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My friend's totally two-faced!

When we’re with friends, my friend acts like she hates me. But when we’re alone, she calls me her BFF. I don’t want to be her BFF!
87 Comments | Add Yours

Ok, my friend is really starting to annoy me. In school (in front of everyone)she calls me rude names and sometimes its really hurtful and sometimes inappropriate. When shes not in front of everybody we usually have fun but when we do stuff she usually takes all the credit and I'm sick of it. I really want to tell her to stop but I don't want to ruin our friendship. What do I do? Well I guess it's not really a friendship when she calls me mean names but still, what do I do?


Hey! tell her how you feel, and if she doesn't shape up, say good bye.

Helen S.

by DramaGurls01 on 4/16/2011 1:27:25 PM


MOD HELP! my friend (well aquentecne) is always bring EVERYTHING in her life down on me! whenever she gets mad she competly stops talking to me to the point that my mom and her mom have to bring us into the same room and have us talk about it. what should i do? i try to talk to her when she's not talking to me but then she just ignors me and lies to other people abou it. HELP ME! i can't take it any more!

Hey girlie. Talk to her about it when she's not in a bad mood. Be super nice when you're telling her. Maybe she doesn't realize what is causing the fights between you two. 
Marly Z.

by NLdancer on 3/7/2011 7:51:18 PM


I have a friend like that!! When she is away from her little clique she hangs out with me, gives me stuff and calls meher BFF!! But then when she hangs out with other people she ignores me comepletely! Once I went to avalentines party that she had put together and she ivited me and her friends that ignore me! i had the worst time ever!!!! Then the same night over the phone she told me that the only reason she invied me was so I wouldnt get mad!! I was mad anyway so I wish I didnt even go! Now we both have cellphones and she texts me constantly and always brags to me! She wont leave me alone but i have learned to live it and ignore it

by Kenziemonkey on 8/2/2010 7:56:59 PM


i have a friend who haa been acting really rude and self centered lately. I keep giving her more chances, and she is still rude to me, and once we got in a fight and she just exploded at me. She told me she always was being kind even though she didn't care about this this and this. Before, she'd told me i was getting annoying and she didn't care about this. If I'm not mistaken, she was saying that to everything I had told her! Basically, I feel like she doesn't care about me unless I'm talking about her or something she likes. She has a bad temper, and i try to get past that, but she makes it hard. I'm too close to her to just stop being her friend...but shes rude and doesn't see it when she is.


Hey girlie, when she's rude stop talking about her.  You need to give her some indication that she's doing something wrong and she's being rude.

Lauren T.

by blueseastars13 on 7/30/2010 3:12:18 PM


totaly dont be her friend

by molly 77889 on 7/28/2010 6:17:20 PM


Hey Mod- My cousin and I are bffs, but we dont get to see each other often, so we stay in touch over the computor. Well, one of her friends from her school told me (innocently) that she, my cousin and her sis, and some other girls are going to a movie. My cuz never told me, so it kinda stung that she invited other girls. What should I think, and what should I say to her?


Hey girl, I'm not really sure what to say.  It's definitely a possibility that she didn't mean to hurt you - she may just not have known that you would want to come, or if you knew those other girls.  You could just ask her about it, but if you two are BFFs, I wouldn't worry about it too much.  And feel free to start up some plans of your own! 

Marie H.

by ManderzRockz on 7/1/2010 8:25:18 PM


I have this friedn who im pretty close to. Shes part of the group of friends i hang out with all the time, and we tell esch other a lot. Lately tho, she's been acting kind of mean to me. She insults me a lot and tells me im stupid, lame, dumb, etc. She told me b4 that she was really insecure about herself and thought we didn't want to be her friends anymore. She can be so much fun to hang out with still. its annoying.I know i need to talk to her about it, but what can i say? I dont want to mess up our friendship cuz shes still one of my best friends!!! Please help me!



Hey gurlie, sorry I  had to cut down ur message a lil, so you should definitely sit down with her and tell her how you feel. Tell her it hurts you really bad that someone you care about will say such inconsiderate, rude and hurtful things. As your friend she has to respect and consider your feelings. If she can't and she is unwilling to change and control her tongue she is not a friend you want to hang on to you. You friends should build you up not break you down. 

Paige T.

by Sandytoes22 on 6/25/2010 9:14:02 PM


thank you so much!!!!!!!!

by freddymylove on 6/17/2010 3:28:11 PM


Okay, so every year my church has a fair with cool rides and my friends and I are going. Except my best friend cant go but this girl I dont like is coming because she thinks we are friends. Then, without talking to us, she goes and invites a person that is a year above us and is SO ANNOYING, more annoying than she is. I don't want to be with them! How do me and my other friend find a way to leave? If I say I want to go on another ride, I know they'll say We'll come too. So what do I do??????????
Fair Foes

Hey girl! If you don't want to hang out with them, then you definitely don't have to ! Don't feel obligated to spend time with people that make you miserable! It's your life, you should do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people you like.  Go with your friend that you like on the cool rides, and say something like: Let's split up and meet up later because you want to do this and we want to do that!  Say something like: if you wait around you all won't be able to get to do everything you want to do!  Just go have fun at the fair and don't worry about the girls you don't like.  
Megan R.

by freddymylove on 6/16/2010 7:33:27 PM


omg iam in the SAME EXACT spot as you, my friend acts like that all the time, i juss stopped hangin out with her and hung out with another set of friends. also she is always like I KNOW A SECRET! then tells a different bestie of hers its annoyting

by rejected :( on 5/28/2010 10:29:19 PM

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