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What if I get my period at the pool?

I’ve been invited to a bunch of pool parties this summer. What if I have my period? I’m scared of tampons. Tampons can be super scary...
205 Comments | Add Yours

I'm going camping on a lake tommorow amd I'm on my period! We are gonna swim a lot and I'm not going to be with my family! I can wear a tampon, my mom won't let me! Can I wear a panty liner? Please help me!!

by Sparkles123456789 on 8/15/2013 6:37:30 PM


Im 11 and im scared about getting my peirod i play a sport and im scared about when its going to come and what are some signs.

Hey girl, check out this helpful article called "First Period Prep." 

Karin E.

by shaniagirl19 on 2/18/2013 1:13:53 AM


I'm 13, turning 14 on January 1st, and I haven't gotten my period yet. I know there's nothing wrong with that, but I was thinking that my weight might affect that: (BTW my mom didn't get hers til she was like 14/15 - but IDK) I am about 5 ft 1/2" and I weigh about 98 lbs... IDK if that's healthy weight/underweight, whatever... But yeah - I STILL don't have my period, but sometimes I get pretty heavy discharge...


 Hey girly, you're right there is nothing wrong with not getting your period yet. And while we don't always get ours around the same time our mother did, I think in this case you prob will. As for your weight, I'm no doc but I think that sounds about right. As long as your eating correctly and staying active you're probably perfectly healthy. If your concerned about your weight, ask a doctor at your next visit or bring it up to your mom. But don't be in a hurry to get your period, enjoy not having it while you can!

Lauren I.

by tamara2012 on 10/1/2012 2:54:29 AM


Mod mod mod. okay so when I am on my period it burns when I pee and it still burns a little when im finished. Can you tell me why this happens to me and what I can do about it thanks


Hey girly, this could happen for tons of reasons.For example,  tt could be a bacterial infection or a UT or you could just be dehydrated,  Drink lots of cranberry juice during your period and keep it clean down there and don't be afraid to talk to a doc or your mom.

Lauren I.

by 4isabella on 9/17/2012 4:29:35 PM


MOD MOD MOD I just started my period a few months ago, and it hasn't been irregular, but it does come SUPER early. And it also is heavy, and it feels awful. Is there anyways I can just ignore that, or is it just gonna be like that every month?


Hey snapapplez101, it may get better over the months. Sometimes the symptoms and lengths of periods change as we get older. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by snapapplez101 on 9/9/2012 11:49:47 PM


I'm on my second period EVER and its been super irregular (which I know is normal this early on) I bled for like 2 days very light, then it stopped for like a day but then came back the next day light. Then all day today it wasn't there (This is Day 6) but then came back light at around 2. Now I'm not bleeding but I have a beach thing tomorrow at 11:30 and I'm afraid it might start again during it and if its not there before I leave I won't know whether to use a tampon because I know its not good to if your not on your period but Im also afraid it'll start up again WHILE im at the beach! And I don't think I'll be able to find a bathroom! HELP!!!!


Hey chica! It's normal for light periods to go away and come back.  If you're planning on hitting the water, bring a tampon and right before you go in, head to the bathroom and check to see if your period has started.  If it has, put the tampon in, but if not, swim without worrying about it! It's your period is super light, you won't have to worry about bleeding a lot before you realize it's happening! xoxo 

Kate G.

by alyssadiver on 8/29/2012 2:02:57 AM


I'm confused,a few months ago I started to get really bad cramps and then when we were in Mexico I think I may have gotten my period but I'm not sure. Nothing has happened since then but I am a competitive swimmer and I swim 5 times a week. What if I get my period at the pool and why hasn't anything happened for months?

Hey girl,

Even if you got your period at the pool, you would definitely still know. You're probably fine, but if you're worried about your symptoms and irregularity it never hurts to talk to a doc!

Meghan D.

by Taylor243 on 8/24/2012 11:09:03 PM


so ive been getting cramps lower on my stomach and on my lower back. ive also been getting more discharge. I told my mom and she said that my period might be coming soon. is this true? also i want to have a emergency kit at school for periods in case and any other accident such as rips in my tights or something, what should i include in the kit. Thanks so much


hey! those are some symptoms so your mom could be right, just wait and see. In the kit I think you should have  some pads or tampons if you use them, some panty liners, a fresh pair of undies, tide to go, and maybe keep a sweater in your locker in case you need to hid a stain. good luck!

Helen S.

by CottonCandyCutie on 8/21/2012 5:16:43 PM


Hey cali princess, you should take it out whenever you feel you need a new one. So if you even wore it for 2 hours and it's soaked take it out. TSS is cause when you wear a tampon for longer than 24 hours. Hope this helps! Xoxo

How long should you keep a tampon in? The box says up to eight hours, but I'm not sure. And can you please explain how you can get TSS? Lynae P.

by cali princess on 8/18/2012 1:06:57 AM


Hey chicky, while we
encourage an open environment on, some blogger babes may find
your comment offensive or inappropriate. Please discontinue to ask or comment
about this subject and talk to a parent, trusted friend or guidance counselor.
Love and thanks!
, Your Blog Patrol Babes

Carrie R.

by sapphire_flamez on 8/14/2012 2:16:43 AM

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