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My boyfriend said he loves me!

My BF told me he loves me. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t feel that strongly yet. Do I let him know? Yeah, awkward. As...
90 Comments | Add Yours

MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so im worryed about me and my Bf's realationship Because He was going out with my Bestfriend and He was my bestfriend Too But She didn't really like him and He didn't Know I liked him But she had to Break up with him Because Her mom Said she can't have A BF anyway and she wanted to me to go out with him anyway but Now me and him go out Because he told me He was liking me and rather go out with me Than my bestfriend,( friends name here) But We ahvn't been on a date yet except my bestfriends ( ) Birthday Which Thats The Problem He seem like he was paying more attention to her even though I was sitting right nxt to him though me and him flirted I really wanted to kiss Smile him and he said he loved me too But it felt like he liked her even though I told him That I felt That way He denied that he liked her her but he said he wanted to kiss me too but we couldn't cuz my mom and Now He always wants to talk my BFF and now He Never calls me Back Frown So Im confused

Hey girlie, it sounds like he still wants your bff I think you should move on. I know easier said than done but it's for the best. 
Paige T.

by Maryda_starsinger on 8/21/2010 10:45:09 PM


Ok so my BGF askd me for money so he could get cigs. I said id lend him the money but it dosnt feel right. It makes me feel like a bad person. Would i be a bad person for giving him the money?


I can't say whether a person is good or bad, but ultimately, its YOUR money so it shouldn't be spent on anything you're uncomfortable with.

Brittany B.

by KISSfan1 on 7/1/2010 12:19:57 PM



by alesa on 6/24/2010 8:28:43 PM


MOD.... 1) Tomorrow is the absolute last day I can talk to my crush.(I would be the first time I actually talked to him) If I get the chance I'm going to attempt it. I was just going to ask how he thought he did on the exam. After that if he asked me what I think about it I'll tell him but what should I say after that so there's no awkward silence??? 2) his birthday is the same week I'm going to be at camp. I was going to write happy birthday on his facebook page buy chances are I'm not going to be able to! Were not really friends (obvious from the problem above Smile ) what should I do? Like not tell him at all or write it a week late or have a friend do it for me or what??? THANKS Smile Smile Smile


Talking to your crush is a great challenge to start off your summer.  It's great you already have a plan, too.  If the convo keeps going, you could ask him about his plans for summer, or what he's doing for the last day.  But just getting started is awesome!

If you don't want to miss the opportunity, you could write him a week later.  Just say you were at camp, but you didn't want to miss!  You could also just start a convo, not birthday-related, and ask how his summer is going.  Go for it, girl!  xoxo

Marie H.

by Misbubbles on 6/3/2010 6:12:14 PM


MOD!! ok so i really like this guy and he likes me too.. the thing is i cant have a boyfriend.. or even hang out with guys.. i feel like im in a cage.. my parents r strict about those things. and when i did have a boyfriend my mom would tease me all the time. but they still dont want me to have a boyfriend. but we really like each other! so what can i do?? thanks!!

Hey Girl, I know this may be a frustrating time for you because you feel like you're mature enough for a boyfriend but your parents will always think of you as there little girl. Perhaps sitting down and expressing to them why you think you're ready for that responsibility will help open their eyes. Maybe take initiative and compromise with them; meet them half way. Do some extra chores, make wonderful grades or become more independent with the deal being you get to date. Try to find out their reasons for not letting you and work on fixing their worries. Ultimately your parents have the final say, and although it may hurt, you have to respect their choice.  Good Luck!

- Clarke L. Smile
Clarke L.

by waffles505 on 6/3/2010 1:08:19 AM


I think guys and girls judge me wrong place. Soccer, to me when I go to play soccer it means kicking the other persons butt, shouting, laughing and acting like a guy. So when people see me out of soccer their like. "OMG I never have seen you like that!! you look soooo pretty!!" I hate that!! what should I do?

Its ok! Everyone always has different sides. Just as long as your express yourself people will understand. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Massie57 on 6/2/2010 8:36:04 PM


What are some signs of getting your period?I have heard people say a few...and I have nearly all of the signs the people said.Thanks a bunch!

Hey girl, there are a ton of different symptoms that come with getting your period, but it's different for each girl. Some girls break out on their faces, get cramps, get moody or sad, or sometimes there are no symptoms at all! It really all depends, it's hard to tell when you'll get your period. Good luck! 
Abby C.

by julianna7 on 6/2/2010 1:50:31 PM




by purplegirlae on 6/1/2010 11:54:02 PM


Its hard to say why he is saying that. It could be true that he really thinks he loves you or it could mean something else. Whatever it is just tell him love just doesnt happen overnight and takes time. If you think he is getting to close tell him, maybe he was just thinking you would say it back to him.

by luckykel on 6/1/2010 10:06:43 PM


I only have one day left to talk to my crush! Frown I've never talked to him but I know I need to! The only time I can talk to him is after our final exam, if he goes to his locker.
1) do you have any tips on approaching him? I always get all nervous and shaking when I'm around him!
2) what should I say? I'm afraid asking how he think he did on his exam would be too nerdy, but I don't want to be like have any plans for summer or anything like that because he may think it's weird because I've never talked to him and I'm shy.
Thanks!!!! Smile

Hey, so first off take a deep breath. If you get all freaked out about talking to him then you're bound to freeze up when you approach him. Talking about the exam isn't nerdy at all! It's something you have in common and a comment like "how did you think the exam was?" is a great way to start a longer conversation. Just be brave, try to be calm, and talk about cool and casual things. Here's some more advice about being nervous around your crush: Good luck, you got it girl!
Abby C.

by Misbubbles on 6/1/2010 3:13:32 PM

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