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My parents have violent fights

I love my parents, and they love each other. But when they get mad, they are a millisecond away from ripping each other's guts out...
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im sorry to hear that . Parents are parents. My parents fight but they get over it . && probably u should let someone hear you out . Let them know whats wrong . Tell them what there doing . I hope it works out , Good luck . Just hang in togetther Girl xD

by BarbieeGirlx on 11/12/2010 5:58:29 PM


My parents kind of do the same thing. But they try and fight when they think me and my lil bro are sleeping, but I am a very light sleeper and hear everything. If things get really bad I try to stop it and it usually works until they think I am in bed and sleeping! It never works.

by bmss25594 on 10/9/2010 8:59:54 PM


MOD- could i have a quick answer please?;) right now, my dads just popped out for something he says he'll be back. my parents are going to go through a divorce, and the fights have been going on for as long as i can remember. and i cannot believe he's leaving today. today. i thought i never liked my dad, but he is my dad and i love him. my mum's coming back from a pilgrimage from lourdes with my brother, so i dont really have anyone to talk to. my dads been crying right in front of me but i dont understand what to do? how do i react? i knew this day was coming, now its here, what do i do? it seems like im not bothered, but i just dont know what to do? im mature enough to understand, but i dont understand what to do. should i comfort my dad? ive never been really close to him really. im sorry for this essay, im on the verge of crying! thankyou xx


Hey girl, I'm sorry I didn't get to this right away but I've been a little backed up answering previous questions. Maybe you could give him a hug and let him know you're there for him and you love him. Let him know that you will miss him and you want to visit him. Even if you haven't really been close with him, I think he'll appreciate it if you try to comfort him. If you feel like he knows that you haven't been as close, maybe he is a little sad about that too and would want the comfort from you. Let him know that just even though your parents are getting divorced, you still want to keep a strong relationship with your dad. You can still spend time with him after your parents are divorced and maybe if you haven't been close before but you want to be, you could even become closer with fun visits with just you and him, or you, him and your brother. I'm really sorry about your situation; my parents are divorced too and I know it's hard!!

Vanessa J.

by BabyGirlx on 7/24/2010 9:18:12 AM


Girls stand strong! Just live through it and block it out! Live your own life! Dont let it hold you back!

by jillkrikorian on 7/20/2010 1:51:21 AM


MODMODMODMODMODMODMOD! How can I delete my question? I want it answered but not shown. Could you delete it? It's on this same page but it should be underneath this.

Sorry babe, I answered it before I saw this!  But don't worry, it's not like a personal question or something embarrassing so there's no reason for it to be deleted. 
Brittany B.

by jillkrikorian on 7/20/2010 1:50:52 AM


My parents fight all the time. They get really loud and curse and call each other horrible names. They don't physically abuse each other, i've seen 1 or 2 hits but thats nothing bad. Girls, your not alone. When they fight i get shocks sent through my heart because i have a feeling they will get divorced, but when they are nice and calm they are fine.
Many vacations are ruined, we where supposed to leave to go to Maine a few hours ago, that was ruined. my dad says its my moms fault, but he's just like bi-polar.
Don't worry girls. I try to talk to my parents but they wont listen.
What should I do?

by jillkrikorian on 7/19/2010 11:12:37 PM


mod mod mod!!i sent my comment o nlike 5 psages and no one answered!!!! its been 2 weeks!!


Hey! If you send them again we might post them, unless they're too long or you were spamming.

Helen S.

by dreambubble on 7/16/2010 5:08:34 AM


Hey girl! You shouldn't say your abusedFrown You should say they physicaly-abuse me as in hit,kick,slap... Or whatever kind of abusement they do to you! And if you say you don't want them to go to jail, that means THEY SHOULD go to jail! It's to the point where they could be arrested!?!?!? You have to get some serious HELP! No more thinking about it! This is serious. You need HELP! Call 911 even if one hits the other once! That is abusement and you could be next!


by Cupcake1999 on 7/15/2010 10:03:08 PM


check out my profile!!!!!

.`·.¸leave a comment!!!

by monkeyra13 on 6/20/2010 6:14:49 PM


hey girls! do YOU advice ASAP?
well search no longer because ill reply to ur problem the next day at the LATEST. so go ahead! post a question!

by sassykitty60 on 6/20/2010 4:00:02 PM

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