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Editor's Blog: Yummy Eats for Early October

October is my favorite month of the year (and not just because it’s my birthday month). Apples are at their best, pumpkins are sitting on...
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I like to eat muffins in the mourning. i like banana and pumpkin muffins. My dad make the best muffins!!!!!

by pointedancer33 on 10/26/2010 6:12:48 PM


if your are under the age of fifty which i am guessing u all are you want to know this info when your a young girl soy milk can be very bad for in messes up your insides it can make you start your period early all sorts of things you DONT wan't so use something like fresh milk or low fat milk or vitamin enriched milk only older women should drink soy if you have any other Q. check my account

by meme35921 on 10/15/2010 10:18:53 PM


How much would you expect a person who is 4'10'' to weigh? Just your opinion - thanks!

hey! well I don't really have an opinion about that, since I don't have expectations about what someone's weight "should" or "shouldn't" be.  Talk to your doctor about what's healthy for you, that would be best since I can't actually say what's right for you.

Helen S.

by ilovehamsters77 on 10/9/2010 7:20:25 PM



1. Say your name 10 times.
2. Say your mom's name 5 times.
3. Say your crush's name 3 times.
4. Paste this to 4 other quizzes. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday, but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck! SEND THIS TO 5 QUIZZES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS

by cupcake_and_coach on 10/6/2010 7:57:51 PM

by playboy_babe on 10/8/2010 2:46:08 AM


i am going to be a hippie for halloween and so are my two bff's. how can we vary our costumes so they don't look alike and how can i add more pizzaz to mine? i am going more retro, will my bff's r going more go-go dancer and the other is going as a peace love happiness kind of hippie.

Awesome idea! One of you could go for the go-go dancer style, one for a more boho look {think a long skirt, cropped denim vest}, and the other for a retro vintage feel {white or denim bellbottoms, headband around your forehead, flowy feminine top, etc.}. Just have fun with it! And ask mom or dad for help since they might have a good idea of what was worn in the time period from their older sibs or even their own experiences Smile
Lauren C.

by dancer10196 on 10/4/2010 9:37:37 PM


im gonna be red riding hood for halloween. Alot of people be that but I like it. probably wear glitter or some thing to make it more original.

by jello4eve on 10/4/2010 9:03:21 PM


OMG, last Halloween, one of my neighbors who is in elementary school dressed up as Edward Cullen. He wore all black, spiked up his hair, and wore a bit of eye makeup. It was hilarious.

by Scorpio1027 on 10/4/2010 7:48:31 PM


MOD!MOD!MOD!I have no idea what to wear on haloween I know alot of girls are asking you this but I kind of wanted a scary costume but something cute..u know wat I mwan right!!!my mom wants to og shopping this weekend HELPPPP also wat make up and hair do I use..and should the october magazines be out yet..I never got mine:c thanks so much xoxoxoxo flippy678Laughing~~~


Hey girl!  As for costumes, there are so many scary/cute options!  You could be a witch, vampire, or a devil.  As you go shopping, there will be tons of options, and you can always add your own touch - like colorful streaks in your hair, or intense eyeliner or glitter!  I'm not totes sure if everyone has gotten their October issue yet, but if it doesn't show up soon, you can always check your account status here:

Marie H.

by flippy678 on 10/4/2010 7:23:28 PM


MOD MOD MOD Hi, so me and my friends are thinking about being greek gods for halloween. Like one of us could be aphrodite or athena but their are 5 maybe 6 of us, how could we get/make costumes for cheap and how would we? Do you have any suggestions on how to? Thanks so much!


Hey girl!  The great thing about being greek gods is that you can make cute costumes out of sheets (literally!).  You might want to do a search online for how to make a toga out of a sheet - it's super-easy and you don't even have to cut it up! 

Marie H.

by DolphinLover123 on 10/4/2010 7:19:30 PM


MOD what arer soem ways to get asked to dance? or to confidently ask a guy to dance? Also, what do you do if he says no?


Hey girl!  The important thing is to just be out there socializing with guys you are interested in.  Smile, be confident and positive, and really listen when you talk with them.  Same applies if you want to ask them - you just have to be straightforward and confident in yourself.  If he says no, try not to freak.  Just say, "Oh, okay, I thought it would be fun," and try not to seem too upset.  Also, be proud of yourself for making the bold effort! 

Marie H.

by fired up on 10/4/2010 6:42:32 PM


MODMODMODMOD ive already posted about my halloween prob and if this is the same mod im thinkin about goin girly. could you give me a list of suggestions


Awesome!  Well, a princess or fairy are girly Halloween classics.  Prom queen, Miss America, and a ballerina are some other super-cute ones I've seen. 

Does anyone else have girly Halloween costume suggestions??

Marie H.

by cougargirl on 10/4/2010 6:08:21 PM


MODMODMODMODMODMOD so me and a couple friends are doing a group costume for halloween, im alice in wonderland, one friend is the mad hatter, and the other the chesire cat. the prob is a different girl (not in our group) has the same costume as one of us, and we want to be different. any ideas of how to personalize it? also, nail polish and makeup ideas for alice? thanks!!Smile


That sounds like such a cool costume idea!  You could try a different character if you want (or ask the girl to be in your group!).  But if you guys are set on your characters, I wouldn't worry too much - it happens every year, and chances are, her version will be way different than yours!  As for make-up ideas, I would definitely go for long lashes, and bright pink or coral blush - very girly for alice!  I'm not sure what to suggest for nails.  Pale pink, blue to match the dress, or black for a total contrast might be cool! 

Marie H.

by bellabloom on 10/4/2010 5:56:31 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD I don't know wat to be for halloween... Any suggestions? ive already looked on ur web and nuthing really interested me. oh ya and sumthin i can pretty much do at home, but its ok if i have to buy sumthin.

I know how you feel - it's a tough decision!  It kinda depends what style you are going for.  For example, if you are feeling girly, you can never go wrong with a princess, fairy, or movie star.  If you want scary, then you could be a zombie or vampire, of course!  You could also think about if there is a character from a movie, book, or TV show that you would want to be.  Also, talk to your buds - there might be a great group costume you could do! 

Marie H.

by cougargirl on 10/4/2010 5:45:35 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!! help! the skin on my face is super dry! i think its from the new face wash i started using. anyways, is there any way i can get rid of my dry skin like by tomorrow? thanks so so so much!! ~ Maggie


Hey girl!  If you've got some moisturizer, I would definitely put some on!  That will really help with the dry skin.  Keep track, and if it doesn't get better, try switching to a more gentle face wash.  xoxo

Marie H.

by Christy23 on 10/4/2010 5:14:39 PM


WOW! Those look to good to be healthy! Awesome!

by sjtishrgnd on 10/4/2010 2:47:00 PM

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