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Why am I gaining weight around my period?

Why am I gaining weight around my period?
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hey ummmmmmmmmmm well you know how your cycles are suposed to be 28 days apart... is that from the beginning of one to the next or the end of one to beginning of next or what? idk my first period and trying to estimate next one...
**MOD**~~~MOD not an emergency but please answer quickly MOD~~~**MOD**
ok so heres the thing: i am on my first period... i know how to use tampons but idk which absorbency and how long.... :S its super confusing because i was wearing reg pads today (i didn't have heavy and my period was suuuuuper heavy) and i went through 5 of them from 8 to 12... and then i just wore one for 3 hours and was fine now with an over night it is almost full... should i just wait for another period to know my cycle and such?


Hey girl, 

1. It's supposed to be 28 days from the beginning of your last cycle.

2. For tampons, I don't think there are different lengths, but there are light, regular and heavy absorbencies. I always use the regular ones; I wouldn't recommend the heavy ones because you aren't supposed to leave tampons in for more than about 4 hours anyway, or change them more often if they get full. You'll probably have to have another period or even a few to get used to your cycle and how heavy your period will be, and how many days it will last. And, a lot of girls have irregular periods at first. Even when a period regulates once you get older, not everyone's cycle is exactly 28 days. Some may be 26, some may be 30, etc.

Vanessa J.

by livvy1997 on 9/4/2010 1:12:07 AM


I know this is maybe the most dumbest thin possible to do, but i had put baby oil in ny bath (only a bath 4 stress n meditation) and then i dipped my face in it! it was very tempting to do because i love water. Should i be on the lookout for pimples and blackheads? Will the oil clog my pores? If i shouls be on the lookout 4 pimples and etc, what are some soaps and scrubs to help stop stuff before they start. Thanks!


Hey girl, I wouldn't expect that you'll definitely get pimples and blackheads if you don't normally - but you might not want to put your face in next time you take a bath with oil. If you want to try to prevent them, make sure you're washing your face twice daily: once in the shower and once at the other time of day- morning/night. Cetaphil, Neutrogena and Clean & Clear all make face washes that you can probably find at Wal-Mart. While you're in that aisle, check out what kind of scrubs they have, too!

Vanessa J.

by Kikikim8 on 9/4/2010 1:05:18 AM

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