 PM


hey girls! I give advice on just about anything! I'm really experienced in being an advice giver and help you get out of even the toughest sitch! so post a comment on my profile and I'll be happy to help ya

by summerlover0116 on 4/2/2010 8:50:59 PM


Love to write?
Join Writers Corner, a safe community to share your work with the world and chat with other teen girl writers!

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Please join, submit your work, and spread the word! XD

by Writers Corner on 4/2/2010 8:02:09 PM

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