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thanks lindsay!!! Smile

by lexi874 on 10/25/2010 5:19:09 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD heyy Smile i have 3 questions 1.)i was at a party on saturday and we were playing truth or dare. i got a dare that said i had to lick this kids face. i didn't want to but i had already used all my passes so i did. now i feel awkward whenever i see him. what should i do? 2.)one of my guy friends likes me and i want to know how to politly tell him that i'm not interested. what should i say? 3.) i think my crush likes me. he always talks to me about the randomist stuff, tries to make me laugh, smiles at me, and whenever i'm upset he asks what's wrong with a serius face. do u think he likes me? and how should i approuch the situation and find out? maybe ask one of his friends, posibly??


1) Laugh it off tell him it was just a game no need to be so awkward! 2) You should tell your guy friend you really value your friendship and you dont want anything to come in between that 3) Thats exciting! Yes ask one of his friends to find out for you if he likes you maybe that same friend can even encourage him to ask you out!

Lindsay S.

by lexi874 on 10/25/2010 4:54:32 PM

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