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Babysitting the Badly Behaved

You normally like babysitting, but your latest job is for a couple of terror children. They have the energy level of chimpanzees. You need the...
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i love babaysitting but one time i got this 7 year old lukily i was babysitting with my friend becuase after our walk she through a HUGE tempertantrum nothing would calm her down so eventyually i just told her if she didnt stop disobeying and screaming i was going to call santa cluase (it was 2 weeks before x mass) and santa may not like that she was being bad her eyes got huge and she promised to stop crying and just wanted a while to calm down so i said ok and made lunch then things went perfect Smile no fear like fear off santa ;)

by lolgurl14 on 1/28/2011 4:01:37 PM


I babysit crazy kids regularly and I threaten to call their parents and I goes alot better afterward. I also play video games with the boys and they enjoy it more, they said that I was their favorite babysitter ever.

by butter-fly on 1/23/2011 6:19:34 PM


I'm just about to start red cross babysitting classes and I can't wait till I'm able to start babysitting! But after reading this, I feel more confident! Thnx So Much GL!

by I'm-a-Taco-loverXP on 1/19/2011 8:28:48 PM


one time i baby sitted my cuzin's bad kids, they fight and talk back, but i put on them movies, played bored games, and let them play a video game and they didn't cause any trouble they had such a wonderful time they wanted me to babysit them again, they were good

by skinny jean angel on 1/16/2011 8:09:10 PM


Hey Everyone!
What is the average amount of money you should get paid an hour for babysitting one 3 yr old boy? I think I am being under-paid! Frown

If anyone knows I would appretiate an answer! Thanks!

by 202haley on 1/9/2011 10:40:51 PM


My mom and dad never pay me to babysit my younger sister...My family's closest friends don't have young kids, they're all in their 20s and 30s....almost all my neighbours are seniors...I have no one to babysit. My friends all have close family and friends with cousins and stuff and they all have people to babysit, except am I supposed to find a babysitting job like this??

Hey girlie! Tell your Mom that you want to babysit, and she can spread the word to her friends! 
Marly Z.

by ivy1345 on 1/8/2011 7:36:45 PM


A couple of years ago I made the mistake of letting go of one of my babysitting jobs (all because the little boy was out of control) I didnt even mean to never get a job again but if the mom asks you if you can babysit three nights in a row don't be an ignorant eleven year old and say that you have to stay after school those days...

by sarahjanehaha on 12/31/2010 10:15:52 AM


MOD!!! How can you let people know that your going to start babysitting??? (:

hey have your mom tell her friends Smile 

Helen S.

by SSD123 on 12/12/2010 4:02:32 PM


these were pretty good tips!!

Smile Smile Smile AWESOME!. <3 ♥

by soccer babe <3 on 11/28/2010 11:19:27 AM


I want to start babysitting but wat if the kids are like horrible... anyone have any tips for me????? Like I think I am gonna be starting really soon... i dont know how soon though??

by Carli52199 on 11/14/2010 3:11:50 PM

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