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I have really low self-esteem, so when an opportunity comes I take it. I mean: Boys. I feel like they like me, but then I...
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MOD MOD MOD PLEASE ANSWER I have EXTREMELY low self-esteem. My teeth are crooked so im afraid to smile, im always nervous around EVERYBODY including my boyfriend . My boyfriend and I broke up because im a "nervous wreck" and have low self-esteem. I dont think i'm pretty but everybody says I am. How can I boost my confidence in a way that will actually help me? (b.t.w im VERY shy)



Hey girly girl! I recall a girl asking a similar question (not the same, but along those lines) a little while back. Check out the great confidence boosting tips that we gave her Smile


Becca G.

by xxxEmilyxxx<3 on 12/15/2010 5:57:46 PM


I have EXTREMELY low self-esteem. My teeth are crooked so im afraid to smile, im always nervous around EVERYBODY including my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I broke up because im a "nervous wreck" and have low self-esteem. I dont think i'm pretty but everybody says I am. How can I boost my confidence in a way that will actually help me? (b.t.w im VERY shy)

by xxxEmilyxxx<3 on 12/15/2010 4:48:50 PM


MOD MOD MOD im 16 and i have a problem in my eyes called duane syndrom so theres a huge difference between my eyes..
i put my glasses on and they cover it up.. but every time a guy asks me to take them off im embarrassed..i tried hiding them with make up but it just doesnt work..and no matter how much people say that im pretty or its not about the looks its about ur "personality" it doesnt make me feel better and i cant find a way to fix it Frown and all my friends have gorgeous eyes so it just makes me feel bad about myself..

Hey girlie, it's not your fault, and they're right, you're beautiful exactly how you are. Embrace yourself and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. 

Lauren T.

by lil susu on 11/23/2010 4:47:51 PM


I've liked the same guy for 6 years. Now he's a 9th grader and I'm an 8th grader, and we haven't talked in a couple years. However, I always see him in the hallway so my friend told me to say hi, but I think it would be too random. I'm really shy!

Hey girlie, just say hi! Show him that you still want to be friends. If you're not talking to each other then it's going to be really hard to be more than friends. 

Lauren T.

by hdmgirl on 11/17/2010 10:08:30 PM


I find that the older I get, I get WAY more self-confidence
and i mean WAY more Smile

by goldfish123 on 11/17/2010 7:42:55 PM


mod mod mod.
i have serious self esteem issues, i get really sad some times, and feel that i have no friends and nobody loves me, but in reality i have a goodish family and great friends, and a great best friend. but sometimes i just ffel terrible about myself, ive never done anything horrible, and sometimes i think im actually kind of attractive, is something wrong with me?

Hey girlie, it's totally normal to doubt yourself. Just keep reminding yourself how great everything that you have is and keep telling yourself that you're beautiful. When you're feeling down take some time to relax and remember how loved you are. 

Lauren T.

by LissieLou on 11/7/2010 10:06:55 PM


I'm not sure if you have low self esteem on you looks, but, I have a piece of advice that really helped me. If you look in the mirror, and YOU feel that you look great, then don't ask you girlfriends how you look. You are the biggest critic on yourself. So, if you feel that you look great, then you must. If you feel you look horrible, you probably still look great! If people put you down after you worked hard on your look, just ignore them. They might be jealous, or just blind. Hope that helps! Smile

by bluebucket on 11/6/2010 9:52:46 AM


most of the people at school hate me. when i try to hang out with them, they just ignore me when i talk to them. it seems like everyone has a best frind except me. people say they're my friends when i don't speak to anyone including them outside of school. it seems like the people who do want to be my friends are weird. how will i be accepted by the people i've known since i was 4 and always hang around with if they don't think of me as a friend? what should i do?


Hey! I'm really sorry that you're having trouble in the friends department. I know how you feel. When I got to a new school it took me a really long time to meet people because I can be a little shy sometimes. I think you should try to make friends outside of school. If you have a place of worship or any kind of club you belong to those can be great places to start. good luck!

Helen S.

by jmb.horses1997 on 11/4/2010 3:38:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have a guy friend who I really like, he's in my church youth group so I only see him on sindays, but its for 6 hours which is nice. I was talking to him one day and told him i didnt like a girl who went to his school. Me and this girl know eachother through our families, Ive known her since we were about 5. she is really rude and stuck up and mean. i only see her about 5 times ayear, but its at thanksgiving, or a kids birthday party, and she makes me miserable. Anways, I told him about her and he agreed that he didnt like her. Then the other day he told me that he said to her face that I didnt like her, and she got really mad at me. I thought he liked me so i dont know why he would do this, he didnt know the whole history of me and her, but it was still a mean thing to do. why do you think he did this? and how do you think i should confront him about it? sorry this is so long btw



Hey chica! I would totally confront him about it. That was a pretty jerky thing to do!


Becca G.

by LissieLou on 11/3/2010 7:39:01 PM


Both my friends were busy this year on Halloween--one of them went trick-or-treating with a different friend and the other was baby-sitting. Since I had no one my age to go with me, I feel left out and sad. I really wanted to trick-or-treat, but my parents thought I would look odd without another person because I'm in eighth grade and wouldn't let me. They wouldn't even let me go around the block. I'm sad. Um ... how can I be happy? Because I'm really sad I missed Halloween this year.

Hey girlie, it's not so bad staying up. Watch a movie you love or listen to some of your favorite music and cheer up! 

Lauren T.

by Green-Eyed Girl on 10/31/2010 10:42:52 PM

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