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Totally True Tales of Terror

We asked, you spilled all. Here are four freaky stories about real-life brushes with the supernatural from GL readers just like you.
59 Comments | Add Yours

Creepy. I have 1 2. So me and my family just got the keys 2 a new house and we were all pitching in 2 clean it. Then when i went into the house by myself a doorknob started shacking and i never even opened the door. I went and told my dad and he opened it for me and nothing out of the usual was in there. And while i was driving to the house (without my little brother)I kept seeing him in the backseat.

by gjg99 on 10/30/2010 4:28:34 PM


one night i was having trouble sleeping. i opened my eyes and looked at my door. it was wide open but i had shut it that night. and there was this siloute of a really tall man with curly hair. he didnt look anything like any of my relatives. i shut my eyes and tried to scream but nothing came outof my mouth. when i opened my eyes again he wasnt there. i have seen a person who looks like that walking around my neighboorhood. one day i saw him staring into my window

by trigirl935 on 10/30/2010 4:26:34 PM


one time me and my two neighboors were over at my house. we were looking at funny videos on youtube. then the lights went off in my room. and the light from my laptop was shining on the face of this really creepy clown piggy bank i used to have when i was little. we ran downstairs but none of the other lights in the house had gone off so it wasnt a power outtage. all of us were at least 10 feet away from the light switch so none of us could have turned the lights off. and the scariest part of it all. i gave that piggy bank away over 2 years ago

by trigirl935 on 10/30/2010 4:03:57 PM


creepy! I have one.
so my house has 5 graves in the side of my yard of a family who lived in the late 1800's. One of the graves is of the family's son who died at a yong age. Once when I was like 8 my friend and I knocked over the gravestone. The graves are kind of hidden in a bunch of trees that fill up half my yard. About a month later my friends and I were playing that part of my yard at night, but we got this wierd feeling and went to bed. The next morning [I was the first one awake] I let out my dog and followed him into the cemetary. when I went out there-I screamed. THE GRAVE WAS TURNED RIGTSIDE UP!!!

by batlover45 on 10/30/2010 4:03:21 PM


thats freaking creepy!! one time i was going to sleep and i would close my eyes then all of a sudden i would hear someone screamming like really loud!and i opened my eyes and it stopped i looked out my window and there was nothing there. i closed my eyes to try to fall asleep again and the same thing happended so i told my step mom and she said she didnt hear anything. after that i was freaking out but i didnt hear it after i told her.

by sportscutie14 on 10/30/2010 3:34:32 PM


All of these sound really creepy. They're like my house cause i had an old doll and she fell apart so any time i would go back to my desk the doll hand was there after i had already thrown it in the closet. And once when my sis's friend was over fo the night and was curled up on the bed, we found her the next morning curled up blankets and pillows by the closet. Creepier she doesnt even know how she got there.

by blackveilbridesfreak9805 on 10/30/2010 3:27:56 PM


my cousins aunt and uncle were remodeling their new house by a lake when the lights started to turn on and off in the middle of the night and things like that. then the husband and a guy who was helping them were moving out the bathtub when it slipped out of the husbands hands and wouldve crushed the helper, but it was just suspended in midair. the wife, who was taking pics of the remodel got some pics and theres a blurry area and two green eyes. so they asked if anyone had died there and an 8 year old boy who used to live in the house had drowned in the lake. they still c him sometimes like when theyre coming home they see the blinds pulled back with nothing holding them there and it doesnt even bother them anymore

by lipglosslady on 10/30/2010 3:20:44 PM


h and whenever im home alone i hear this noise like a mouse and it sonds like its getting coser and closer but i only hear it when im home alone

by mrstetera on 10/30/2010 2:59:19 PM


1 time i wuz having trouble gong 2 sleep and i wuz like sort of half awake and i heard a knocking noise coming from my closet it kept getting louder and louder and right when i opened my eyes it just stopped. i dont know of it was actually there or not cuz i wuz like half asleep but i still wuz realli creeped out so i went 2 go sleep in my sisters room.

by mrstetera on 10/30/2010 2:56:59 PM


Weird stuff happens in my ALL the time. It can be kinda fun. Sometimes. The other night something so weird that my sisters boyfriend won't come over after dark and he won't even talk about what happened.
Comment on my profile if you wanna hear some of the stories!

by yellowducky2713 on 10/30/2010 2:28:49 PM

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