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Why Wait to Date?

My crush wants to wait 'til high school to date, but I want to be with him now!
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I have like the exact same problem and this was really useful - thank you for posting this!! Smile

by Ruffian10 on 1/21/2011 8:58:29 AM


I broke up with my boyfriend of six weeks four days ago. he took it very well and I think he even agreed with me we would be better as just friends. There's this guy I like and he told me likes me, and we both wanna go out. I want to wait a bit though because I missed being single and I want to be considerate of my old boyfriend. How long do you think I should wait?


Hey girl! After breaking up with someone, we often look for rebounds, even without noticing it! I would say give yourself a month or two to get to know this guy. Don't rush into another relationship! Spend time with yourself and friends, too! I'm glad you are taking into consideration the feelings of your ex!

Elizabeth P.

by xxLullinglesliexx on 11/26/2010 5:52:48 AM


hey girl calm down if you think your ready to date then date but don't rush your self their are a ton of guys out their so just take your time sister.

by tutti10 on 11/25/2010 10:33:11 AM


Hon, get over it and move on. If you still like him in highschool- go for it! But for now, go on looking for another fish in the sea.

by catzrox on 11/22/2010 5:54:15 PM


I think my eyelashes may be getting shorter or something. I don't know if my mascara is damiging them or what... Do you know of any healthy mascara's that give the nutrients eyelashes need to grow, plus still adds length and volume?!

Im not sure what its called, but if you go to the pharmacy and look at the selection im sure youll find one there that helps your eyelashes grow. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by sportygirly23 on 11/14/2010 3:45:46 PM


Hello you beauties!
This is my advice column Ask Cinderella! Ask me anything from boys to what dress you need to wear! I answer all kinds so please ask me. My account is being moderated so you may have to wait until I write something about it.
Have fun and be the best YOU you can be!


by Ask Cinderella on 11/13/2010 10:26:17 AM


MOD MOD MOD Hello, What does it mean when a guy likes Affection? And when a guy has no affection.


That he likes to be hugged! Or he likes to be shown you care!

Lindsay S.

by sweetliksugr23 on 11/8/2010 4:18:49 PM


Okay so i have not had a bf yet and i am a senior. I have had a crush on my best guy friend for a while and i really want a bf. he just told me he likes me too. the only thing is im now second guessing myself. i think it is because im wicked scared to say yes if he asks me out. i am terrified it will be akward. can you PLEASE help me out?!!!

by xfieldhockeyx93x on 11/6/2010 1:17:34 PM


My best friend and my boyfriend are best friends, but they used to hate each other. I brought them together and now I wish I hadn’t. My boyfriend and I talked about how he tells her everything about our relationship and me nothing just yesterday and sorted that out, but I still can’t stand them being together. My best friend really isn’t my best friend, I actually don’t like her all that much because she talks about herself too much and has way too many inside jokes with my other friend and manages to make me feel left out ALL the time. While I’m talking to anyone, including my boyfriend, she’ll interject with an inside joke and change the subject to herself. And she always pulls my bf aside and says she needs to talk about some secret with him. I’m so tired of it! Please help!


Hey girl,

It's good for your BFF and BF to be friends, but it sounds like they're getting a little too close. I would talk to each of them separately and remind your BF that you're his GF and you'd like to spend some time with just the two of you together, and remind your BFF that he is your BF and while you want them to be friends, they shouldn't be sharing all these secrets. You could also talk to the BFF about the other things she does if you feel it's a good time to bring that up.


And, you could tell your boyfriend that you don't feel comfortable with him confiding in her so much. I would also make sure that you spend time hanging out with each of them separately so that you can build your boyfriend and friend relationships separately.

Vanessa J.

by xoxpeyt0nxox on 11/5/2010 11:11:49 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
So today is my birthday and my boyfriend wants to take me to do something sometime soon. He keeps asking me what i want to do but I'm the WORST at deciding! He doesnt care what I choose but neither do I... I dont know what to do! Do you have any ideas? or ways to help?? thanks!!!


Hey girl,

I have the same problem! However, since it's your birthday, he probably won't let you get away with not picking. Think about what you'd honestly like to do and I'm sure he'll be happy that you were able to pick something. You could go out to eat, get a dessert, hang out at the movies or mall, or something else. You'll probably feel good once you make a decision. Good luck!

Vanessa J.

by jujubean115 on 11/5/2010 10:02:49 PM

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