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wow this book looks good.anyway i was wonder what i should do. i am eleven and have not started my period.that is not the problem. i dont think my mom knows i know about that stuff. the only reason i know is because my older cuzion told me. my mom does not know that. so in conclusion how can i get her to tell me!?(p.s. like i said i know a little i just ant her to know i know but she has to think she told me)

by maddie1998h on 4/29/2010 5:11:31 PM


I think you can get a STD from just kissing but only if they have an open sore on their lips or mouth. I think herpes is like that but I cant remember, I would just go and check somewhere online about std's and they should tell you. People dont realize it but you can get a std and not even have sex.

by luckykel on 4/26/2010 11:41:40 PM


heyy i havent started my period yet i cant were a bra cause if i did it would hold air and i have pubic hair and im 12 i also i have under arm hair and bad bo if i dont wear deoderont wich i do i go to the bathroom and i wipe then pull up my pants and its wet so i have to change my underwear is that discharge???

Hey girl, check out this
page and see if it helps:

We have loads of
info on your bod to help ya out!
, Your Blog
Patrol Babes

Megan R.

by peace1997 on 4/26/2010 6:58:24 PM


i can not stop curling my toes how can i stop doing this?


Hey girl, I'm sorry. I am not really sure what to do in this situation. 

Kayla C.

by nsr45 on 4/23/2010 3:30:38 PM


I heard you can get an STD from kissing- any experts out there? I'm afraid i'll never get my first kiss cause i'm scared to death of STD's!!!! HELP!

by harrypotterfan#1 on 4/22/2010 7:05:25 PM


__MOD MOD MOD Mod___
I was hyper so i was acting CRAZY one of My (former) bgf used a racial comment to me. He claims he's sorry and if I listen to him he'd explain it. THis is the longest i've held a grudge aganist him. should I forgive him.. when he said it i did smack him and hit him so should I let it go or teach him a lesson. What he said was very hurtful though. HELP!!!

Hey girl, you should let it go. Trust me, violence is never the answer and he may not have known he was offending you. Give him a chance to apologize and explain himself because chances are he didn't have cruel intentions.

Alyssa B.

by cute_wiz_97 on 4/21/2010 9:07:33 PM


Okay this is kinda embarrassing but anyway..I sweat ( a lot ), I dont smell though! I use expensive deodarant and put on 2-4 coats. I can just be in the classroom and get sweaty(but no stains). I know it's not THAT bad but it makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Thanx


Hey girlie,

Try bringing your deodorant with you and reapplying half-way through the day.  Just use one or two coats and reapply whenever you feel sweaty again.  That will probably be all it takes for you to feel fresh and happy all day Smile

Lauren C.

by cute_wiz_97 on 4/20/2010 5:34:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD okkk i have a couple problems Frown ok so im a very intensive irish stepdancer and a couple months ago i finally got to the highest level possible in the studio which is when i started assistant teaching classes. however, once i started assistant teaching other girls decided they wanted to also so know we have a total of like 5 teachers per class and in some of the classes theres only like 4 kids!!!!!! i just think it is pretty unnecessary, overwhelming to the kids, and unfair because i worked hard to get where i am and now everyone else is just jumping in and my head instructor doesnt care she encourages more people to come and its making me really upset. but i dont want to sound stuck up or something if i tell her that we have too many teachers or something. am i WRONG here???? what should i DO???????


hey girl! you definitely have a point, but i also think that your teacher is doing hwat she thinks is best. You can talk to her after class and say how you are so grateful for being a teaching assistant, but sometimes it is weird having mroe teachers than students, and you want to see if there's something that can be fixed about that.

Hallie R.

by bellerina on 4/20/2010 3:36:12 PM


k, where the heck can i get this?!!!!! im so buying it!!!!

by devilishJ on 4/19/2010 5:46:53 PM


PMS means pre-menstrual symtoms, pre-menstrual syndrome, or what my mom says: poor me syndrome!

by turtles_in_africa on 4/17/2010 7:33:58 PM

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