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My BFF is being a meanie

Bugged by BFF I’ve known my best friend for five years. She can be fun, but then she’ll be rude and mean. She’s smart...
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So i was chatting with my friend on FcaeBook one day when she told me she was bi. I dont know what to say to show i support her and i still love her for her!! Please help!!

by Mickie_Jonas on 11/15/2010 6:05:44 PM


hey!!! Um this is kinda awkward but im gonna ask it anyway. I keep seeing on here where u shouldn't wash down there. But that's just REALLY gross. I wash all over my body with cetaphil, encluding down there. So my question is is it ok to use cetaphil down there? Cuz I have been kinda itchy.

hey girl! you may not want to wash with cetaphil down there, expecially if you're starting to itch!! i would just simply be sure that water gets to it when you're showering, using regular bars of soap won't do you any harm either. 
Natalie V.

by EgirlH.97 on 11/15/2010 8:24:58 AM


I don't like the group of 7 friends I've had for 3 years
I think I'm maturing faster than them because i get bored talking to them and I don't feel close to them anymore
I've been thinking about making new friend for a while but it's so hard in my school people just don't like to

by *:)* on 11/15/2010 7:03:00 AM


Ok, so I need some serious help. My best friend, since we were 2, and I are in a fight....about a guy. I know that friend come before fellas, but I didn't break the rule, she did. She asked my crush of almost a year to dance with her at the dance. They even started planning their outfits together. Then, when I told her I was mad, she thought I was crazy. She said that it was meant to be a joke and that she didn't mean to hurt me, but she did. She didn't understand why I was mad. The same thing happened to her, though, and she got to be mad, so can't I be mad too? But then, when I wasn't forgiving her right away, she told all of her friends about it, so now they all know and are getting invlolved. I should just be between me and her. She's also tried to guilt me and bribe me into forgiving her, as well as trying to blame my crush. He didn't even do anything! What should I do? Forgive and forget? End the friendship? Help!
XOXO~Courtney <333333

hey girly! calm down =) bffs always fight even when they're really close! don't rule out your friendship just yet! you really need to sit down and have a conversation with her and let her know exactly how you feel and why you think it was wrong, and then tell her that she should know since she had it happen to her too! it's also important for you guys to realize that your friendship is what matters, and shouldn't be ruined over a boy!!  
Natalie V.

by cmn5297 on 11/15/2010 6:50:44 AM


so i'm the photographer who you guys did an article about for the breast cancer awareness month photos (in get inspired). I really am interested in doing something with GL, should I just email you guys again about my inquiry, like I did for the article? Thanks!

hey! yea i would email GL to get attention and a response faster! 
Natalie V.

by california9876 on 11/15/2010 12:22:01 AM


girl, i feel you on this one. this happened to me before, you should let her know its bugging you. if she doesnt stop, leave her and get new friends

by Pink Princess <3 on 11/14/2010 10:22:58 PM


i really like this one guy, and he might like me back!
but even if he does like me back...
neither me or him have dated
so im not sure if he will ask me out, but if he does, how do i ask my parents? or say yes?
im twelve almost 13 is that an appropriate age to start dating?

Hey girlie, you're probably old enough to start dating. You can just tell your parents that there's this boy you really like and you want him to be your boyfriend. All you have to do to say yes is say yes. 

Lauren T.

by polkadotzrool on 11/14/2010 9:47:57 PM


omg i've had that same problem....mine has gotten in the way of relationships with two of my boyfriends and that guy that i really like!! it can be so annoying and she loves to make me feel worthless too.

by totallyfree2bme on 11/14/2010 9:47:17 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD havi n trouble tryin to think of what to do for my sweet 16...its in febuary next year and its cold around than and i HATE it!!! if it was the summer itd be way kewler to me but im stumped!! my moms completely leavin the ideas up to me and i dont kno wat kinda party i can have that i kno my friends will happily come to and not feel dorky to o this or that... like if i had a dance partty idk if everybody'd dance or think its borin..i dont want anything to big but i dont just wanna go out eatin wit the family either:/ i like creativity and movin, sittin still is not my thing so if that helps lol but please HELP ME!!!! this is crutial!! for me anyway lol thanks in advanceSmile

Hey girlie, try to pick a theme that you like and work around that. You could a Las Vegas casino theme and have games set up or you could do a Hawaiian luau type party and have everyone dress up and you could a dance party. Picking a theme will help you with party ideas. 

Lauren T.

by beautiful blondie on 11/14/2010 9:27:14 PM


im new this yr and i made some friends, theyre rly nice to me but they want be popular. its not dat theyre unpopular, theyre just not the MOST popular girls at our school. they think i cud rly help them since im from cali and evryone here thinks dats rlly cool but im not sure wat i shud do. they say this popular boy likes me and if i go out wit him it wud rly help our whole group b more popular, i like him as a friend but im not sure i wanna date him...HELP plz. thanks :]

Hey girlie, if you don't want to date him then don't. Don't let them use you to make themselves look cooler. If you're having trouble with them then try to find some new friends. 

Lauren T.

by love.hannah on 11/14/2010 9:26:34 PM

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