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My mother has a problem with drinking

My mom has been drinking--a lot. Sometimes she will break things or throw a tantrum. Every episode ends with her yelling at my brother or...
49 Comments | Add Yours

ive got the samw problem with my dad Frown but hes getting better !!! Laughing

by brookiecookie12 on 1/8/2011 7:14:30 PM


Hey love, okay first of all tell and adult that you trust.
I know it may be the hardest thing in the world because i know but you need to do it,especially talk to your dad. I went through kinda what you did and i still am.Its tough but the only way for it to get better is for you to tell someone.Alcohol is a disease and it is not something that gets better over night,or over even a year. It can take a lifetime to recover.Do whats best for you and your brother,you are NOT the adult or the parent,worry about youself and your well being.I thought the same thing and that i could handle all of it.but no child on this earth can handle their lives and someone elses especially an adults.Talk to a counsuler or a doctor or a relative,if you think you need help or someone to vent to go ahead.It helps.Talk to your mom, tell her your not going to do this and that you will help her only if shes willing to get better, but dont take full charge,just be a good daughter and love her.She needs that.

by HorseCrazed on 10/23/2010 8:53:02 PM


mod, my mom abuses me, like hits me nd throws stuff at me and rams chairs into me nd stuff like that. she sometimes leaves scratches or bruses.. she has bipolar depression nd has a lot of problems and she tends to take her anger and frustration out on me. what can i do to get her to stop hurting me? i cant take it anymore.. im ready to run away...

Hey girl, you need to talk to an adult pronto. Tell a relative. Tell a neighbor. Tell a guidance counselor ASAP. The pain can't stop until you speak up and keep speaking up until someone does something.

Alyssa B.

by emmimonki on 9/25/2010 12:22:15 AM


I understand. There is help out there and your mom is dealing with a really hard addiction. Wish you the best! don't give up hope

by lovelivelaughter on 8/25/2010 10:58:21 PM


i know how you fell about your mom but be blessed that you have one because my cousins mom is in jail`and she go taken away from her and her mom will never get out of jail

by Aisa on 8/9/2010 5:21:41 PM


be blessed and it will get better so i willl be your freind i hope that your family will be alright and pray every night and day a just think about god

by Aisa on 8/9/2010 5:10:54 PM



Are you dealing with hard, tough things? Like:

- Somebody you love is an addict
- Depression
-Hurting yourself
-Living in a bad living sitchuation

Or anything else that is tough?

Come talk to one of our mods today! Ask a question, or just talk to someone!

- Tina (Creator of TSM)

PS: I need 1 more mod right now, so come and leave a comment on TSM, and I wil give you an application!

by ToughStuffMods on 8/6/2010 10:54:18 PM


My mom has a drinking problem, too. But my parents are together.

by leogirl897 on 8/4/2010 12:47:19 AM


i know how it feels. My mom does the same thing. And it has gotten a lot worse since my older siblings moved out. Try talking to your friends parents about it. That in the least will help you (and maybe your brother) get out of the house and away from the yelling for awhile.

by peace_love_ninjas on 7/28/2010 11:37:53 PM


Ya, girly, it's hard to have a parent that drinks. I know. My dad has been getting drunk every night for as long as I remember. My parents got divorced and my mom got a bf. Sometimes they will sit and have a glass of wine and sometimes it's wierd that her bf isn't drunk, because that's what j
used to.

by hurleycat on 7/28/2010 1:57:38 PM

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