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My BFF is being a meanie

Bugged by BFF I’ve known my best friend for five years. She can be fun, but then she’ll be rude and mean. She’s smart...
88 Comments | Add Yours

My friend of 5yrs is really starting to not talk to me. She gets mad whenever I do anything I was really upset. Most people tell me to find a new friend at school but there is only 20 kids in my grade (8). This is really bugging me that I don't know why she is mad at me when I try and ask her she always says " Well you should know" the worst part is that she makes me do stuff for her like ask a teacher a certain question. I feel I am obligated to do this otherwise she might not be my friend. Should I go solo for a while or should I try and make it up. This has been going on for a while!

by BrookieFaye on 12/27/2010 10:06:17 PM


My BFF and I have been BFFs since 4th grade. Now that we have started 6th grade, lots of things have changed. Im having friendships issues with another girl which is really frustrating because mostly everything that happens between us ends up at my BFF. Then she gets all mad and now everyone says Im the bad guy when Its none of anyones business! My ofther great friends are on the other side of the school so I always feel so alone. Also, my overprotective brother is in 8th grade and trys to act colol in front of his friedns, while making me look bad! As if Im not lonely enough! What do I do?!

by lalaland0001 on 12/26/2010 3:42:59 PM


MOD!!! I have a friend who can be really dramatic at times. A few months ago, my other friend took me out of the group for a minute because she wanted to give me an invantation to her birthday and disn't want to do it in front of the other girls, and when i got back, my dramatic friend immediately said "you guys were talking about me, werent you?" after she said that i told her that if she said something about her that i would've told her ( I wasn't lying) But she just immediately left and was moody for the next few days. She finally got out of a friend of mine that it was an invantation to her party and then she got really mad saying that sheinvited a girl that she "barely knew" (but they were actually talking a lotand were prety good friends). And that she had known the girl for a really long time. I really don't see why she was mad because she is mean to the girl so it is only common sense that she wasn't invited. How can I stop drama like this from hapening again?

Hey darling. Sounds like a tough situation, but don't worry cause GL's got you covered. We actually covered this issue in one of our articles which can be found here. There is also plenty of advice in our Life section under "Friends" which can be found here. Good luck with everything, and remember, a friend is not a friend if she is not willing to respect your happiness.

Jessica W. Jessica W.

by satyrcentaur on 12/22/2010 2:35:16 AM


I don't have a facebook but my new BF does. So when my friend told me that everyone was talking about me and my boyfriend "kissing" I wanted to find out who said it, but she wouldn't tell me. So I asked my other friend who had a facebook, and they sent me the whole convo. When someone a grade ahead of me found out it was me who my BF was dating, he went "Oh her. I saw her in the yearbook, shes ugly." and then my friend went "HAHAHA". I stopped texting her today and blocked her on email, but should I forgive her or not? She always yells at me how I ignore her when she trys to hug me or grab my arm, which is a lot. Shes really needy and I dont really like it.

Hey girlie! Well, that's really up to you. I would talk to her about the issue first if it's really bothering you. If you feel like your friend is being a bad friend, then maybe you need to hang out with other people. 
Marly Z.

by spazyjazy99 on 12/11/2010 7:36:58 PM


there is this girl on my bus who is 16 and i am only 13 she makes me feel soo insecure and she bullies me and calls me ugly now she has the whole highschool calling me ugly so now i think i am very ugly Plz Help

by bayleabug1 on 12/11/2010 12:26:45 PM


There's this girl who I used to be best friends with but now she's just plain mean. We had a big fight before summer, but she still doesn't get it. She follows me around everyday like a puppy and it's getting annoying! How do I get her to stop following me and thinking that we're best friends?

by HaleyBearAnn on 12/9/2010 11:32:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD im going to a sweet 16 next month for 4 girls but im only friends with one of them, the one that invited me. should i get the other 3 gifts of just my friend??? oh and also what should i wear it says semi-formal but i dont wanna outshine the girls hosting the party. Thanks!!!


Hey, girl! I think getting like a small gift for the oher girls would be nice. It's just polite and they'll feel really special. They don't need to be big, maybe just something like a gift cad. As for the outfit, usually, if it says "semi-formal" on the invite, that means the hostesses will be wearing something a little bit dressier than semi formal, so don't worry to much. Semi-formal means you soul look nice (not too glitzy dress, heels, etc.) but you don't need to wear a ball gown or prom dress! Have fun!!

Bridget R.

by i<3colesprouse on 12/7/2010 4:30:18 PM


im goin through the same thing its okay u either dump em or keep em try talkin to her about her probs say it makes you feel uncomfortable or whatever. tell her u want to b friends but she needs to stop braggin and get real like now HOPE IT WORKS OUT!

by lol1237 on 12/6/2010 6:36:39 PM


MOD MOD MOD im going to a sweet 16 next month for 4 girls but im only friends with one of them, the one that invited me. should i get the other 3 gifts of just my friend?? Thanks!!!


Hey chicky, I’m a busy bee facilitating all the G-Blog jazz. Although I’d love to answer and chat with all ya gals, it’s just not possible at the moment. I’m sure our lovely bloggers here would love to help ya out with some great advice! Thanks for understanding. , Your Blog Patrol Babes

Marie H.

by i<3colesprouse on 12/6/2010 5:13:34 PM


mod, well my friend promised me that she would take me to a really awesome carnival and at the last second she brought her other friend. She also spreads tons of rumars about me like i kissed her sister and she does not have a sister. she gets mad at me for stupid things like i touched her and she goes and tells the teacher and we r in sixth grade! Well one time i did mess up though. she was asking me if i was acting so weird after the carnival innconent. i lied and said my grandma died and then instantly i said i was lying and i felt bad about it and now her and her possy hates me and spreads nasty romors.Should i stop being her friend? she also brags almost every five seconds.and she does bad things to but i do not tell the teacher like one time she toke my report and said it was hers on the day it was do because she did not do it so i got in trouble!please give me advice!\


Hey girlie! Well from the way your describe this girl, she doesn't seem like a friend to me. You should definitely move on and hang out with other people who treat you better. As far as the teacher and report incident, you should go tell your teacher what happened because she is taking credit for work that is not her own, which is called plagiarism! Plus, you did the report and deserve credit for it!

Marly Z.

by ducttape1999 on 12/4/2010 11:48:05 PM

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