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5 Speedy Moves for Flat Abs

Blast those abs into shape with our current fave moves. Bust out these exercises while you’re watching TV or after a jog and you’ll be...
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So I have a friend, we'll call her Anna, and she is dating this boy, we'll call him Jake. Anyways, Iwas friends with Jake before he started dating Anna, and ever since Anna and him have started dating I have become even better friends with him because we all hang out together sometimes. Well I KNOW that Jake doesn't like me and I DEFINITELY don't like him but we've been texting for two days straight and I'm worried my friend will find out and think that something is going on between us (which there is not). Should I tell Anna or stop texting Jake or just keep doing what I'm doing? Thanks-you soooo much!!!

Hey girlie, maybe stop texting him so much. It's okay for you to text him every once and awhile, but too much texting might upset Anna. Be upfront with her and tell her that you're just friends with him and you're definitely not interested. 

Lauren T.

by sarah99999 on 11/7/2010 9:11:37 PM


What are some good moves to do with weightlifting? Also what are the best excersizes to do if you want to stay in shape over the winter?

Helen S.

by Luvhorses7576 on 11/7/2010 4:31:17 PM


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! i have alot of fat on my stomach!!!! plus, halloween came so i'm in danger!!!!!!!! these should really help! sit ups every other day just don't cut it!!! finally, i can wear a bikini!

by hoodiehrsgal on 11/7/2010 4:26:46 PM


I love these moves! This is my 3rd time doing the whole set. I dont do the side plank or six inches though. I do the bicycle to "Check it out" by Nicki Minaj, which is a 4 minute song! These moves get you pumped! Good way to get some abs(:

by alexsoccer23 on 11/7/2010 2:03:04 PM



by katiekakes8 on 11/7/2010 1:33:16 PM


I hate planks
They hurt but I guess that's good if you want to get in shape :p

by dancequeen12 on 11/6/2010 10:31:53 PM


this new guy stares at me in class and always is trying to make me laugh. and also i asked some people if they will vote for me in student council and he said, "anything for the lady." i think he likes me but my bestie likes him because he's nice. he's not really... cute and my bestie is obssesed about him. she thinks he's nice and funny, but i think he likes me. so question number 1... could he like me? and 2... if he does, should i ask him if he likes me? and 3... if he does like me, do you think my bestie will try to be better than me? cause once i told her he stares at me in class and how he replied when i asked him if he was gonna vote for me for student council, and she said, "he stares at me too and i know he'll vote for me in student council because he likes me and i can tell."
I really don't want our friendship to come to an end over a boy! thanks for the help!

1. He may like you but there arnt enough signs for me to be sure. 2. As for telling him i would say no. Even if he did like you, you shouldnt tell him. So just be yourself and see how things go with him. Good luck! 3. I wouldnt worry about your bestie. Just go with the flow and see how things go with him and your friend as well. Dont pressure it and go with the flow. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by katiekakes8 on 11/6/2010 9:44:08 PM


this looks great!! cant wait to try it =)

by SuperGurl31098 on 11/6/2010 9:39:42 PM


gaining muscles helps you burn fat, so if you do this often basically you will be gaining muscle whille you burn fat. I just tried it and now I feel pumped! Smile

by emuemmy on 11/6/2010 9:31:38 AM


thiss's awesomee im so going to try that!
thanksss GL xoxo

by ms naughty on 11/6/2010 6:18:52 AM

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