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A distant kiss

I recently had my first kiss. The problem is that it took place at a family reunion.
60 Comments | Add Yours


by Smileygirl86 on 12/3/2010 5:25:49 PM


I like this guy and he likes me back but one of my closest friends likes him and keeps flirting with him to make me jealous should i stop liking him to keep my friendship with the girl or keep on liking him i'm confused

by joojoocb on 12/3/2010 5:01:55 PM


i kissed one of cousins once( but i was only 7 though) i really didn't know it was wrong.. now when i think about it i just go like "ewwww" what the heck was i thinking? lol Smile just try not to think about it.. you can crush on so many other guys... even though it is hard to think that your first kiss was with your cousin.. you can still get over it ;)

by sunshine96 on 12/3/2010 5:01:13 PM


no. thats cool!!!!

bree <3<3<3

by blondchic on 12/3/2010 4:16:14 PM


ok as long as it was a DISTANT cousin. waas it really romantic? awwwwwwww im a hopless romantic. is it ok to like a boy older then you? have a nice time lip lockin!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

by sydneywhite on 12/3/2010 3:22:24 PM


BAMM!! first comment. wow that is kind of odd girly. i like the pic you guys have for it though i like blonde hair

by brown+blue on 12/3/2010 2:18:38 PM


MOD, MOD, MOD!! I am soo mad at my crush!! i mean he liked me while ago now i don't know, but i really don't see him that much we have been friends for a loong time , idk why but i try to avoid him, anyway i added him on facebook and other friends of him his friends accepted but he accepted then removed me!! and now he added my best friend i mean he doesnt like her i am definitely sure, but i feel he is trying to make me jealous plz help why has he done that!


Hey chica! If he is playing these games with you, then i wouldn't stand for it. I wouldn 't pay attention to him. Don't respond quicly to his texts or go out of your way to talk to him. Let him come to you. If he is being rude and hurting you then the last thing you should do is try to be with him or give him attention. Then if he asks what is up then tell him that he was being mean and you are too mature to deal with a guy that acts like that. Ask yourself what you deserve and if he isn't give that to you, then it is best to move on. Expect more for yourself, girlie! You're worth it!

Elizabeth P.

by rolapa on 12/3/2010 12:38:16 PM


That's not too bad, since you're only distantly related by marriage, you should definitely forgive yourself for this though, cause there would be no point in feeling guilty about it, since it'll just make you feel bad.

by lovedance15 on 12/3/2010 10:16:58 AM


I love the pic 1st comment!

by butidon'twantto on 12/3/2010 9:54:13 AM


Sweet! First post!
Wow, girl! You are way too obsessed with this issue! Carol is right! Let yourself off the hook.

by Emerald_Sparkles on 12/3/2010 8:42:04 AM

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