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My period started--and then stopped!

I had my period once a few months ago and haven’t had it since. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to make...
45 Comments | Add Yours

I got that too and then i got it for like 10 days and it was on the 13th and then the 29th! But i have only gotten it like three times.

by dbzlvr10 on 10/8/2010 11:51:50 AM


HEy... My period is like this... whel I just got it last month on the 6th and I'm wondering if I will get it agian soon cuz noting is hapening....

by me01 on 10/7/2010 4:36:22 PM


Ooh this happend to me& my friend. I didn't get it for like 2 months then I got it& it was like 5 times worse than my normal 1. Except I think my friends wasn't as bad as me.

by jello4eve on 10/6/2010 1:01:22 AM


Thanks for answering my question. My friend is supposed to be on the birth control pill because I have seen them but I dont think she takes them when she is supposed to so that gets her upset when she doesnt get her period. And I think her mom does know she is having sex because that is how she got on the pill but I know she doesnt use condoms and I have told her just start using them and then she wouldnt have to worry as much, plus its extra protection. But I think she listens to her bf too much because he is 3 years older.

When it comes to periods and sex we learned that you can get preggers the first time but the average person gets pregnant after having sex 100 times.

by luckykel on 10/5/2010 9:25:08 PM


Hey my period is like that and I am not sexully active and I am only 14 and they put me on birth control to help me get my period more on a regular basic timing (once a month) Also you could have Poly Stic Overy Sydrome and that will give you an irregular period and you will have a harder time getting pergnet because your horemones and other things are all scewed up. But that is pretty rare. If you have any questions anyone ask me and I will try my best to answer them the best I can.

by hot cakes on 10/5/2010 7:55:08 PM


Mod mod mod Amy ideas how to make homeade beauty/hair stuff

Hey girl, we have a few articles on homemade beauty products here: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2009/09/01/spa-party-tips.aspx and http://www.girlslife.com/post/2008/01/21/how-to-homemade-honey-shine-hair.aspx

Alyssa B.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/5/2010 6:54:58 PM


Mod mod mod when the shadow sucks mr onto stuff etc how can I recover after

Hey girl, I can't say I know, but I do know who may be able to help you: talk to a guidance counselor about your Shadow; they're experts in that area.

Alyssa B.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/5/2010 6:43:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a medium to heavy flow, but just regular tampons hurt, all i want to know, is what brands tend to be a little bit smaller. and i cant use lites, because that's not enough. i was wondering if the "on the go" ones would be any smaller, or maybe kotex "click" but i dont know... plz help, and are the kotex click any good??? ive heard from someone that they're huge, but i wanted to know from someone at gl...

Hey girl, honestly I'm not really an expert: I don't use tampons. I use pads. I'd suggest checking out the packaging and experimenting: tampons at the end are essentially the same thing.

Alyssa B.

by cowgirlup22497 on 10/5/2010 6:42:37 PM


Mod mod mod u edited out a part of one of my ?s did u get all my ?

Hey girl, I did. I just took it out for your privacy so other readers couldn't see it. It seemed personal.

Alyssa B.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/5/2010 6:42:17 PM


Mod mod mod what are u wearing today

Hey girl, I'm wearing a blue button-up top, a blazer and a tan skirt. Classic Blair.

Alyssa B.

by Memesputerpunkingirl on 10/5/2010 6:06:08 PM

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