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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Is there a way to get my hair to grow faster? I got a really bad haircut and I can't wait until it grows back...
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I want to grow my hair down to my hips but my hair is only a little bit past my shoulders. I wash my hair every other day, I don't blow dry my hair much but I do get split ends like crazy. When I get split ends, my hair is split end city! I wear my bangs that are grown out with the rest of my hair, up in a barret everyday. Is there any way to have my hair grow down to my hips? Help!

I suggest you find a conditioner that is leave in that will help with the split ends. Also occasional trims will help it grow out faster and get rid of those split ends. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Rozene on 3/20/2011 3:08:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have long hair and split ends. I really wanted to grow my hair out, but now I kind of regret it. Like, it takes fifteen minutes to wash my hair in the shower and it gets really tangled up. Should I cut it short like I used to have it or should I not?



Hey chica! Split ends can be a pain. But, you can eliminate them by getting regular trims. You don't have to get a lot chopped, just an inch every 4-6 weeks. And, your hair will feel a whole lot better!


Becca G.

by Bunnyloveismydream on 12/19/2010 7:48:30 PM


I get picked on for having hair on my upper lip, how can i make it go away besides wax, lazers,nair im only 13! please help!

by ambear on 11/30/2010 6:45:23 PM


I really need my hair to grow fast and I eat super healthy and work out never straighten it but it doesn't grow.HELP ME my sisters wedding is not long away!

by ellsers23 on 11/26/2010 9:50:30 AM



by taydortot7 on 11/25/2010 3:13:35 PM


My sister had a friend who had a baby, and she was taking these pills after the birth that made hair and nails grow twice as fast as normal! But I don't suggest taking that unless you just had a baby, and hopefully you haven't...

by yahooloo on 11/24/2010 4:31:16 PM


I have pretty bad split ends so thanks 4 the tipSmile

by taydortot7 on 11/24/2010 2:18:51 PM


Thanks Kerra! I'll DEFS be trying that!! Smile

by chanel luv on 11/13/2010 9:29:35 PM


I have short hair with side bangs and if it air dries it looks really weird and even if I blow dry it it looks weird. I really hate having to get up really early and blow dry and straighten it do you have any tips?

You can try to braid it and see how that makes it look. That normally works for me. When my hair is wet and i dont want it to do anything too weird ill braid it and it dries wavy. Also clips and headbands will help. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by chanel luv on 11/13/2010 9:04:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Please answer my question my hair is alittle long and how can i get really long hair fast to my sholders or back i tryed the internet well google now advice



Hey chica, getting a trim on a regular basis will keep your hair healthy. And, healthy hair grows faster!


Becca G.

by Cutie903 on 11/12/2010 11:16:59 PM

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