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I hate private school, but what can I do?

I go to a private school, and I really hate it. Everyone is so different from me, I don't have any friends, the teachers are...
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I have gone to a Catholic school my whole life. I HATE it. I don't know if it's the same in all private schools, but the kids in my school are self centered, rude, and EXTREMELY obsessed with popularity. Arent Catholic School supposed to be strict? The teachers care but don't say anything about bullying. I have been bullied to the point where i would cry every night. I was bullied so much where i believed it was okay for them to bully me. I recently just gave up in hiding what they did to me. Best move i made. My advice to anyone being bullied is talk to the idiot who was being mean to you. I'm serious. It feels amazing and it gets them to back off. And if you think that's hard, try being bullied from 1st grade-7th and finally standing up for yourself. And remember: you are beautiful, inside and out Smile don't let anyone make you feel terrible. You are the most amazing person in the world and you're about to show that bully how great you trruly are Smile

by Lioncub190 on 2/10/2012 10:56:29 PM


Mod! Should i go 2 public or private school. I hate my middle school and although our tow has a great pbulic high school, Im scared to go even if its a lot better. some kids pick on me at my middle school. i have so much homework and the teachers are mostly mean. at private school, i can take more classes, have smaller classes, no bulying, and a great program all around. but im scared to leave my friends at public school. what should I do?

Hey girlie! To help you make your decision, you can check at this article from one of our readers about her life in private school:

Jessica W.

by softballgirl56 on 2/2/2011 9:25:51 AM


I've been gong to private school since i was 2. i think its great. no drama and everyone knows you. My class has 11 people in it and 8 of them have been there since the 2s. Face it, you get a better education and you can hang with your friends later.
there are 2 other girls in my class.
one is a bully and one is a weirdo.
but, talk to other grls in the grade above or below you. you are sure to find friends.
one of my bffs is in the grade below me!

by lucymcclinton on 1/3/2011 2:45:46 AM


ya ik how u feel i go to private skool and two of the three main teachers are rly weird and give lotsa hw and i only have ten people in my class including me. and most of the guys have no guts (they r too shy to ask us girls out) but good thing is that im in 8th grade and next year im going to a big private high skoolSmile)

by swimstarry on 12/28/2010 2:11:29 PM


hey, i no exactly how you feel. i used to go to a private school, and there were 18 people in my whole grade. it was really hard to fit in because there were 8 girls and, oh boy did they love to create drama. They used to bully girls out of the grade, and they would all turn on their best friends in a drop of a hat if the leader, call her K, said the girl was unacceptable. Then the guys, 10 of them. Great, right? WRONG! they loved to 'tease' girls about their bodies, and none of them were even cute. Then K would go out with, like every guy in the grade and all of the guys in the grade above. no one liked her, but when i left, she was one of my good friends... but texting her is almost like visiting a distant dream. A dream i never really fit in. When i went to public school, i found that there were at least double the people in the grade at the private school that i fit in with. i visited, and no one would talk to me, like they were all above me. im glad im not one of them now.

by tessi13 on 12/14/2010 12:21:45 PM



I work with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS for short), a non-profit with more than 300 member schools in both North America and abroad. I read your post about hating your private school and thought you might be interested in checking out TABS at

If your dad won't let you go to public school, maybe he'd be more open to a different private school--a boarding school that is better suited to your interests.
One of the best ways to check out different boarding schools is to use TABS School Browser. You can enter the school name if you have a particular school in mind, or search by zip code, and even view an A-Z listing of nearly 300 member schools. Each school has its own page and profile with lots of key information, and you can request info from multiple schools at once. It’s quite the time-saver!

Check it out at

by AMYTABS on 11/15/2010 12:57:05 PM


Ik how u feel i absoluty hate!!!!! my private school and my teachers r way to strict too and i got a ton of hw! Ive been going here for 2 yrs now and i still hate it but there must be one person whos willing to be your friend if you want to talk more about it post on my page. and if anyone else wants to talk about anything! they need. I can always give you advice!

by BFF777<3 on 11/13/2010 8:51:05 AM


I go to a private school and i dont like it very much but my mom says i have to stay until 9th grade and im in 7th. But thats not my problem the teachers arent very nice here either and one of my teachers yells at me in class til' i cry, and calls my mom and tells her i dont have homework assignments that i really did have! She hates me and even my friend who is in all my classes sees how she yells at me. My mom tells the teacher that i had the assignments but my teacher just keeps yelling at me. I hate crying in class and this teacher! what should i do???


I would sit down with your mom and talk to her about switching schools. While school is a place for education, it should also be a place that you feel comfortable and are able to have enjoy yourself while learning. Your teacher shouldn't be yelling at you and making you cry, and she shouldn't be saying different things about the homework assignments to you and your mom. Maybe you could talk about your other options. Does she not want you to attend the public school? Are there other private schools around? If you are going to stay at your current school, your mom should request that she, you, your teacher and the principal meet to discuss the situation.

Vanessa J.

by BFF777<3 on 11/13/2010 8:45:09 AM


omg same situation with me:'(

by audeyaud on 11/5/2010 10:26:18 PM


Hey i go to private school. I don't like it but public school is the worst thing. the best thing about private school are no bullies and my friend, let's call her gigglez,says the best part is the food!!! Smile stay in private school!

by XxredneckgurlxX on 11/5/2010 12:19:51 PM

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