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I tell too many crushes I like them!

Most girls have problems getting the courage to tell a guy she likes him. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. I tell...
95 Comments | Add Yours

I have a similar problem, I tell the guys I like that I like them except they don't like me back! (Even though they act like they like me!)
Thank you!
LancieGirl Smile <3


Hey girl! Try re-evaluating their behaviors. Do they treat you differently than other girls?  If they do treat you differently and are extremely friendly, then they may be lying about their feelings.  If they're nice to most girls then you may be reading their messages wrong.  

Megan R.

by LancieGirl on 8/4/2010 8:01:59 PM


MOD. Well I have a crush on this guy I dont talk to and he doesnt talk to me. I see him around in the hallways. I know this sounds crazy.. But I do like this guy. How can he and i start to be friends?


Well girl you need to break the ice and start talking!  Next time you see him in the hallway, speed up until your walking almost next to him and say hey.  Or there's always the "Ooooops, I bumped into you "by accident" trick" lol

Brittany B.

by purpleninja59 on 7/29/2010 12:04:36 PM


i have a little problem of telling to many people who i like...and most of the time the people i tell they are my crushes girl friends (not their girlfriends just their friends that are girls) and then they end up telling him! and the guys i like are usually always the top popular guys and im...just some loser who doesnt exist even my past bff told my crush that i like him! my bff! it was awful! i havent spoken to her since 4th grade when it in 7th grade now...what should i do? how can i stoptelling everybody who i like?


Hey girlie, it's simple, just DON'T tell people who you like.  If you are talking about something and want to say something involving your crush, just don't say his name...just say "The guy I like....."

Brittany B.

by ljlove on 7/29/2010 2:04:49 AM


My parents are putting so much pressure on me right now!! I'm taking a summer geometry course to get ahead and I have to finish by the 8th. I know I'm going to finish but my parents are constantly asking me how its going, why I'm not working on it if I'm taking a break, and keep bringing up that if I fail or if we need to push the date out. I'm tired of it and I hate how they keep making me feel like I'm going to fail this. I know I can make it and I know what I am capable of... Normally I love math, but recently because of the pressure, I've really hated math, and I've been crying about how I feel my parents keep thinking I'm going to fail...
Help? please??

Hey girl! I think it's important that you calmly tell your parents how you feel. Let them know that you're feeling really stressed out and lots of anxiety from all of their pressure.  Ask them if they'll get off your back a little bit about Geometry, because it's something you may enjoy if they stop bothering you about it.  Just be honest and if you say it calmly, they'll take you seriously and hopefully step off.  
Megan R.

by fastbutterflyer on 7/28/2010 5:28:24 PM


Hey girls! I love giving advice and helping with tough situations. If need advice, comment my profile, or if you are looking for someone to give advice for your club, shoot the application to my profile! Thanks chicas! Laughing

by iwuffhunter on 7/28/2010 4:49:43 PM


Hey Thanks to all who helped me get my profile fixed! Come check it out! I can give advice on anything! I will answer within 6 hours!

by Joe7197 on 7/21/2010 9:17:19 AM


MOD! Okay, so I've been talking to this guy and we seem to be hitting it off. He's showing some signs he might be into me, but there is no way to be positive (you know guys Tong) So here is the ultimate question: How do i tell him I like him?


Hey! My advice is don't tell him. Just keep flirting with him and hanging out. Eventually he'll have to make the first move if he's into you and you don't ever open yourself up to emarassment if he doesn't like you back. Good luck!

Helen S.

by Kys :) on 7/20/2010 12:51:30 PM


Ok so a couple nights ago i was on myspace and my friend lets call him spencer asked me if i liked him still cuz we went out before and i said idk maybe y do u like me and he said ya kinda and i was like oh well i do like him but the prob is hes got a gf and he really likes her i really want them to break up so me and him can go out but then again i dont cuz i like his gf but idk wat to do cuz hes really sweet and nice and also hot so wat do i do?????

Hey girl, you need to step back. This guy has a GF. He's off limits. Put yourself in her shoes: how would YOU feel? Let your guy pal know that while you're flattered, he's taken and saying stuff like that isn't right or fair to his GF. Then leave it at that. It may be hard, but the other woman rarely wins.

Alyssa B.

by hmmc296 on 7/19/2010 10:43:29 PM


i wait till my crush says he likes me which is doesnt happen alot but i also have to wait till i rlly know if i lk him :p

by graceygirl77 on 7/17/2010 1:32:36 PM


MODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMODMOD!!so i like this guy that works at a local coffee shop (lets call him jake) and i like go there everyday cause i walk home from a class im taking aand its on the way but i feel so stupid when i go in there cause i cant talk like person! i get all nervous (and i never get nervous) and start talking all fast and i cant look him in the eye. and i cant even say bye to him when he says have a nice day!! i feel like suck a doof! and he's soooo beautiful ( and i mean really pretty!!!!!!) AND he's kinda older than that could be a prob...BUT still like tip on not getting all nervous when i see his car in the parking lot and my heart starts beating really fast and i cant breath and its just WOW! yeah so TIPS!!advice!! Smile


Hey babe,

The best way to get over this is to set a goal for yourself when you go in there. Take deep breaths before you order and tell yourself something like, This time I'm going to ask him how his day has been going. Or, This time I'm going to say "have a nice day!" before I leave. You'll get more comfortable talking to him as time passes and you overcome your fear a little more each day Smile Just remember that he might be a little older and super cute, but he's still a person! He's also working, so chatting with nice people really helps brighten his day. Think about it that way - you're a welcome distraction from the day, so that should make you more confident in your convos!

Lauren C.

by vklover on 7/12/2010 8:18:44 PM

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