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My teacher treats me differently because I have ADD

A lot of my teachers treat me as if I'm a young child. While I perform well in school, I have ADD and teachers think this means I have no common sense.
52 Comments | Add Yours

Thats soooo annoying! I feel soo bad for u to have to go through ur teacher doing that! >Frown

by Beluga-swim on 9/7/2010 7:39:04 PM


Last year I helped the ESE kids in P.E. They didn't need much of it but it still felt good to help them. I don't know if any of them had ADD but they were really nice. On the last day I was helping the eldest one, Chysha, and she was in 8th grade when I was only in 6th, and she and I were shooting hoops. I missed and the ball bounced away and we both ran after it. Chrysha, being really tall and having long legs, accidently tripped me. I ended up with the usual scraped-up & bloody knees, scraped up palms, only they weren't bloody, and I apperently also scraped my left elbow & it didn't start to hurt until I looked at it, Weird. I still have the scars on my knees and elbow too. I scraped myself up pretty bad when I first rode a bike and fell of, so I got double scars on my knees in pretty much the exact same place. It doesn't hurt to shave over them but it still looks funny in the right light.

by nala0314 on 9/6/2010 11:20:39 AM


if i were u tell ur parents and let the school know that ur teach is treating u like a baby

by cre8tive_2114 on 7/22/2010 8:05:08 PM


Speak up in a nice way. You don't have to put up with being babied. Mabye they wanna watch out for you and make sure that you're ok, but they don't that you don't need them to do that for you.

by WaffleAddict on 6/8/2010 3:31:11 PM


i think your teacher is breaking the law.. tell your parents, prinipal, a lawyer, SOMEONE

by actress2b_<3 on 6/2/2010 6:00:24 PM


Hey I know how you feel, I have ADD too and I get that from people sometimes. Just hold your head high and prove them wrong, girl! Smile

by cookie_monster9 on 5/31/2010 8:49:09 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Hey, I am in 7th grade. At every middle school dance i've gone to, (which would be 4, one for every quarter) no guy has ever asked me to slow dance with them! Not even my closest guy friends asked me! I think it may be because I have some acne on my face but I'm already going to a dermatologist so I can't do anything else! Next year, I want to be asked to slow dance with someone, I just don't want to feel this desperate! PLEASE HELP!! --Luv, elkhorngirl97


I know that has to be really frustrating.  The truth is, it's probably more about the boys than it is about you!  Guys can feel uncomfortable with asking - but it will get better as they get older.  You can always look for the opportunity to ask them yourself.  Go for it, girl!

Marie H.

by elkhorngirl97 on 5/26/2010 6:43:30 PM


well idk how it's like to have ADD, but i would say SPEAK UP..tell them that ur like any other person out there..i THINK it;s NOT FAIR they treat u like that, BUT..they just dont know better

by elmorockz1252 on 5/21/2010 3:55:16 AM



if ur reading this girl talk column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 3 days(max), guaranteed. if ur profile isn't publicly visible, i'll answer ur questions on MY profile(NOW WITH 2000 PLUS COMMENTS!!!). thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, Lauren

by soccergirl524 on 5/19/2010 4:02:59 PM


hey YOU reading this.. yes YOU ( ;

i know there have been a bunch of posts lately talking about how they give advice and all that. well yes,i'm going to be one of those,but hear me out.i'm 15 and mature for my age (or so i've been told).all my friends come to me for advice,i'll give you a smart,logical answer to your questions and i wouldn't tell you to do something that i wouldn't be comfortable doing.all i really want to do is help people.so please,if you're still reading this,come to my profile and ask for some advice (:

by penguins4emi on 5/19/2010 11:13:56 AM

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