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Three Fab Reasons to Try Yoga

We love yoga as a way to tone up, decrease stress and improve your flexibility. But the practice has stretched in sooo many ways, there’s...
79 Comments | Add Yours

MOD- My dad has involved our close friends, The Kells, in this whole situation. He even has Mr. Kell on his side. Mr. Kell provided him the apartment he's in right now and my mom read an email that my dad sent to Mr. Kell from a few months ago when my dad decided to postpone filing for divorce and he said, "I know you'll be disappointed in me, but I've decided to wait to file". It seems like Mr. Kell is encouraging their divorce!
Well anyways, Mr. Kell asked my dad if he wanted to join them tomorrow at the lake and my dad asked my brother (since my bro is on his side) if he wanted to go. The Kells have a daughter my age and they're going water skiing and it sounds like so much fun, but my dad doesn't want me to come because he's mad at me for the "I hate you." text (understandably, I guess). I want to demand to go because she's my friend, but I'd prefer not to be around my dad anyways, and my mom doesn't feel comfy with me going w/o her because she's afraid of what my dad may do.

Hey girlie, wow there is a lot going on with your family right now I think you should definitely sit down with both your parents and tell them what an awkward position they are putting you in right now. I understand your dad is upset about the text but he's your dad and he'll get over it cuz your his daughter and he loves you. Maybe you could recommend family council so it won't be so divided anymore 
Paige T.

by Jen on 8/7/2010 10:33:35 PM


MOD- After that whole incident I texted him, "I hate you." and he left me a voicemail saying he loved me and thought I felt that way because I only got my mom's side of the story. Also, the Friday before my dad left for Iraq (he left on Tuesday) he called me to ask if I wanted to get together, but I didn't get his call until late at night so I decided to call him back the next day. Well when I woke up my brother was leaving the house to stay over at his new apartment for a few days with him. That night I went over because I knew I was busy on Sunday and Monday and I wanted to do something before he left, and he COMPLETELY ignored me even though he was home. They even admitted to knowing I was trying to get ahold of him, but they find my mom annoying and didn't want to deal with me if it meant dealing with her too, so they just ignored the 500 phone calls and 50 rings on the doorbell. (I'll finish this in one more post)

Hey girlie, I'll wait on the last post before I respond but I'm not sure what "After the whole incident" is referring to? 
Paige T.

by Jen on 8/7/2010 10:29:02 PM


MOD- Alrighty, do you think if I repost my comments you could help me out?

Hey girlie, I sure can try! 
Paige T.

by Jen on 8/7/2010 10:14:30 PM


MOD (Becca G.)- I reposted the comment that didn't go through earlier about my parents. Did you get it the 2nd time, or would it be best for me to try again?

Hey girlie, I'm mdodding (Paige T.) and unfortunately I'm not familiar with the convo you and Becca G. had.  
Paige T.

by Jen on 8/7/2010 10:03:46 PM


I love yoga, it is amazing. Don't belive the steryotypes about just saying "om" and stuff... yoga is not "weird/boring" it is amazing...

by readerhi1234 on 8/7/2010 9:50:18 PM


Im starting my last year of elementry this year , and I want to make it super special for me, my friends and thew other students. Any suggestions ?

Hey girlie, get active in afterschool activities befriend new people.  
Paige T.

by chewcharm on 8/7/2010 9:45:44 PM


I want to join Gymnastics this year! But I heard its harder for you when your older, I'm 11! And I want to join it to become more flexible and be able to be fit and do cool tricks! But my 2 friends go to the same Gymnast place and are in pretty HIGH levels and I don't want to go there cause I'm flexible but not SUPER flexible and I don't want to be made front of:*( And I can kinda do a cartwheel but I pulled something or did something to my leg longgggg ago and it kinda hurts when I try to do a cart wheel! What should I do? Aim for one of my dreams at a different place than my friends or not do it or something!?!?!? HELP!

Hey girlie, you should not give up on your dreams, it's okay that your not at the level your friends are you will work your way up there with determination.  
Paige T.

by Cupcake1999 on 8/7/2010 9:20:11 PM


MOD So once school starts I'm going to go to the gym every weekday with my bro and work out. I am really intimidated to go and work out in front of all the older people there and it ruins my work outs. What should I do because I really want to see results and become more healthy? Thank you!!


Hey chica! You can always work out outside of the gym, with your bro! Play a sport outside, go running, even go hiking. Or, you can go back to your kid days and jump rope outside. Working out doesn't always have to involve the gym. However, if you're totally set on going to the gym, you have to remember that most everyone there feels awkward and embarrassed too. They're not there to judge you, they're there to get healthy, and many are afraid of the exact same thing you are. Lots of gyms have smaller rooms too that you can go in and work out, or use the machines Smile


Becca G.

by twilightdreamer on 8/7/2010 8:54:06 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD today is a very bad day for me. im on vacation, at my aunt and uncles house, but its just my uncle here right now. my grandma and sister are with me too. it was a 5 hour car ride here, and the entire way my grandma as yelling at me!! i tried to be nice about it, but shed get all mad at me when i wasnt hungry, or wasnt looking at signs to find a place for me to get food(her and my sister stopped at taco bell, but im a veg and didnt see anything i wanted) i sat in the back seat and read a book, to try to relax. shes been yelling at me all day no matter hat i do! my uncle insulted me when i was texting(he wasnt talking to me before that) and my grandma keeps yelling at me no matter hat i do! im having a reaction to my makeup, so it makes my face pale and my eyes red and atery, so she keeps telling me im tired, when i slep for 9 hours! everyones yelling at me, so im alone right now and im still almost in tears. theres more, but i cant fit it all. thanks.


Hey there girly! I'm so sorry that you're having such a bad day. Can you talk to your sis about it? Maybe she can talk to your grandma and tell her to ease up on you. If not, I would try talking to grandma and tell her that you really want to have a good time and not argue the whole time. Tell her that you're excited to be there and want to have a good time. Unfortunately, sometimes family time isn't always the easiest Frown


Becca G.

by kelkellkelly on 8/7/2010 8:50:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD In the August/September issue of the Girls Life magazine it said you could win a pair of of Sketchers(page 81). Where do I go to enter for the contest? It also said you could win a closet organizer(page 85),but I can't find where to enter for that either.


Hey chica! I would check the back of the magazine, where they have the where to buys and what not. There should be some info back there as to how to enter. Good luck in the contest! Smile


Becca G.

by pumpkinlily on 8/7/2010 8:27:32 PM

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