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My parents always fight!

I love my parents, and they love each other. But when they get mad, they are a millisecond away from ripping each apart. Every vacation is ruined because of this.
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I know what you feel.My famliy is like tat.But some things you should not absoulty do is walk away from when they fight even if it hurts you a lot when they argue.Also try to add nice things into their fight. Even if they yell at you, you should know that will help the situation.never ever ever cry when they argue instead try to help.If one of then is saying that they are going to leave and take one of the cars make them had over the keys and have them take a breather and remind them that it is not good to run away from your problems it will probley even make then worse. if one of them do leave the house just go to your room and do not confrunt the other parent and let them have their space.If you think it is your fault remeber that everyone has bad days and they love you and will always want the best for you.But if they hit you you have to call the police even if you do not want to it may just be the best thing to do.if you call the police tell your parents that is the best thing

by hot cakes on 8/30/2010 12:36:06 PM


My family was thinking of going away for my dad's birthday, but aren't sure if they are going to bring me and my little sister. I really want to come with them. If we don't go, we have to stay with our grandparents. I love my grandparents, but i hate sleeping over their house. I don'tknow why, but its like a fear of mine. I want to get rid of the fear, because i used to get so excited to sleepover there, but recently i don't as much.
How can i convince my parents to bring me on the trip, and how can i stop the annoying fear?


Why are you worried about it? Think about why you have that fear and then try to think about things that aren't scary about it - for example, your grandparents will be there! Smile Maybe you could talk to them about wanting to go and fun things you'd like to do, but don't make them feel too bad if they want a little "getaway." I think it's normal for parents to sometimes go on short vacations alone. And, you'll have your sister with you at your grandparents' house if you go - and you can probably come up with fun things to do!

Vanessa J.

by haleyhay3 on 8/28/2010 12:37:31 PM


when i was 8 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and it spread really far. the doctors said she wouldnt make it past 2 months but its been 7 years which is GREAT! but because it had spread into her bones its never really gone unfortunatly my dad doesnt believe that. he makes her do everything (and me too) he screams at us all the time but never does anything to help. my mom recently got sick again and ive been taking care of her non-stop and my dad hasnt helped at ALL and im NOT exaggerating. the other day pressure got to me and i broke down (in private) and started crying. my dad caught me and said that i needed to face it my mom is dieing (which isnt true.) and that i needed to get over and move on with my life and take care of him because he wont take care of me. my mom has said (and still says) she wants to divorice him but she cant because she needs the insurance and she cant work. i really dont like my dad and ive tried talking to him nicely before. what else can i do?


Hey girlie, you are definitely and a tough situation. I'm so sorry about your mother's illness. I will pray for her. I think you should talk to any other family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles anyone to confront your dad about his behavior. Don't feel like you have to carry this burden alone. 

Paige T.

by froggie1995 on 8/14/2010 11:58:19 PM


Mod. I recently moved to Florida. At first it was pretty hard, but I've made some friends and now things aren't so bad.. until now. My mom wants to send me to a different school then the one all my new friends go to. I'll only know one person there, and it's muchh bigger than my old school. My mom still hasnt registered me at school yet, so there's still some hope that I can go to the other school with my new friends. I tthink I'll be much happier there, but people keep telling my mom negative things about the school I want to go to. They don't mention that the other school is actually worse. I try talking to my mom about it, but she never wants to discuss it. It's really frustrating. I know she just wants whats best for me, and to be happy, and I really think I'd be better off at the school I want to go to!! What should I do?? :/


Hey girl, you should def sit down and have a serious talk with your mom, and try to reach an agreement.

Tory N.

by lovelovelove5 on 8/13/2010 2:55:30 PM


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by soccer babe <3 on 8/10/2010 10:31:34 AM


Mod mod mod
I've known my step-dad since I was 5.And my mom and him have been recently fighting,and they put me in the middle!My mom hangs out with her friends every week and my step dad always says "Im sick and tired of her going out.When am I gonna get to do something?All she does is go to bars probably"And thats not true!Im always shocked to hear that!And my mom alawys says "He never lets me do anything!!!"and more things like that.I don't want them to fight,they had my brother together and he's only 2 and I don't want a huge custody battle either!Can you help please?Please don't say most kids parents break up/divorce.I need help fast!

Hey girl, what your parents are doing to you isn't fair at all. While most couples have fights (so it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to get a divorce or separate), it isn't right for them to put you in the middle of an adult conflict. Explain to your parents that it hurts you to see them argue and that you don't want to be in the middle anymore. Let them know how much it hurts you — chances are they don't realize the effect their behavior is having on you and the rest of your fam.

Alyssa B.

by Randafanna2 on 8/9/2010 10:32:56 PM


Mod Mod Mod:
This is so embarrassing ,but I have two moms who are married to each other. I am so happy for them ,but I don't like to invite my friends over thinking they might make fun of me. What should I do?

Hey girl, that's great first of all, and I'm happy for your parents. It can be hard when your parents' lifestyle is a bit different for your friends, but trust me, if you tell them ahead of time, they will be polite. I've had friends come out to me, and while it took me a while to get used to, once I did, it became no big issue and just normalized. Your mothers def want to meet your friends and be part of your life though.

Alyssa B.

by texter11 on 8/9/2010 10:04:27 PM


Uhhh some one help me!!! Post some thinr on my page...this is my story my rents told me if I had a good mood they would buy me a car so I had a good mood still no car! Then they told me save up money so I did and noooo car then they told me to clean my room and no car!!! I can't stand my family and I am sick of them never Doing what they say What should I do????

by sydy_kidy on 8/8/2010 9:53:47 PM


Mod mod mod my brother wont stop fighting with me! i try to be nice and then just blow up help!


Hey chica! Ugh, brothers can be so obnoxious sometimes (or, all of the time!). Have you told your parents about this? Not to be a tattle tale, but sometimes sibs just need the rents to tell them what's up, rather than you having to deal with it. You could try doing something super nice and unexpected for your brother to help him out, and see how he reacts after that. If that doesn't work, then I would ignore him and walk away when he starts fighting with you. I know it can be hard, but don't give him the time of day if he's going to treat you like that.


Becca G.

by Mac4eva on 8/7/2010 7:18:06 PM


I suggest you see a therapist.
Mine's amazing<333

by [comatosexx] on 8/4/2010 8:11:56 PM

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