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Why am I gaining weight around my period?

Why am I gaining weight around my period?
42 Comments | Add Yours

Anyone who wants advice from a girl their age,dealing with the same things you deal with every day, comment on my pro and ill get back to you ASAP

by haleyhay3 on 9/4/2010 8:39:54 PM


sry i didn't rlly make it too clear but like little candy shops and gift shops in downtown areas is more what i meant. do u think those kind of places would hire 14 year olds?

Hey girlie, they might you should definitely google the store and give them a call and ask.  
Paige T.

by smileysevvie on 9/4/2010 7:29:14 PM


do you think small businesses in downtown areas of suburbs would hire 14 year olds? cuz i don't do much babysitting and i wanna have some extra money so i can start seriously saving up for college and buy more of the things that i want- i always feel bad when my parents buy me clothes and things for some reason cuz i know we could be using the money for something else that's more important. so what kind of places do you think would hire 14 year olds? and how do i handle asking if they're hiring and stuff?

Hey girlie, businesses no, there are laws that prohibit the employment of minors. I think you have to be at least 18 for a job in a downtown business area. Around my area giants hire 14 to 15 years olds, snowball stands, and some fastfood restraunts at 16  
Paige T.

by smileysevvie on 9/4/2010 7:20:52 PM


Hey girlies! Come check out my club that deals with emotional and mental health issues! I’ll try my best to help you! Smile
Have a GREAT day. Smile

by Club Tough Stuff on 9/4/2010 4:57:42 PM


hey girls!
I have been giving advice on GL for almost 4 years. i have lots of experience in giving advice for any topic! If you need help of any kind whether it be minor or serious girlie or regular embarassing or if your just plain curious let me know! im happy to help and hope to talk to YOU soon!
Lots of Love
P.S. remember to always check out the advice section on my profile for updates, reminders, and extras!

by hugatree95 on 9/4/2010 4:27:36 PM


Hey Girlies! Need advice on:
> Boys
> Fashion
> School
> Friends
> Family
> Exercise
> Makeup
> Homework
> Puberty
> Siblings
> Fights
> Hair
> Bullying
> Music (Piano, violin, viola, cello, and singing)
> Figure Skating
> Parties
> Decorating
> Eating Healthy
> Acne
> Mean girls
> Starting Middle School
> Enemies
> Teachers
> Pets
> Parents
> School work
> And Anything else you can think of!

Come to my profile I will answer your question ASAP! I will post answers to your profile, and if its not publicly visible, to mine. I love to give advice and am happy to help!


by chicka678 on 9/4/2010 2:27:10 PM


ya i knew that already...lol...

by sweetchic1116 on 9/4/2010 2:24:30 PM




It's me facebooker1240, I've decided to make a club.
To learn about my new club go to my profile, and check it out! Where, you'll also see app's, and a small survey. Topics will start to be dicussed whenever we get more members! Oh, and everyone is welcome, so just post your comments away!! Smile Smile


by Club_Hot_Topic on 9/4/2010 11:38:34 AM


That is what my mom said.......

by Photochickie on 9/4/2010 9:39:43 AM


urks... that's when i crave salty foods the most! blurg!

by HAZELELMDUST on 9/4/2010 2:15:33 AM

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