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Super-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Here’s the sitch: it’s Halloween, and you’ve been crazy busy. You’ve got a party to attend, but there’s no way you have time to go out...
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hey mod! hi i love this idea but... i don't want to look poor!!! im 10 and i realllyyyyy dont have anything.. have anymore ideas?

Hey girlie, you could try a cowgirl. All you need to buy is the hat and wear a jean skirt or jeans with a button up shirt.
Lauren T.

by rainbowscolorfully on 9/29/2010 6:32:23 PM


im with her what dos MOD mean?



Hey chica! Mod means moderator.


Becca G.

by kberrey on 9/29/2010 5:35:20 PM


my BFFs & I already know what we're gonna be! one's gonna be a vampire gypsy, another as Wednesday from the Addams Family, the third as the painted lady from an Avatar episode,(she is a Last Airbender FREAK.She adores the show, especially Zuko! so do I and my other buds.well, both on the show and Zuko.)and I will be.....Gaz from Invader Zim!!!!!!!! I have a feeling no one's gonna know who we r, cuz no one knew last year! and next year I might go as Avril Lavigne. that would be sweet. later!

by iloveed97 on 9/29/2010 4:44:13 PM


this is probly going to sound like the stupidest question ever to some but im new and i have no clue what mod means help?

by selenarocks411 on 9/29/2010 4:34:41 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have a friend who self injures. It all started last year, and between then and now she has talked to multiple people and now is in therapy. I beleived she had stopped hurting herself, but earlier this week there were at least 20 little red scratches on her arms, and a gigantic bruise on her hip. She said her brother had pushed her into a thorny bush, and that she had no idea where she had gotten the bruise. I was discussing it with another friend today, and my second friend told me that my self injuring friend had informed her that she had hit herself and that's where the bruise was from. I want to confront my first friend to tell her I wish she had been honest, since we're really close, but how do I do this without sounding like I'm attacking her? She's really sensitive. Thanks!

Your friend has a problem and needs help. this is why she is being so sensitive. let her know that you wish she had been honest with you, but above all you care the most about her well being and safety. also, tell an adult you trust what's going on. she may need a little extra help then  what she is now getting to get better. 
Bridget R.

by actress456 on 9/29/2010 4:05:19 PM


hi im being rachel and my friends being quinn from glee 4 halloween!!!!!!! i know this prob makes me sound like an idiot! but what does mod mean?

by miaboo123 on 9/29/2010 3:32:44 PM


Thrift stores can have great used costumes Smile

by Photochickie on 9/29/2010 3:26:15 PM


I'm thinking of chopping my hair off and dress up as L Lawliet.
I wanted a shorter cut anyways, and it's not exactly hard to find his clothes (it's a long sleeved white shirt and baggy jeans, just in case you've never heard of Death Note).

by biskii on 9/29/2010 7:12:46 AM


Mod mod mod
Ok so, this guy i like is having a surprise bday party most likely this saturday. And i need a little help on what to get him. I know he likes: playing the guitar (A LOT), alternative rock like radiohead, hes a good singer, he also loves sunglasses, hes a overall kinda funny random kid...
Btw he'll be turning 13 (FINALLY) so pleaz help thanks!!! 

Hey girl, why not get him a CD of some music you think he'll like? hope this helps you out!

Abby L.

by Fali897 on 9/29/2010 1:40:22 AM


ima be katy perry!Smile)
blue wig and a sparkly dress!! or her california girls outfit..idk yett
can't waitt

by breanna_nikj-luvr on 9/29/2010 1:04:24 AM

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