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Totally True Tales of Terror

We asked, you spilled all. Here are four freaky stories about real-life brushes with the supernatural from GL readers just like you.
59 Comments | Add Yours

The other day last month, I was in my room, and my mom was in her room, dead asleep (she was alive, just in a reaally deep sleep.). So my mimi was downstairs in her room, and she can't come upstairs because of her health. My closet was closed, and the light was off, and the room was spotless. I put my flip flops by my door, and left the room to go to the bathroom across the hall. Ididn't hear any footsteps,let alone my door open (you have to push it extra t close it all the way). So anyways, I go back into my room, my closet door is open, the light is on in the closet, and a cinderella doll is on my little sister's bed (me and her share a room). One of my flip flops was next to my bed, and the other one was by m sister's bed. I went to check in my mom's room, thinking it was her sleep-walking. Her door was still shut all the way, and she was still in the same position as she was when I first checked, and her sheets hadn't moved. She stayed home that day becuase she was sick.

by happyone123 on 10/7/2012 5:57:11 PM


One time I was layin on my moms baed at night. My two dogs were at the edge of the bed relaxed, and and my mom was in her bathroom (right next to her bedroom.) I was just lookin outside my moms door ( right outside her room is this big hallway with a high ceiling) and i saw the bottom of a shadowy figure and one of my dogs saw it too. He looked up and his ears were up too. My sister was with her friend on vacay and we were the only two people in the house. I was really creeped out and didnt tell my mom until the day after this happened.

by dramagal2222 on 10/15/2011 4:12:45 PM


Wow even the stories in the comments are scary! Anywayz, like, a long time ago one of my friends said she went to one of HER friends house (i dont kno her) for a sleepovr and i think it wuz in the middle of the night er sumthing but she woke up and she said she saw this black shadowy figure standing in the dorrway. She wuz directly across frum the doorway so it wuz like FREEEAKY! I dunno wut she did i guess she fell bak asleep but nuthing els happend aftr that....O_O

by GLgyrl10 on 11/26/2010 1:51:54 PM


Woa! I absolutely LOVE ghost stories! I'm not saying they're not real and i'm not saying i dont believ in ghosts, ive just nevr had an experienc with one so i cant say i DO believ but also cant say i DONT believ. Anywayz i luv the story about the shower that turned on by itself the best Smile

by GLgyrl10 on 11/26/2010 1:26:44 PM


this is not that scary and it may seem stupid but ill tell you anyway a couple days ago i was cleaning my room and my calculator was on my nightstand and that is what i was cleaning and all of a sudden it turned itself on and put 5.000000000 then it erased all of that off itself then just put 555 and just stayed there so i went on with my life turned it off and started cleaning my chair then yesterday i noticed i forgot to put it up and it was on again so i turned it of but it turend back on this happened like 8 times before i was like forget it and turned it of 1 more time and put it away

by daddysgurl on 11/24/2010 2:57:34 PM


Hey guys! I'm Veronica form Betty and Veronica Music. We're just on youtube right now, but we'd really appraciate it if you checked us out!

by twister12 on 11/21/2010 2:14:25 PM



by metrostation3xx on 11/18/2010 7:22:02 PM


My next door neighbor passed away early this year (drug abuse and such). My mom and I have always felt like she was still alive, and it was kinda creepy. One night we were sitting outside. I look at her house and I see the porch light on (which was nothing new). It all came crashing down, like she had just died rather than died a few months ago. "She's gone," I told my mom, and right then I heard footsteps (it was probably the neighors taking out the trash, though). "Michelle, are you here?" I called, and there was a sudden cold wind despite the fact it was September in Califonia. I walked to her house, the whole time my heart hammering in my chest, and it was almost 10 degrees colder right beyond the boundary of our house and hers! My mom also says that sometimes, at night, she hears her dogs barking. And when there was an open house, a neighbor of ours said it didn't feel like she was dead.
Becca G.

by mangoagogo on 11/14/2010 8:28:47 PM


this is freakay creepay!

by kirklin22 on 11/14/2010 4:36:20 PM


suoer creepy!

by kirklin22 on 11/14/2010 4:35:29 PM

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