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Spooky Seance Slumber Party

Having trouble getting scared out of your wits this Halloween season? Invite your buds over for this shiver-inducing sleepover.
54 Comments | Add Yours

I agree with soccerluvv its dangerous to use ouji boards im serious. It can really allow demons into your house please don't try it !!!

by bunniac13 on 2/5/2012 11:54:14 AM


swimstarry is right!!!!!!!! dont use it even this gothic gurl told me somthing bad would happen one time she knew a person that used it and a ghost STILL haunts them and follows them whereever they go!!!!!!!!

by articwater on 1/18/2011 10:45:51 PM



by swimstarry on 1/15/2011 11:15:56 AM


I've heard so many spooky and bad things about ouija boards. I wouldn't use one!!

by SNS34 on 1/2/2011 6:54:52 PM


now i want an Ouija board! i dont believe in ghosts and all that stuff but i do like to try the tricks and games for a good scare! lyk that bloody mary thing, freaky, but NOT real. our eyes did turn red, tho... :O

by DanceFreak99 on 12/17/2010 7:02:07 PM



by jewels96 on 12/5/2010 3:43:56 PM


Ouija Boards are bad. Demons and bad spirits can get connected somehow with it. Do NOT use it! The person who made it probably did NOT make it for entertainment. Spooky is right.

by packers_nadia on 11/21/2010 2:36:28 PM


I have a ouija board and nothing bad has ever happened to me and i use it a lot and believe in ghosts. I respect how it may be against some peoples religion but the board isn't all bad. Just don't use it all the time and it will be fine, trust me I use it once a month and I always turn out to be okay, never ask questions about death though because then you may become very afraid

by soccercat12 on 11/2/2010 3:46:49 PM


I love the Ouija board! I own one and once brought it to my friends party and we played it for hours. All of us were crying by the end it was so emotional and spooky! Everyone agreed that it was a huge hit!

by soccercat12 on 11/2/2010 3:37:23 PM


Emerald_Sparkles, I agree that Ouija boards don't really work, but I think that that the pointer probably moves because the people using move it subconsciously. I would guess that someone created it to make money and that person was the one who came up with the idea of pretending that it lets you communicate with spirits.

by S123 on 11/2/2010 2:15:38 PM


I did it before at soccer camp and once it stopped something sounded like a chair moving in the bathroom! It was creepy!

by SoccerChick100 on 10/28/2010 11:22:52 AM


This is a good idea! Another fun Halloween party idea is... Murder Mystery! Its so fun and a bit spooky too! You can buy a kit to down load online or you can just make one up yourself! Trust me your MM party will be well thought of long after the victim is caught. Smile

by sweetdreamer98 on 10/21/2010 4:42:01 PM


Where do you get a Ouija board?
My teacher told us about when she was a counselor at camp, and the girls were playing with a Ouija board, so she asked about her dead grandfather...and it spelled out his name. She got in her car, drove away from the camp, never called there, anything. Kinda creepy.

by sleepytween12 on 10/18/2010 8:53:24 PM


Yo, listen up! Spirits do NOT live in everyday household items. Someone probably just made up a board so mute people could communicate with others (or something like that) and someone decided to make up a scary story about one that moved that belonged to a person who had died. It's all just made up. The pointer probably just moves from magnets or something. There was a Ghost Whisperer episode about a ghost that communicated through an ouija board, but that is all fiction and should not be taken seriously. DO NOT believe everything in the media!!

by Emerald_Sparkles on 10/16/2010 9:29:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so a couple of friends are come over (boy and girl) and i need some good truth or dare q's if u don't know any can u tell me a website!!!! thx


Hey girlfriend, here are some truth questions: What did you think of me when you first saw me? Do you have any crushes right now? What is your biggest secret? Dare questions: You could dare someone to lick their feet, eat hot peppers or wear someone else's clothes inside out. Smile

Lynae P.

by free2b on 10/15/2010 11:32:01 PM


Wow. This has helped me a lot. I don't get to do Halloween parties and this is my first time doing one. I am so excited too! This has helped me!!! Thanks GL, you guys are awesome. I have gotten through SO much with you guys, er,I mean Girls! Eh, eh, eh...( :

by purpleclip on 10/13/2010 11:32:44 PM


I agree with rachelrox123. If you girls don't agree with this party idea, then don't do it-it's as simple as that! Sure, I don't like ouja boards either but I'm also very thankful that Girlslife is so nice as to try and help us with Halloween. My family and I have a party every year and within each year it gets harder to find new things. So this really helps! Thanks Girlslife for all your hard work!

Aww, thanks lady! Keep your eyes peeled, we've got Halloween comin' in spades!

- Brittany T. 
Brittany T.

by breezee211 on 10/12/2010 5:44:38 PM


i don't mean to offend anybody, but i kinda wanna stick up for GL. sure the whole seance or ouja board might be controversial and possibly dangerous. but some girls might have enough sense to do it with one small error: scary but not dangerous. plus it doesn't seem THAT controversial.

by rachelrox123 on 10/12/2010 5:25:24 PM


omg i believe in ghosts and i wanna have a real seance but i'm afraid i'll be scared.....i should plan this with my two bffs

by rachelrox123 on 10/12/2010 5:21:12 PM


i HAVE used ouija board before but i dont think it's a good idea. for weeks it creeped me out that something was right around the corner, and i doubt it was just because i'm a wimp. i really respect you GL but i don't think this is the greatest idea, especially for girls like me. everything else sounds awesome though, and i might just throw one!

by sasaxx28 on 10/12/2010 5:18:13 PM


MOD MOD MOD Ok, my birthday is coming up. I have no idea what to do for a party! There's a park near my house, and I'd like to have everyone walk there. Any ideas for what to do when I'm there? I'm kinda stuck as far as that. And a lot of my friends that I'm inviting are athletic. Any ideas for outdoor games? there will be a lot of room


Hey girl you could come up with fun contests like balloon tosses or red rover or a soccer game or potato sack races or capture the flag! the possibilities are endless!

Lindsay S.

by googie on 10/11/2010 3:51:57 PM


We're not sorry and we won't conform
It's not a choice but something inborn.
If we fail following our hearts, can you blame us?
No, no, no.

A square peg in a black hole
We don't fit in that's the way it goes!
You shouldn't act like you're better than us, 'cause you're not.
No, no, no.

What they say, won't make us go away.

Join Club_Dark_Angels! For the Innocent with an Edge!

by xXClub_Dark_AngelsXx on 10/10/2010 9:33:00 PM


seriously, a oujia board. they dont welcome your dearly departed into the home they welcome demons, and um if you havent caught on demons are kind of bad. now i dont ussually go to church and stuff like that but i do happen to beleive that oujia boards are terrible things to never be messed around with. GL you should study some things before you let them be posted. oujia boards put people in serious danger

by hulagirl410 on 10/10/2010 9:22:49 PM


I'm sorry GL but i find this very very inappropriate to be having girls do. Especially since its so controversial, next time please write something that isn't so controversial and appropriate for young girls to do at a slumber party.

by taffy811 on 10/10/2010 5:42:01 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! I asked u a question about my password earlier and you said it could take time but has actually been 3 days and I haven`t resieved it (the email adress is valid) what else could be wrong?? thanks

by Luvs2cheer on 10/9/2010 5:07:08 PM


i've used a ouija board, please don't try it :S

by kupcake101 on 10/9/2010 9:51:36 AM


funkypunky 10

no offence to me your story sounds like an urban ledged to me. agian this is coming from someone who believes in ghosts too. (despite the fact i'm 16 lol)

by aqua girl on 10/8/2010 9:34:19 PM


Oujia boards are really creepy. I would never use one, because I heard they let spirits not only into your house but your soul. I heard someone was playing with it and asked the board whats in her families future and the response was "die75". The mother of the child died in November 1975. After her mother passed on, the child asked the board if her father would ever re-marry. The board responded with "martha" The child's father married a woman named Martha. Creepy huh!?

by funkypunky10 on 10/8/2010 7:26:13 PM


hate to say it, but i agree with justme_03. GL is always either suggesting stuff that isn't really appropriate for us, or else it is way too young. GL should start asking girls what they are interested in

by beccac987 on 10/8/2010 5:15:37 PM


that game is soo fun!

by sportscutie14 on 10/8/2010 4:06:37 PM


*MOD MOD MOD* YOu know,Some of the things you guys suggest are just wrong. You suggest we read books with sexuality, watch movies with cussing and sex,and now THIS? Im starting to get really disappointed in GL magazine.


Hey girl! Not everything we suggest is something you have to do. Some girls love it, others...not so much. We respect your opinion, so please be respectful of others. Let us know: what sort of things are you interested in reading on 


- Brittany T.

Brittany T.

by justme_03 on 10/8/2010 3:15:50 PM


no offence but not all ghosts are bad or evil. stop acting like every ghost is something to fear BECAUSE THEY AREN'T. i believe in christianty to but come on.

by aqua girl on 10/8/2010 3:07:40 PM


no offenece but seriously not all ghosts mean harm. stop acting like it demonic or something. IT ISN'T. i believe in chirstianity too but come on.

by aqua girl on 10/8/2010 2:42:01 PM


GL, you really should NOT be suggesting that people use ouji boards, like soccerluvv said, they allow demons in your house. It's really not good. There are PLENTY of other Halloween activities that don't evolve calling demons into your house. So, set up a haunted house for your siblings, have a costume contest, just don't do that.

by yellowducky2713 on 10/8/2010 1:24:20 PM


*MOD* This is dangerous; we're teens, not witches!

by countrycutie12 on 10/8/2010 9:53:40 AM


Ouija boards are from the devil. Evil. Don't mess with them.

by countrycutie12 on 10/8/2010 9:52:45 AM


oh yeah and take out the ouija board part too please. thankyou.

by purpleblack12 on 10/8/2010 2:28:31 AM


so against my religion. Ouija boards are bad!!

by Mjpmmd on 10/8/2010 1:04:52 AM


MOD! ok I am personally offended. one other mod answered a previous question saying that ouija boards are pretend and that you are really making them move. their not. my mom used to have one and she said its was one of the worst things she had ever expereinced. they are connected to spirits. whether you believe it or not, they are dangerous. google "what happens if you throw a ouija board away" read some of the stories. most of these people arent making this stuff up. it is not make believe, it is not pretend. a ouija board is a portal to a spirit that you cannot control. you cant control is that spirit that is contacting you is good or bad. and NEVER burn a ouija board,that just releases the spirit. Mod i know you might not post my comment, but i needs to be posted. you have just suggested that preteen to teen girls host a party where they "play" with a highly dangerous object and they need to know the cautions of playing ouija.

Hey girl, thanks for your comment. We respect your POV but remember, sometimes others won't agree with you. This is obviously a hot-button issue with a number of GL readers--you've read the comments! For some, ouija boards are serious things. For others, they are simply a fun way to spend an hour or two. 

Thanks again and keep 'em comin'!

- Brittany T.
Brittany T.

by country*music*lover on 10/7/2010 10:13:56 PM


DONT PLAY WITH THE ouija board.!!!!!!!!!

by alisia on 10/7/2010 8:40:16 PM


So everyones saying that ouija boards are not a good idea for a party. I don't believe in ghosts, but I see these sometimes and wonder what they actually do... so I was just wondering, what do they do?

Hey! they're just toys. some people get freaked out by them, but you just get a coulple friends to put their hands on a magnifying glass that one of you pushes around an alphabet board and spells word. you pretend it's spirits though and it can be spooky and fun.

Helen S.

by acpowers on 10/7/2010 8:31:51 PM


Don't play with Ouija boards. they can open up doors to evil like demons. And you can't close those doors. Only with an exorcism and that could make it worse. SO BE CAREFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by sweetypie2 on 10/7/2010 8:18:34 PM


You shouldn't play with a Ouija board because they can open up doors to evil like demons and you can't get rid of them. Only with exorcisms and those can make it worse. SO BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!! Helen S.

by sweetypie2 on 10/7/2010 8:10:03 PM


If you are going to use a Ouija board, be respectful of any spirits you may encounter. I would not recommend lighting votive/candles. Just as there are good/bad people in the world, there are good/bad spirits.

Also, just because there is an answer given, it does not mean that it will come true.

by _savvygirl_15 on 10/7/2010 7:59:02 PM


Hi! Before I begin, thanks for helping. OK, so I'm the kind of girl who doesn't really care about trends; or at least I used to. Now, all the trends at my school are expensive, uggs, juicy couture, coach, just to name a few. Thing is, I'm starting to follow those trends, and my friends are like since when do you care? Plus, my mom is out of work so we can't purchase all the cute stuff. What should I tell my friends, and what should I do? Thanks again!

hey! Just be like I don't really there just cute bags and I like them. there's nothing wrong with that Smile 

Helen S.

by funkypunky10 on 10/7/2010 7:22:11 PM


ouija board didnt work for me .... and it scares the crap out of me :/

by club amazing & awesome on 10/7/2010 7:06:47 PM


cool!! altho I didn't quite understand what u are supposed 2 do with the plachette....

by JpnGrl~4ever on 10/7/2010 7:00:15 PM


MOD: i don't think this is a very good idea for a party. ouija boards are against a bunch of peoples religions, including mine.

 Hey! I totally see where you're coming from, but it's just an idea for a party. Of course you don't have to use it Smile 

Helen S.

by beccac987 on 10/7/2010 6:58:04 PM


yikes!! i believe in ghosts and i wouldnt recommend this because my mom says the ouija board attracts ghosts to your house :/

by kiwigreen on 10/7/2010 6:25:53 PM


ouji boards are horrible. they allow demons into your house and you cant get them out. its dangerous. only an idiot would use one of those.

by soccerluvv on 10/7/2010 6:22:06 PM


hey I'm straightening my hair and it's really hard to straiten the back but it's really thick. How can I make it easier?

hey! blow dry your hair straight first, then straigten it. 

Helen S.

by EgirlH.97 on 10/7/2010 5:53:07 PM


ok so its been 2 weeks since me and my ex broke up and i cant get him off my mind i still really like him but i dont want to. the thing is a friend told me all this crap and that he asked her out while we were together. so i got mad and confronted him and we ended up breaking up. all his answers were one word answers which made me even more peeved and he didnt seem to care he didnt try to fight for me back or prove me wrong all he said was that he couldnt believe our friend lied and called her some curse words, but the very nxt day after we broke up those two started goin out and they r currently still together and it kills me everytime i c them. i keep feeling like i made a mistake but if we got back together itd be the 3rd time and everyone would be mad bc everyone says hes bad news (which he really isnt that bad) should i move on and how could i?

hey, I think you should move on. he's dating your friend, and that's a jerk move. Just start talking to more guys, it can really help you forget the old one. 

Helen S.

by blondie123abc on 10/7/2010 5:41:30 PM


FUN!!! Ill do this for my Birthday!

by ArtsyFartsy on 10/7/2010 5:34:54 PM


strangly i do believe in ghosts (despite the fact i'm 16 lol). personally i think a seance in house which isn't hunted isn't going to work.

by aqua girl on 10/7/2010 5:34:23 PM

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