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My BFF is being a meanie

Bugged by BFF I’ve known my best friend for five years. She can be fun, but then she’ll be rude and mean. She’s smart...
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my best friend has been acting differently lately. We both just started high school and she has become overly clingy and rude. She keeps trying to control my life and who I am friends with. I love her like a sis, but she is dragging me down. What should I do?

Helen S.

by iluvchorkies on 11/18/2010 7:11:34 PM


My "friend" Really likes my bf and she is telling him things like brake up with her and she is trying to get me to brake up with him and go out with my old crush so she can have my bf to herself. what should i do?

Tell her you're onto her. It might seem like confronting her with no proof is a bad idea, but it'll shock her enough that she just might listen. Tell her a good friend wouldn't try to steal your boyfriend and that you would never do that to her. Good luck! 

Helen S.

by coke-cola on 11/18/2010 3:47:07 PM


**MOD**URGENT**MOD** Wait......should I tell her that I want to take a break?? Or should I just let it happen naturally?? Thanks! ;) XOXO~Courtney <333333


Just let it happen!!

Lindsay S.

by cmn5297 on 11/18/2010 6:45:08 AM


I have another question about that though. What if they don't believe that I didn't do it? I told them that I didn't and that I was sorry if I gave anyone the impression that it was true and I didn't mean to make it spread in any way and they didn't respond and when they did they acted as though they didn't really believe me..What do I do now? Please help. Thank you so much

Hey girlie, don't let them treat you badly. Just stand your ground and if they still don't believe you just try your best to stay away from them.

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/17/2010 10:57:09 PM


There was this rumor going around my school about some girls that had been drinking and I knew I shouldn't but I heard it and then told only a few of my friends. Somehow it got to the girls and when they heard about it a few people told them it was me who told everyone, but those people weren't the people I told. Now they are mad at me and they might have told the other girls who were in that group about it and so they might be mad at me and if so they are going to harass me at school tomorrow and I don't gossip anymore I stopped after realizing the mistake I made but I hate when people are mad at me and I just don't know what to do. I am almost in tears because I don't want them to think I did it when I only told two of my good friends who wouldn't tell anyone. Please help MOD I'm scared. Please help me.

Hey girlie, tell them that you didn't do it. Other people could be spreading this too and it's probably not all your fault. Just tell them you didn't mean for it to spread like that and you're not the one spreading it. 

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/17/2010 9:11:43 PM



Okay. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. ;)

XOXO~Courtney <333333

by cmn5297 on 11/17/2010 4:59:12 PM


**MOD**URGENT**MOD** What do you mean by take a break from each other?? Thanks! ;) XOXO~Courtney <333333


Give yourselves some space, hang out with other people!

Lindsay S.

by cmn5297 on 11/17/2010 6:44:03 AM


My BFF for, like, 3 years has stopped talking to me. Well her additude is really bad. She has been so rude to me and our other friend Autamn. I used to think it was her fault but now i think it is someone elses. please tell me what i should do to get her back

by LaLa Girl19 on 11/16/2010 9:50:19 PM


Ok so I did talk to her and she sadi she still din't know why I was mad. Then, she texted me later saying she understoof why I was mad. Could she just be saying that?? I also don't know if I want to forgive her. This isn't the first thing that's happened, but it's the first thing I told her about. I think this might have been the last straw. What should I do?? Help!
XOXO~Courtney <333333

Hey girl, I think you need to give it a little time. Let your emotions cool down. Your friend is cooling down too; don't doubt what she said. I def suggest you take a break from each other though for now.

Alyssa B.

by cmn5297 on 11/16/2010 7:56:27 PM


i am going through this right now and the best thing you can do is ignore her when she is mean to you, and she will see sooner or later she is hurting you

by mileyluverxx on 11/16/2010 4:16:24 PM

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