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I can't stop checking my ex's Facebook wall!

My ex and I broke up recently, and Facebook is making it much harder to deal. My feelings for him are still going strong. I...
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if ur reading this girl talk column, u obviously care about advice. visit my profile, post me a question(if its super important, put ***** at the top) and ill answer in 2 days(max), guaranteed. if ur profile isn't publicly visible, i'll answer ur questions on MY profile(NOW WITH 2000 PLUS COMMENTS!!!). thanks! pass it on to ur friends!

~aspiring advice columnist, Lauren

by soccergirl524 on 6/11/2010 5:02:47 PM


so its the end of the year and lets put it this way im almost 100 percent sure my crush likes me any good ways 2 flirt ? thanx!!!


Hey girl, make eye contact with him when you're talking to him and always be really interested in what he's saying to you. Smile a lot when you're with him so he knows that being with him makes you happy.

Lauren T.

by soccerhet on 6/11/2010 4:56:52 PM


AMEN!!! skewl iz out !!!!! sixth grade here i come!!!!.

Hanna <33

by soccerhet on 6/11/2010 4:55:21 PM


Mod so ever since my ex i've been trying to look for someone else and it's just hard again because no guy likes me again and i don't know if i should continue looking or not can you give me some advice?
Thank you
Kayla xoxo

There are plenty of fish in the see! Although your ex may have seemed like the guy of your dreams, there are plenty of them out there! You're a great girl, and any guy would be lucky to have you!  Sure it takes some searching, but I promise he's out there someone.  Don't give up! Because it's summer, go to pool parties, and other events where you might be able to meet some guys who don't go to your school- it could be just what you need! 
Katie R.

by redsoxlover on 6/11/2010 4:49:01 PM


I am sorry Frown *hugs*

by sixteengirl93 on 6/11/2010 4:26:28 PM


hey girls! come check out my profile if u need some advice, or just someone to talk toSmile i'll get back to u within a day or 2. thanks!


by chlojo98 on 6/11/2010 4:09:16 PM


well search no longer because i can answer any question and ill respond with an answer the next day at the latest. So go ahead! post a question!

by sassykitty60 on 6/11/2010 3:27:50 PM



Stressed out?
Need stretching tips?
Competition coming up?
Need new moves or turns?

Come to my profile! I'll help bring out the best dancer in you! Ask me a DANCE-RELATED question and I'll try to get back to you ASAP! What are you waiting for? Submit a question right now!

by pointeprincess on 6/11/2010 3:11:28 PM


I would be exactly like this if I had a ex-bf and a facebook. But just resist it! Find another guy to obsess over! Don't dwell on the past! Look towards the future! Be in the now! 1 thing. Guys are stupid

by Photochickie on 6/11/2010 2:57:50 PM


I hope your having a great day!
I am having some trouble in the guy department...
This guy i was crushing on asked me out 2 weeks ago. We 'dated' all the way up to yesterday. I broke up with him because i am not so good dealing with emotions and he was going wayy to fast emotionally saying he knew i was the one, and he bought me really expensive concert tickets 2 months from now! I felt like he was going way to fast and i did tell him to take it slow but he didnt listen. So i told him in not ready for a boyfriend yet. I feel so stupid, i am going into highschool and i cant deal with one boyfriend. I wouldn't even let him kiss me because i was to scared! Oh and throw in the factor i think i like hmy ex's best friend a little bit (but my ex's best friend is also my close friend) I am soo confused , am i acting stupid and to naive?
Thanks for your help!

You definitely aren't acting naive... It can be a lot at a young age to hear from someone that "you're the one."  If you told him that you wanted to take things slow, and he didn't listen to you, that's not cool.  From the first kiss, to the first date- everything with dating is very stressful, and you want to make sure that everything is special.  You weren't being lame for wanting to take things slow- he just needs to understand that you don't want to jump into a relationship.  And about your ex's best friend, if he is your close friend, your probably know each other really well, meaning he would probably respect you and would want to take it slow.  Give it a try...but remember to take it slow!
Katie R.

by impossibility on 6/11/2010 1:49:13 PM

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