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Candy Bin Dos and Don'ts

Halloween is right around the corner and everywhere ya look there’s tonsa candy. What’s a girl to do? We’ve got the deets on which treats are sweet on your bod and which are anything but.
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take a deep breath
2.think of someone you like f10 five times
4.send this to five pages
5.look at your background

by girlfunhrf on 10/17/2011 4:50:53 PM


Swedish Fish is AH-MAZING.

by jennal923 on 4/30/2011 8:07:26 PM


Mod Mod Mod! Smile Can you help me please? Ok, so I am super nervous about starting highschool next year, because I have been homeschooled all of my life. I don't really have any friends that are going to go to the same school as me, so what should i do on my first day?? Thank you soo much!!

Hey! Wow that's exciting. it's normal to feel nervous but don't worry. Just try to assert yourself on the first day and really talk to some new people. I'm sure your classmates will be curious about what it's like to be homeschooled, so you can be the one to fill them in Smile
Helen S.

by elliekate on 11/4/2010 4:04:45 PM


I have braces and I was wondering what are some yummy candy that has all the flavor of nuts and chewy taffy minus the nasty side effects.

by xoxoizzie16 on 10/13/2010 8:49:38 PM


What I'm about to say is going to sound very mean but... 

Hey girlie, I agree with you, but there's not much I can do. You can report her. 
Lauren T.

by kazthespaz on 10/10/2010 10:10:18 PM


Hey this candy article is totally true

by stormi on 10/10/2010 12:22:46 AM


Mid u need to repli seriously

Hey i replied earlier i said i will reply to your questions when  you write in some appropriate ones. Also they should be questions about you not about me!  
Lindsay S.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 12:58:37 PM


Mod I need my questions answered

Hey girl a lot of your questions are innapropriate but if you would like to ask one that is not, I am ready to answer! 
Lindsay S.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 11:28:48 AM


Mod mof mof are rituals tiring?

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:59:22 AM


Mod what's he feel like? Ur bf?

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:58:43 AM


Mod mof mod have u ever been to a mental hospital as a patient?

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:58:01 AM


Mod mof mof Im sure your a beautiful cooperative young lady so for your own good I need to know

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:57:02 AM


Mod mof mof what does your place snell like?

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:55:54 AM


Mod have u ever been to juvie or an adolescent center?

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:55:22 AM


Mod mof mof how old were u when you wanted to commit suicide

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:54:46 AM


Mod mof mod I have several ubanswtee questions some mine i posted some others posted

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/7/2010 10:53:44 AM


This guy I like is beinjg SUPER confusing!! yesterday he told me he misses me like seriously and today he kept hugging me and being all nice anf flirting and stuff. then I asked who he liked, and he said he doesnt like anybody! UGH! its killing me b/c i reeeaaalllyyy like him! plz help and thnx for everything you do Smile

Hey girlie, maybe he does like you, but doesn't want to give you any hints that it is you. Have a friend ask and see what happens. 
Lauren T.

by sunkist5555 on 10/6/2010 10:43:50 PM


MOD MOD MOD  I really like this guy . My friend is really outgoing which sometimes makes me seem a little quiet. She likes somebody else.. but she makes me look so bad in front of him ! Also , he always flirts with one of my bestfriends ... but it's sounds jokingly like "omggg your so hot i just wanna eat you".
when we're alone , he's really sweet .
I'm in a jumble because i cant tell if he likes me or not !!

Hey girlie, get a friend to ask him for you. It's hard to tell if you haven't been flirting with him much. 
Lauren T.

by Diamonds.In.The.Sky on 10/6/2010 9:55:02 PM


mod mod mod help me!! i always want something sweet in my mouth, which sometimes causes me to overeat, and although i'm not fat, i have a little bit of belly fat and i want to eat healthier and less extra calories. i WOULD chew gum but i have braces so i can't, so what should i do???



Hey chica! You can always drink flavored water to get your sugar fix... like the fruity Aquafinas, or the Vitamin Water Zero's Smile


Becca G.

by ankitsa124 on 10/6/2010 8:21:16 PM


I'm so glad i read this massage. I'm trying to lose weight. Hit me up if you got ideas .REALLY I NEED SOME HELP


by cutiestar on 10/4/2010 9:54:50 PM


MOD I like this guy, Levi. He's really nice, respectful, funny, and cute. In our AP Euro History class, we sometimes talk and if we have an option on the groups we are in he will pick the group I'm in. He has flirted with me a little and I catch him sneaking glances at me during class a lot. One thing though? He has a girlfriend. And she is so nice. I feel kind of bad liking him. I don't konw what I should think or do. Help? Thanks. -KT

Hey chickie,

Your instincts are tellin' ya something here - he has a GF, which means he's off limits! You have too much self-respect to be that girl, you know? For now, stay friendly and get to know him better as friends. You're still allowed to crush, just remember not to come on too strong with the flirting. If the GF situation doesn't last though, then you can move in and try to be something more Smile
Lauren C.

by bluet00th on 10/4/2010 9:05:37 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD um i totally need help my parents don't like it when i excersize and try to eat right.... Which, i know, is totally stupid! I need help.... Thnx, Alixnikci


Hey girl! What do you mean they dont like it?? Do they want you to eat unhealthy? OR do they want you to not obsess over it. If you are eating healthy and exercising in a good way it should be fine! Dont exercise too much or to the point of it being unhealthy though you need to have control!! Explain to them how its good for you!

Lindsay S.

by Alixnikci on 10/4/2010 4:23:14 PM


Hey please help, do you have any really good ideas for a Ke$ha costume? I mean, I know how to do the makeup and everything but what about an outfit? Any ideas? Thanks!


Hey girlie, search Google images for photos of Ke$ha and watch her music videos to see if there's an outfit you can recreate for yourself. Make sure you use lots of glitter in your costume.

Lauren T.

by skellington on 10/4/2010 12:28:56 AM


im donating my candy to the troops!!! hoorah! lol (thats a marine referance btw)

by Madam Gir on 10/4/2010 12:23:45 AM


1) whats your favorite subject?
2)Whats your favorite food?
3) Do you have a special talent?
4)what's you wildest dream?
5) whats your dating/boy situation right now?
6) Fav sports team?
7) whats your favorite book?
8) ifyou could buy any one thing at this very moment, what wood it be?
9) Do you know any good/cheesy jokes?
10) Tell me something totally unique about Y-O-U!!!!

Tell me all these thing on my profile!

by dancergal22 on 10/3/2010 6:26:54 PM


Seriously? The one article they put some effort into is about how conscious you should feel of yourself for eating some candy on HALLOWEEN, for godsake. How come there are no articles about how American kids are contantly shoving their faces full of fried food? That's the serious problem. Candy is candy! Like any kid is going to stay in on Halloween making soup. Halloween is time to go out with your friends and have fun, and delve into the candy! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. EAT THE CANDY, NOBODY CARES.

by m_n_m on 10/3/2010 1:14:59 PM


modmod mod
i always brush my teeth in the morning but my noon or so my teeth always feel plaquey and gross, advice? thanx

You could chew gum, or you could even bring a tooth brush to school to brush in the bathroom when you feel like that. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by ipodipodipod on 10/3/2010 12:49:01 AM


If you have any questions or you need any advice then just leave it I will get back to you in at least 4 hours I will give detailed advice.

by cecgirl98 on 10/2/2010 7:24:56 PM


my tip: eat as much as u can until yah throw up!!! its freakin' halloween... give urself a break!!!

by meghan1 on 10/2/2010 7:02:40 PM


i luv chocolate... bt dark chocolate disgusts me Frown

please help me get 200 comments on my profile before thanksgiving Smile


by meghan1 on 10/2/2010 7:00:04 PM


Or you could just eat candy because it's Halloween and it only happens once a year? And maybe if this article wasn't put out girls wouldn't have to feel bad about eating candy...? Come on, maybe adult women should worry about this but kids..seriously?

by swimbabi94 on 10/2/2010 5:07:39 PM


This is so stupid. It's halloween, your supposed to pig out. Life isn't all about beinh healthy and skinny, it's HALLOWEEN, jeez people.

by DontStopDreaming on 10/2/2010 4:51:44 PM


Hey Girlies! Need advice on:
> Boys
> Fashion
> School
> Friends
> Family
> Exercise
> Makeup
> Homework
> Puberty
> Siblings
> Fights
> Hair
> Bullying

> Music (Piano, violin, viola, cello, and singing)
> Figure Skating
> Parties
> Decorating
> Eating Healthy
> Acne
> Mean girls
> Starting Middle School
> Enemies
> Teachers
> Pets
> Parents
> School work
> And Anything else you can think of!

Come to my profile I will answer your question ASAP! I will post answers to your profile, and if its not publicly visible, to mine. I love to give advice and am happy to help!


by chicka678 on 10/2/2010 2:43:31 PM


hahahaha luv ur post .bubblegum

by pinklol56 on 10/2/2010 12:41:22 PM


my other bff's b-day is coming up and i hav no idea what to get her. she way into all things fashionistaish/ the latest trendy thing. wat would be a good present for her? thanks! Smile


Hey girl,

I would check out GL for some fashion ideas and then check out your fave stores for some new jewelry or fun accessories. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are some less expensive but trendy stores to find lots of cute jewelry. Look at the kinds of outfits she wears, without making it obvious what you're doing, and try to compare the kinds of things she already has to something that she may want to add to her outfit. Pick something that when you see it, you immediately think of your friend.

Vanessa J.

by princess_ht on 10/2/2010 12:12:36 PM


* MOD please post this*
I created a site called Live Laugh Love Learn and hope you like it! It is full of cool things like inspirational life posts, awesome style/beauty tips, entertainment reviews and notifications, health advice, (eating well, fitness, body image) games, chat rooms, and a section where you can send things in that everyone can see, like poems and you can ask me for advice! Cool, huh? Please check it out, visit everyday for lots of cool stuff, and spread the word! I am hoping it will get popular. Get more info on my profile!

I donate a lot of my candy to soldiers through Project Shoebox. Smile

by readerhi1234 on 10/2/2010 11:43:04 AM


This is Halloween People your supposed to eat Half your Candy That Night and not go to bed till 3 In the Morning !
Well Thats What The Kids Do in My Town!

by .bubblegum on 10/2/2010 10:46:18 AM


Luv this thnx! I know I'll still prob eat more than I should ( who doesn't on Halloween!) but now I know which pieces to stay away from ( I never knew skittles were so bad). Good luck guys hope u don't get sick lol ! Smile

by dancer1668 on 10/2/2010 8:12:18 AM


Hey girls!!!

Wanna totally awesome club that talks about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING??? Well look no further!!! Come join club Funstuff4girls!!!
We always have jobs available!!!

Love your favorite Jesus Freak,

by meganewds on 10/1/2010 11:38:25 PM


mads202: Orthidontists where i live do that to. its pretty cool, actually.

Hey Girlies! Need advice on:
> Boys
> Fashion
> School
> Friends
> Family
> Exercise
> Makeup
> Homework
> Puberty
> Siblings
> Fights
> Hair
> Bullying
> Music (Piano, violin, viola, cello, and singing)
> Figure Skating
> Parties
> Decorating
> Eating Healthy
> Acne
> Mean girls
> Starting Middle School
> Enemies
> Teachers
> Pets
> Parents
> School work
> And Anything else you can think of!

Come to my profile I will answer your question ASAP! I will post answers to your profile, and if its not publicly visible, to mine. I love to give advice and am happy to help!


by chicka678 on 10/1/2010 10:34:36 PM


I don't like to do that I just eat the candy I like but I don't get sick

by Sun-Kiss on 10/1/2010 10:10:56 PM


lol i'm just goin the traditional way! Eatin' as much candy all night as i want until i get siock! lol

by rorowe on 10/1/2010 9:16:59 PM


To keep people from rotting their teeth out my orthodontist actually pays people for their halloween candy! You get 1 dollar per pound of candy that you bring into his office after halloween, so since I don't really like much candy anyways I just take the whole thing in to his office! then the temptation is gone! Plus, they donate the same amount of money that I get to the charity of my choice! Lol, it isn't much, but hey, I don't kill my teeth and at least it's more money than if I didn't do it! I think it's smart... and there are probably dentists in many towns that do something similar.

by mads202 on 10/1/2010 8:02:05 PM


Im not sure if this is true every were, but at least by me, they don't give away the ones with halloweennie stuff on it (they give it away arould the winter holodays most times)

by lilsmilyface on 10/1/2010 7:11:09 PM


mod mod mod
so i bought these really cool flip flops about three years ago. i have two pairs, blue, and pink. they are so comfy because they are this really interesting spongy material. it is like rubber, that criscrosses and looks like a sponge. they have rubber straps and i love them. only thing is that they are getting kind of old, and i really want to get a new pair because they are the perfect flip flops. i was wondering if you could help me, or if anyone can help me for that matter. i really love them. please help me.

Hey girl, oh i love those! They  were totally all the rage a few summers ago. I'm gonna bring em back this summer!! I think you can get a little more wear out of them. But if you want to search for a new pair, you might just have to do a search online. Try google and say something like "spongy bottom flipflops" and something is bound to come up. Good luck! =] 
Lauren R.

by riel5 on 10/1/2010 6:07:04 PM


MOD MOD! Hii i entered your bratz contest and not to be mean or anything but my video was so much better and creative then some of the videos that got entered. Mine had to be downloaded I think ... i'm just wondering did mine even go through?


Im sure yours was great too Im sorry you didnt win but thats a matter of opinion! Better luck next time!

Lindsay S.

by kiittykat on 10/1/2010 4:37:10 PM


These r great tips! Smile

by olympicluver on 10/1/2010 4:06:52 PM


wow that is going to be hard to follow i LOVE chocolate. :p

by chickeymizzou24 on 10/1/2010 3:02:31 PM


MOD MOD awesome. Thanks! But I love skittles is there anything that I can do to have some but not do so much damage?


Hey girl! Why dont you try to have just ONE handfull! I try to do that when I eat candy. Its so hard, duh, but you can do it!

Lindsay S.

by softballgirl11 on 10/1/2010 1:20:05 PM


1st comment!

these are really good tips!

by natalieisyourmod on 10/1/2010 1:05:29 PM

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