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My BFF is being a meanie

Bugged by BFF I’ve known my best friend for five years. She can be fun, but then she’ll be rude and mean. She’s smart...
88 Comments | Add Yours

So my best friend and I are fighting. I feel ditched by her, because she is always hanging out with her seventh grade friends (we're in eighth grade). I also like one of the same guy she likes. She also likes 9 other guys besides him. She says she's totally fine with it, but she sure doesn't act like it. One minute she's happy, and then next she's mad at me. I don't feel supported by her, and I don't feel like she's being a good friende. I've tried talking to her, but apparently it's not getting thru. Please help!!

Hey girlie,

Keep trying! Try writing her a note or email to calmly explain things. Make sure you don't attack her or let your emotions get the best of you - keep things mature and try to talk it out. But if she just isn't listening, it might not be something you can save. I know it's a bummer to think of it this way but, sometimes, friends just grow apart. It's nothing to be embarrassed about - it happens! So keep trying to get through to her in different ways. But don't stress yourself out or try too hard if you're making no progress. Instead, try backing off and spending time with your other friends. Give her some space and see what happens. Even if you don't reconnect, you'll have more peace in your life and realize that most true friends won't make you feel this way <3 
Lauren C.

by artsy1997 on 12/15/2011 5:50:04 PM


MOB MOB MOB i have a friend but only for 9 months now im starting not to like her, the reason i chose her was because she was funny and i chose her also because my fiend joined a big group of people and i dont like big groups alot.


Hey chica, why don't you like her anymore?? Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by impi on 9/28/2011 7:37:04 PM


I need help
I have the same situation, bu I'm the meanie. I just lost my 3 best friends and I feel so bad I anm changing but I need help. How do I get them back???? please help me!!

by scissorluv101 on 8/7/2011 10:51:00 PM


My BFF is the EXACT same. She can be mean, but she can also be really nice. She stopped being friends with one of my other BFF's because they were lying to each other. I'm still friends with both of them, but when one of them finds out that I was at the other person's house, they freak out on me. Another one of my BFF's is really close to the one that can be mean. She can be mean too. One time, they gave me part of a piece of gum that was one yard long. They said they had saved it for me. I figured something was wrong with it. I took it anyway, though. I didn't think there was anything they could do to it. I put it in my mouth, and they started laughing at me. Turns out, it had been in the garbage for about an hour. I was mad! A week ago, they ditched me when we went shopping: We rode our bikes. On our way back, I looked behind me. They were gone! I want to tell them that I don't like the way that they treat me, but I'm afraid. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

by 7jsoodsm on 7/18/2011 8:20:27 PM


MOD MOD MOD Hi this is sort of what is happening to my best friend but kinda different. My bff and I have been friends for 7 years and she has this other best friend. Anyway, whenever she's with her other best friend she'll start to call me names and call me a liar and other stuff like that. But when she's with me she acts like the bff I know. I've told her about it many time but when she's with her other bff she acts like I never told her. This has happened and last week she texted that she wanted me to come to her house and I told her once again about the situation. Then she texted me and said that I should stop talking to her because I'm being mean right now when I never was. A few minutes later she called and she got so mad that she hanged up the phone when I was talking. That meant that we weren't bff's anymore. Yesterday, she called me and wanted to be bff's again and I said I said I didn't know because I was still mad. What should I do? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!



Hey girl. I have a friend like this and have found that the best way to handle it is to act like you are friends again, but know what she is. You can still hang out, but walk away when she is being a terror.

mary h.

by Girl8 on 7/12/2011 11:36:24 AM


Mod!!!Wow this is exactly what I'm going through except my BFF is obsessed with boys and along the way she uses people. Some guy thought she was cute so all of a sudden she stopped hanging out with me, and I tried to tell her she deserved better but she wouldn't listen. She's not allowed to date but they all but kissed. It was like she completely forgot me. Then he got a GF and she was upset and I didn't bother saving seats for her anymore because she would never sit with me. Now she getsoffended because of it. I try to talk to her but it never comes out right. When were alone she's OK but in public I don't exist. It's hard to be friends with her but I can't just stop because her sis and my sis are Besties forever. Her sister is 4yrs older than me and we talk more. We have always gone to camp togethr for 3yrs.Now and these past 2 years she barely acnowledged me becuase she was trying to be the cool crowd.I'm so confused and hurt, I don't even know what to do anymore. Please help!



Hey girl. It hurts when friends grow apart, but believe me, you never have to be friends with someone. Try talking to her about how you feel and if she doesn't respond well, wash your hands of her.

mary h.

by MaddieGirl2012 on 7/6/2011 9:22:31 AM


I just had an issue yesterday. I thought my friend was my friend but i found out in the beginning of the year she was writing notes about me with curse words on it i got so upset at her and she now thinks im her bestie. how can i break the news to her that i dont like her anymore?

by soccer911 on 5/18/2011 5:18:02 PM


PLEASE PLEASE HELLLLP!!!My BFF is getting really annoying!She is relly smart but i always acting rlly dumb, and its gettin' annoying! she keeps tryin to steal my other friend's best friend.Plus she is always bragging about her expensive stuff UGH! I just wish she would stop! And sometimes i rlly think she is jealous of me... i know that sounds self centerd... but i rlly think she is. She annoys a LOT of people, so most people prefer me over her. I know that sounds really self-centerd too,but it is the truth. How do i get her to stop being jealous and annoying?

Hey girlie! Your best bet will be to talk to her about how you feel. Explain everything to her in a non-accusatory manner (otherwise she may get defensive) and focus more on solving the problem, as opposing to making it worse (i.e. be positive, not negative when talking).

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by BumbleBee247 on 4/23/2011 1:43:47 AM


there is this girl in my gym and band classes who constantly follows me and my two friends around. she is really rude, and thinks she has to tell us in detail about her infections! its really gross and she always says she has an "appointment" with me, and i tell her to stop, because i dont want to hear about her various infections! and now somehow she got my cell phone number and keeps texting and calling me, and leaving weird voicemails. whenever she texts i tell her she has the wrong number and that she should stop texting me, and she does for a day. she also tells me and my two friends about innapropriate things. we dont want to hear any of that, but she follows us, and calls me! she always insults me and i tell her to leave me alone, but she never does! i dont know what to do about her! HELP  PLEEEASE!!!! please and thankyou! Smile

Hey girlie. If it's getting that bad, I believe there's a way you can block a number. Before you go about doing that, you might want to talk to your mom to see if she has any suggestions. You can also talk to your teachers in school to see if there's anything they can do during classes. Good luck.  
Marly Z.

by ckse820 on 3/14/2011 3:21:54 PM


MOD MOD MOD I feel like I'm losing my best friend. Everything was really good between us at the very start of the school year, where we hung out and talked alot but now she rarely talks to me!! She found other friends as well and they are all insperable. They are always laughing and whispering about something during classes, and when I ask what they're talking about they say it's nothing. I'm getting annoyed. I feel like i'm getting replaced. It's also hard to talk to her now. Whenever I talk about things from last year (memories we shared), she always asks me with an attitude why I always talk to her about things from last year or why my questions are so random. But whenever I try to find out what's going on with her lately, because there always is, she doesn't tell me anything! So I don't know how to talk to her. What should I do?


Hey girl, that's a toughie - I'm sorry it feels like you're losing your bud.  Don't freak, though - it's pretty normal for friendships to have their ups and downs.  It sounds like you're doing a good job being there and showing you still care.  You don't have to ditch this friendship, but it might be time to branch out.  I suggest you read this, it's really good advice:  xoxo

Marie H.

by SelenaTisdale22 on 3/1/2011 12:25:40 AM


My friends are starting to show their true colors
1.) lesley, one of my friends, is hanging out with FREAKS! and im not judgeing he other friend its just a Bi-atheist-emo chick lashing out for attention @ my skool she doesn't have a good rep. and i just want to yell and scream at lesley because she thinks im stupid for not being friends with the atheist chick. im just fed up.
2.) Hayley, THE HUMAN COPY MACHINE! she copys everyone,everything, everystyle, EVERYTHING . my guy friend drake doesnt lock his locker he thinks its to much of a hassle to try and unlock it after class (lazy haha) but when hayley saw how much i liked to mess with drake about it she started not locking hers. weird? thts not it. i kept thinking how weird it was so i tested her, i tld drake lock ur locker for a couple days i wanna see what hayley does, i told hayley "drake said to start locking ur locker" AND SHE DID!


I so wish I could offer some great advice. Unfortunately since I’ m not an expert on the

matter, I don’ t want to point you in the wrong direction. Try having a chat with the good

old ‘ rents. I’ m sure they’ ll be more than happy to help you get things squared away.

Your Blog Patrol Babes

Helen S.

by bridoll on 2/26/2011 2:14:54 PM


that happens with me and my best friend all the time. in my situation, my best friend is hurt easily and thinks im insulting her when im really not, so if you politely ask her why she is being mean, then maybe you'll find out something you said hurt her feelings.

by nikkiisawesome on 2/21/2011 11:10:29 AM


MOD MOD MOD! my friend of 13 years is changing a lot. me, my sister, and two of my neighbor besties have noticed that things 'mysteriously' disappear when she comes over. uh-oh. we've had multiple accounts of missing (and pricey) items randomly showing up at here house... and we didn't put them there. and one of my friends got a butt dial from her hearing her mom yell at her for shop lifting something! that friend told her dad about her missing face wash/ foundation showing up at her house and he told her not to invite her over again. how can i get my friend to quit stealing? it's really important to me. thankyou.



Hey chickadee! I would sit your pal down and let her know how concerned everyone is. Let her know that you're all there for her, but if she keeps taking things from you, it's going to be hard to still be her friend. And, maybe mention it to her mom, to let her know how serious it's gotten.


Becca G.

by soccercastle on 2/20/2011 6:24:59 PM


Can you please help me?
I have two friends. One's really selfish and the other is slowly becoming really mean. They're trying to make me watch movies I don't want to watch and get really mad at me when I don't want to lie to my parents. What can I do? I'm already fighting with them and they've begun calling me a baby. I don't want to be friends with them anymore... I'm really confused.

Helen S.

by thecheshirecat119 on 2/20/2011 2:05:23 PM


MOD! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm running out of skin. And patience. Whenever I joke around with my best friend, she gets really violent and punches me. Recently, she punched me in the somache and the arm... Twice. I'm really starting to get sick of it and now I'm taking my anger out on my family.
Would you consider this bullying? If so, is there a way to stop it? I really don't want to loose my best friend.

Hey girl, I would definitely consider that bullying. She's no friend if she's hurting you physically. Trust me when I say she's not worth holding onto as a friend. You need to talk to an adult about the way she treats you because it's not OK. Distance yourself and seek other people; get involved in new activities. Friends NEVER hurt each other physically.

Alyssa B.

by guineapiggirl101 on 2/15/2011 11:46:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD My friend (lets call her S) was mi bff but now shes being realy rude 2 me. She just got back 2 skool from the flu & has been hanging out with 2 mean gals (lets call them P & H). & S keeps telling me 2 b P's friend even tho P is a TOTAL JERK 2 me! Bfor this S use 2 b nice, caring & goody-2-shoes. & mi new bff (lets call her K) told me that S was saying realy rude stuff about me bhind mi back. I think that K told me that S said that I was being a TOTAL J-E-R-K 2 every1. I asked about 4 ppl if I was being rude at all & they all said no. & bcause of that, I dont wanna b S's friend anymore. 1 of my other friends told me 2 just ignore S but its realy hard 2. Do u think that I should still b S's friend? If not plz tell me how 2 tell S that I dont wanna b her friend. Ty very much From, Rach



Hey chickadee! I would confront S about it, and let her know what you're hearing. Also, tell her how you feel about S, and how rude she is to you!


Becca G.

by 1willynilly1 on 2/13/2011 5:36:38 PM


This has happened to me before, and this is what you should do: when she is being nice and you guys are having fun bring up something like "Hey, you know ________? The other day she was being kinda mean to this one kid just cause she ___________! I felt kinda bad."
Then after she responds say something like "The other day I kinda felt like you were kinda doing the same thing." and then is she laughs or doesn't agree with you say something like "No, Im serious, It kinda made me feel bad" (you can word it how ever you want) Then if she goes off on you make sure to stay calm and DO NOT yell back. that will just make things worse. and if she wont stop, just walk away. That's right, I said just walk away and try again next time.

by pianist11240 on 2/1/2011 8:13:59 PM


Mod help me! me and my bffl are in a big fight right now, and she sent me an angry email saying "i will never talk to you again!" I've done everything to try to apoloize, but nothing is working. I'm so confused and sad I can't bear the thought of us not being friends. Should I make up or let go? HELP!

Hey girlie. Sorry to hear about your situation. I'd let her have a little time for herself right now so she can cool down. In the meantime, think about how important her friendship is to you. If you want to continue this friendship, keep trying to apologize and talk to her. The more that she sees you trying, the more likely she'll be to forgive you. 
Marly Z.

by ilovedance32000 on 2/1/2011 9:15:09 AM


I have a friend that I have been with for 10 years (I'm twelve and I met her when I was two) and she has been amazing for 9 of those years. But this year, she changed completely. All she does is hurt me, physically and emotionally. She just turned into a complete jerk. She always has to be right, and I can't. I don't know what to do. I've been trying to tell her to stop but she just doesn't listen! She's very strong about her own opinions, and she doesn't listen to anyone else's, especially mine. I don't know what to do anymore.
Sorry it's long but PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

hey! it can be hard but it's time for you to move on: 

Helen S.

by livvy ann on 1/30/2011 1:23:05 PM


okay so ive been friends with this girl for almost 4 years but she has severe jealousy issues and gets mad easy so i went over my friend house and she came and sd can i come too then i sd no cuz i was invited i cant just invite other people sorry :/ then she sd were not friends and avoids me at school and i miss her so much that i burst out crying in class that she is in also and now she talks behind my back and says she is gonna smack me in the face! I dont wanna tell my mom and she always asks HELP!!!!!! i still wanna be friends but when she's mad she does this and all my friends say dont be friends with her but i really want too!!!! :"(

by gummydinosaurs on 1/27/2011 2:12:15 PM


In one of my classes, my BGF was sitting with one of his guy friends, and me and one of my BFFs were sitting behind them. We had all finished our work, and since we were all pretty bored, so my BGF and his friend started drawing funny stick people versions of themselves. Not wanting to be left out, I playfully asked if they could draw me. They told me not to look while they drew, so I kinda just rolled my eyes and agreed. When they said I could look, the picture of me (I'm a cheerleader, btw, but not stereotypical at all) had huge boobs, was dress like a sl*t, had a drug shot needle in her hand and was pregnant. They were talking about how I definitely HAVE to look like that because I'm a cheerleader. They basically drew me as a pregnant, drug-addict sl*t. It was really insulting to me, but its my BGF, and I feel like I might be overreacting. Am I, and what should I do? Thanks so much ik this is a really long post so please help thank you!

Hey girlie. I wouldn't think too much into it. Boys will be boys. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it! 

Marly Z.

by sophiesingsalot on 1/27/2011 1:12:49 AM


I really need some help. :/ I've been best friends with this girl in my neighborhood since I was born, but now shes change a lot. She puts her guys over her friends and trys way to hard to be popular. Not to mention, sometimes she invites my LITTLE SISTER over to her house because shes more popular in her grade. As much as I want to be friends with her (we're like sisters!) I feel like I can't tell her anything without critisism. Sometimes, she invites me to hang out with her and a friend that I'm kinda friends with and I feel so included, just to find out that she just needs a ride. I don't know what to do. My mom thinks I should just ditch her, but that's impossible for me because she's like my sister. And she's one of those friends who doesn't hang out with you until you get mad, and THEN she suddenly wants to have a sleepover every night. Help?

Hey girl! How about you try this out:

Jessica W.

by soccercastle on 1/24/2011 10:51:10 AM


MOD!!!! MOD!!!! MOD!!!!
Please answer this!
Okay, so I took my friend to the to the roller skating rink the last two weekends and the last time I took her she fell and she got all mad at me saying, "I tried telling you I was going to fall!" And she didn't even tell me before. But she wasn't even SKATING! She was mom said that was the last time she is taking her there. She goes to a different school and she likes to spend the night every weekend, I mean I understand she wants to hang out with me, but I don't have a lot of fun with her like my other friends. I don't want to ditch her for my Boyfriend either, but I want him there because at the skating rink they have a Couples' dance. And I don't mean to be mean about my friend but she's that kind of person to where you'll just lightly tap her on the shoulder and start crying.

Hey girlie. Hm-that's hard. Try talking to her and telling her that you feel that sometime she over reacts and makes you feel badly. But sometimes, with friends, you drift away--it's apart of life.  
Elizabeth P.

by katieglamgirl03 on 1/18/2011 6:28:01 PM


You need to tell her what her problem is or she won't stop or you can tell you parents about it.

by oreoflurries on 1/18/2011 2:10:55 PM


Mod, please help! I have one friend who is fun and my best friend, but when I say something she doesn't agree with. It started out kinda funny, like a joke, but now it's just mean. How can I get her to stop without looking rude or mean? Please help! Frown

Hey girl,

If a friend is saying things that are mean and make you upset, the best thing to do is to talk to her about it. Tell her what she said and how it made you feel. Tell her you know it started off as a joke and you do want things to be light and fun between you - but there are ways to be positive and joke around without throwing mean things around all the time.  

Lauren C.

by swiftfire on 1/17/2011 4:26:04 PM


My friends and I are always having parties with each other to just hang out and chill, but after my most recent one my friend told me to kick some of the people out! I told her she was being really selfish and about how she would feel is she were those people.

by Bich0nstar on 1/9/2011 3:55:39 PM


i have had a meanfriend before to so just let them go and find a new friend

by lady antabella on 1/6/2011 7:28:59 PM


My best friend always makes her news always more important than mine also she always acts like every crush she has likes her if they just talk to her I am not jealous of her I just think it would be best for our friendship if she was more interested in my news how can I tell her to stop doing this without being mean

by Penguinsrule12 on 1/3/2011 10:25:49 PM


I have a best friend who can be super sweet and funny and other times she is super mean like not talking to me and when I walk upto her she runs away. I dont know what to do I mean I want to still be friends but when something is wrong it is impossible to fix. Please help me!

by warriorsfangrl on 1/3/2011 10:04:42 PM


carol, theres this friend that i have and she's been acting pretty weird and mean to me lately. i ask whats wrong, but all she says is nothing. She's been ignoring me, and giving me rude remarks and butts into conversations i have with my other friends. I don't know what to do. i don't like to have to fight and i don't like to confront her. Last time i did, she told the whole school and it was humiliating. help me!!!

by ileneluvera on 1/2/2011 10:17:36 PM


My friend of 5yrs is really starting to not talk to me. She gets mad whenever I do anything I was really upset. Most people tell me to find a new friend at school but there is only 20 kids in my grade (8). This is really bugging me that I don't know why she is mad at me when I try and ask her she always says " Well you should know" the worst part is that she makes me do stuff for her like ask a teacher a certain question. I feel I am obligated to do this otherwise she might not be my friend. Should I go solo for a while or should I try and make it up. This has been going on for a while!

by BrookieFaye on 12/27/2010 10:06:17 PM


My BFF and I have been BFFs since 4th grade. Now that we have started 6th grade, lots of things have changed. Im having friendships issues with another girl which is really frustrating because mostly everything that happens between us ends up at my BFF. Then she gets all mad and now everyone says Im the bad guy when Its none of anyones business! My ofther great friends are on the other side of the school so I always feel so alone. Also, my overprotective brother is in 8th grade and trys to act colol in front of his friedns, while making me look bad! As if Im not lonely enough! What do I do?!

by lalaland0001 on 12/26/2010 3:42:59 PM


MOD!!! I have a friend who can be really dramatic at times. A few months ago, my other friend took me out of the group for a minute because she wanted to give me an invantation to her birthday and disn't want to do it in front of the other girls, and when i got back, my dramatic friend immediately said "you guys were talking about me, werent you?" after she said that i told her that if she said something about her that i would've told her ( I wasn't lying) But she just immediately left and was moody for the next few days. She finally got out of a friend of mine that it was an invantation to her party and then she got really mad saying that sheinvited a girl that she "barely knew" (but they were actually talking a lotand were prety good friends). And that she had known the girl for a really long time. I really don't see why she was mad because she is mean to the girl so it is only common sense that she wasn't invited. How can I stop drama like this from hapening again?

Hey darling. Sounds like a tough situation, but don't worry cause GL's got you covered. We actually covered this issue in one of our articles which can be found here. There is also plenty of advice in our Life section under "Friends" which can be found here. Good luck with everything, and remember, a friend is not a friend if she is not willing to respect your happiness.

Jessica W. Jessica W.

by satyrcentaur on 12/22/2010 2:35:16 AM


I don't have a facebook but my new BF does. So when my friend told me that everyone was talking about me and my boyfriend "kissing" I wanted to find out who said it, but she wouldn't tell me. So I asked my other friend who had a facebook, and they sent me the whole convo. When someone a grade ahead of me found out it was me who my BF was dating, he went "Oh her. I saw her in the yearbook, shes ugly." and then my friend went "HAHAHA". I stopped texting her today and blocked her on email, but should I forgive her or not? She always yells at me how I ignore her when she trys to hug me or grab my arm, which is a lot. Shes really needy and I dont really like it.

Hey girlie! Well, that's really up to you. I would talk to her about the issue first if it's really bothering you. If you feel like your friend is being a bad friend, then maybe you need to hang out with other people. 
Marly Z.

by spazyjazy99 on 12/11/2010 7:36:58 PM


there is this girl on my bus who is 16 and i am only 13 she makes me feel soo insecure and she bullies me and calls me ugly now she has the whole highschool calling me ugly so now i think i am very ugly Plz Help

by bayleabug1 on 12/11/2010 12:26:45 PM


There's this girl who I used to be best friends with but now she's just plain mean. We had a big fight before summer, but she still doesn't get it. She follows me around everyday like a puppy and it's getting annoying! How do I get her to stop following me and thinking that we're best friends?

by HaleyBearAnn on 12/9/2010 11:32:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD im going to a sweet 16 next month for 4 girls but im only friends with one of them, the one that invited me. should i get the other 3 gifts of just my friend??? oh and also what should i wear it says semi-formal but i dont wanna outshine the girls hosting the party. Thanks!!!


Hey, girl! I think getting like a small gift for the oher girls would be nice. It's just polite and they'll feel really special. They don't need to be big, maybe just something like a gift cad. As for the outfit, usually, if it says "semi-formal" on the invite, that means the hostesses will be wearing something a little bit dressier than semi formal, so don't worry to much. Semi-formal means you soul look nice (not too glitzy dress, heels, etc.) but you don't need to wear a ball gown or prom dress! Have fun!!

Bridget R.

by i<3colesprouse on 12/7/2010 4:30:18 PM


im goin through the same thing its okay u either dump em or keep em try talkin to her about her probs say it makes you feel uncomfortable or whatever. tell her u want to b friends but she needs to stop braggin and get real like now HOPE IT WORKS OUT!

by lol1237 on 12/6/2010 6:36:39 PM


MOD MOD MOD im going to a sweet 16 next month for 4 girls but im only friends with one of them, the one that invited me. should i get the other 3 gifts of just my friend?? Thanks!!!


Hey chicky, I’m a busy bee facilitating all the G-Blog jazz. Although I’d love to answer and chat with all ya gals, it’s just not possible at the moment. I’m sure our lovely bloggers here would love to help ya out with some great advice! Thanks for understanding. , Your Blog Patrol Babes

Marie H.

by i<3colesprouse on 12/6/2010 5:13:34 PM


mod, well my friend promised me that she would take me to a really awesome carnival and at the last second she brought her other friend. She also spreads tons of rumars about me like i kissed her sister and she does not have a sister. she gets mad at me for stupid things like i touched her and she goes and tells the teacher and we r in sixth grade! Well one time i did mess up though. she was asking me if i was acting so weird after the carnival innconent. i lied and said my grandma died and then instantly i said i was lying and i felt bad about it and now her and her possy hates me and spreads nasty romors.Should i stop being her friend? she also brags almost every five seconds.and she does bad things to but i do not tell the teacher like one time she toke my report and said it was hers on the day it was do because she did not do it so i got in trouble!please give me advice!\


Hey girlie! Well from the way your describe this girl, she doesn't seem like a friend to me. You should definitely move on and hang out with other people who treat you better. As far as the teacher and report incident, you should go tell your teacher what happened because she is taking credit for work that is not her own, which is called plagiarism! Plus, you did the report and deserve credit for it!

Marly Z.

by ducttape1999 on 12/4/2010 11:48:05 PM


Okay, so i have this best friend who I think is one of my greatest besties, but now im not so sure. Whenever we're talking to each other, somehow it would turn from two besties talking and laughing to a big fight! By the end of the conversation, my parents would see me crying. Then, my parents would be concerned and even ground me from talking to my friend. Just yesterday, my mom came home and heard me screaming and crying. She called me down and got REALLY concerned and told me I can't talk 2 my friend until she says so. Im afraid that if my friend and I keep fighting, my parents will say I cant talk 2 my friend anymore and we cant be friends. I think it's both my friend's fault and mine because she can be judgemental and a little rude at times, but other than that she's a great friend. I have a BIG anger issue, but I can control it most of the time, so Im thinking it's my fault. If it isn't, still I would like to know how I can get rid of my anger.

Hey girlie, it's probably a combination of the two of you. For whatever reason your personalities just don't go well together. Next time think before you speak and count to 5 or 10 in your head to help you calm yourself down before you do anything you might regret. 

Lauren T.

by Art Crazy52 on 12/4/2010 4:37:24 PM


I have a friend(not bff) that stresses to much about school and homework. Btw her name is kathryn...
For example, all she talks about is homework and that's it we ever talk to her about.(when she brings it up.)
Is she worth a friend and what should I tell her? Thanks.(:

hey! it's hard when a friend's stressin'. tell her that sometimes maybe you guys could talk about other things but if she doesn't want to maybe you should move on. 

Helen S.

by Loveit7 on 12/4/2010 4:10:29 PM


I have this friend lets call her Autumn she is super guyish like luvsssss video games and stuff she has this graffiti tag sign thing and she's showed me it b444its really good but she has her name thing and i always joke around that its a gang sign thing she's always like (jokingly) ITS U PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT RUIN THE WORLD! then we laugh about it. But today she totally freaked out at me like I HATE U IM NEVER GONNA TALK TO U AGAIN! so i apologized later and she wont say a word to me! I told her her art was good and that im sorry but no cigar she totally hates me! HELP all i have to do is offer a apology then the rest is up to her right? ans shes said mean things to me before

Yeah I think she jsut heard it too many times from you so shes upset. I think you should keep apologizing and Im sure she'll come around. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by bethluvssoftball on 12/1/2010 11:29:57 PM


my friend has kinda been copying me since we were younger. if i got an american girl doll, she got an american girl, but she didnt get just one. she got the whole collection cuz shes an only child. when i got my itouch i had to the the money myself, she got one, but more gigs and she didnt have to pay for it, cuz shes an only child,and there are 3 of us in my family. none of this bothered me until recently when i got this jacket that i really really really luved and i only got it because it was on sale. but then later that week, (btw both she and her mom knew i ha that jacket and she knew how much i loved it) her mom bought her the same jacket and it really bothers me cuz i thought i was being unique and didnt want to be copied. in my mind i know im just being emotional about it, though i dont know why. but in my heart i feel annoyed that i have to work for what i want and all she does is say she wants it and gets that plus more. i dont know what to do! please help!

Its an unfair situation, but as teh saying goes "life is unfair." She may always get things handed to her, but youre learning more by having to work for what you have. As for your coat, that was very weird of her to get the same coat. If it bothers you shes wearing the same clothing you should talk to her about buying the same coat as you. No one really wants a twin out there. As for the american girl and ipod stuff thats not as big a deal. But for something youve loved for a while (the coat) its a bit strange she got the same one. Shes only copying cuz she admires you and wants to be more like you, but you should set some boundaries if its really bothering you. xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by awesomegrl on 12/1/2010 10:24:41 PM


i have a friend who ive been friends with for years.... but now im not sure i want to be. she can be fun, and when were alone shes helpful but at school shes a whole different way. it almost seems like all she cares about is how she looks, and on the bus talking with her other friends and acts like im invisible. I also sorta feel copie by her.... if i get something, she has to get the samething, but has to 1-up me. I noticed that years ago, but never did anything. now were in 7th grade and shes like a completely new person. once, she even insulted me right to my face ans my mom heard. I can't talk with her, she'll think i was being mean and tellher mom. I can't not be friends with her, were next door neighbors- its impossible. please help! is there really something jeopordizing our friends ship, or am i just being petty?

Hey babe,

From the way you describe it, I don't think you're being petty at all. She insults you, she ignores you, and she only acts like a friend when it's convenient for her? Not the way a healthy friendship should be! Try to focus on your other friends, or focus on making new friends in a new sport/hobby. That way, you aren't relying on her and her actions won't seem as important.

Lauren C.

by awesomegrl on 11/29/2010 10:05:24 PM


I just want to say thank you MOD so much for all the advice you give us. I know I am not the only one who has asked what to do about really anything, whether it is boys, friends, family or anything at all. The moderators give great advice and in my opinion, it really helps me to get through things and find out what to do. Thanks so much MOD!

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/27/2010 1:08:47 PM


My boyfriend and I just broke up a few months ago and it really broke my heart. I am really having trouble getting through it because...for two straight years he always liked me and was there for me. And I could tell him anything and we were very very close. I had really strong feelings for him and he used to have strong feelings for me but since we broke up mine haven't changed and his have. Now he seems to want nothing to do with me. Sometimes he acts nice but others he is just mean. And I just want him back. I don't know what to do MOD...Please help me.


Hey girl,

I'm so sorry about your breakup! Breakups can be really hard and I'm sure you're feeling a loss from not having him there. However, since he doesn't feel the same way about you anymore, your only choice is to move on. You could try to talk to him about how you're feeling to try to clear the air, but it might be easier to separate yourself from him and reconnect with your friends that are girls.


Have a fun girls' night with movies, manicures and chocolate. Don't talk about guys and try not to think about your guy. You really don't need a guy that is sometimes nice and sometimes mean - and he doesn't know what he's missing out on! You deserve a guy that's always nice and caring. Maybe in the future, you can at least become friends, but for now, I think it's most important to focus on making your other friendships stronger and keeping yourself busy with fun things to do.

Vanessa J.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/27/2010 1:38:20 AM


Dear MOD,
I am having some family troubles. I have two little brothers and we don't get along at all. I mean, we sometimes do but we argue all the time. My mom kinda gets annoyed by all the small little details and my dad kinda has a problem with alcohol. Then he gets angry and starts yelling too. Also, my parents are having marriage troubles because of an affair and sometimes when they are mad enough my parents take it out on us kids and just are mean. I don't mean to say mean things about all of them but they are honestly true. I just don't know what to do to make it stop. I want a happy family and to be able to remember a happy childhood...not one full of yelling. What should I do?


Hey girl,

This sounds like a really sad situation! If you know your mom gets annoyed by small details, maybe you could try to do things that won't make her annoyed. Try to help out around the house and if you think your siblings will listen, maybe you could even encourage your siblings to help. Once your parents see that you are making an effort, that may make them a little happier. You could also try to encourage your family to do fun things like play board games, or you could have a family meeting to discuss anything that's on your minds. I would also try not to argue with your siblings or parents and try to avoid doing things like yelling or slamming doors. In addition to sharing your feelings with your parents, you could also talk to a school counselor about how you're feeling.

Vanessa J.

by mileyspark on 11/27/2010 1:28:36 AM


I don't know what to do. I really like this guy that I have been friends with for a long time...and he originally said that he didn't like me like 6 months ago but he just recently asked the girl he likes out and she said no and he wanted to talk to me because he said that I could make him feel better. And now we talk all the time but to me he acts like we are just friends but I want to be more and I don't know how to find out if he likes me or not. I want him to but how do I find out?

Hey girlie, get some of your friends to ask him. Or you could try flirting with him to see how he responds. 

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/26/2010 10:22:35 PM


Man that stinks I know how you feel My bff always tries to one up me but when it doesnt go her way she freaks when I am with her I am scarewd fo sucessFrown

by celticsxoxo102 on 11/25/2010 7:50:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD Ok so lets say my bffs name is Sam and my other friends name is Jil. Ok so Sam asked me what I was doing this weekend at lunch and I repied that I had to get a bday gift for Jil. Sam then asked when her bithday was so I told her it was in a month but she's having a party next friday. She asked me why she wasnt invited and I said you didnt no her as long as I have. of course Sam Jil and I hung out a little bit last year but I still have known her for a year or two. After that there been very few talk at our table. Did I do something wrong and not realizing it???



Hey chickadee! You didn't know that she wasn't invited, so you didn't do anything wrong. I just maybe would refrain from mentioning it around her, since she's probably hurt.


Becca G.

by iski202 on 11/24/2010 7:51:47 PM


modmodmod ok so i'm a freshman and i used to really like a sophomore i knew from some of my classes...well we're really good friends now and i think i just like him as a friend...we text all the time and he texts a lot of girls but idk cuz when he texts me its like he playfully makes fun of me being clumsy or my obsession with certain movies...then wants to know if we can hang out
i guess i just want to know...what next?

Hey girlie, hang out with him. Do something outside of school to get to know him better. 

Lauren T.

by ShiitakeMushr00ms on 11/23/2010 7:26:41 PM


how do u post like a blush much or something else?

by dancerwithattitude10 on 11/23/2010 11:20:01 AM


MOD MOD MOD! How can I delete my past comments?


Hey girl, I don't think there is a good way to do that.  If you have see an inappropriate comment, you can report it and the MODs will take care of it.  If you have a specific comment you want to delete, you can also let a MOD know.  xoxo

Marie H.

by alphabet on 11/22/2010 4:06:28 PM


My best friend is being really mean over this guy i like. she is friends with him but when i told her that i liked him and she got really mad. I decided to delete her out of my life but its really hard. She is one of my best friends but i cant let her go. What should i do? I dont want this guy to come between us and he is not trying to. she chose to get mad herself.

by singer012 on 11/21/2010 1:32:55 PM


im new and i made friends with this girl who seemed nice at first. then she wud say oh ____ is uncool, etc(usually things like adv math or a friend who isnt the best looking) today, she was invited to a party that i wasnt and she said to me ull never get invited since ur not popular cuz ur new and new girls never become popular. i talked to my old friends from my old school and i miss them soooo much. all the ppl at my new school r being hurtful and mean, i cant stand them. help please!!

You just need to meet people other than this girl. She doesnt sound like shes good for you. Try to branch out and find different people. Im sure theres lots of people at this new school who are nice, you just havent met them yet. xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by love.hannah on 11/20/2010 9:39:20 PM


I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and even though I am starting to get over him a little I still do have feelings for him and every time he is around people I know without me being there I get really jealous. I don't mean to be controlling but sometimes I want to know who he is with, what he is doing and who he is talking to even though I have no control over him. I just get so jealous to hear about things he went to or was at and I wasn't there to be with him. I don't know what to do but how can I stop all this jealousy and wanting to control him?


Hey girl,

Unfortunately, since you're broken up, you're right- you don't have any control over him and it's not his responsibility to let you know who he is with, what he's doing or who he's talking to. I would try to focus on other things and try to forget about your focus on him. Spend lots of time with your friends and family members and get involved in a club or activity to get your mind off of him. Have a fun girls' night! Gradually you will probably start to think about him less. It's hard not to be interested but you'll have to try to stop thinking about him. Also, be sure not to check his Facebook often because that is probably the easiest way to keep tabs on someone.

Vanessa J.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/20/2010 12:23:28 PM


yea i hav a friend like datFrownshe always hits me 4 no stinks!

by giruiz on 11/20/2010 8:20:08 AM


I had a firend just like that always braging makeing me feal bad about myself bossing me around. we were best friend sence 4th grade but then in 8th grade i realized how mean she was so now we dont even talk and we r half way through 9th grade. I still have not made any new friends sence and i feal all alone sometimes but i think i can do better some day.

by GinnyPotter7667 on 11/20/2010 12:56:35 AM


A few months ago my boyfriend broke up with me and I have to admit it seriously broke my heart. I had really strong feelings for him and we had been so close and comfortable with each other and when we broke up I just didn't know what to do. And I still don't. A bunch of girls in my grade are good friends with me and him so they always talk to me about how they saw him at a social event that I may or may not have been at and I just don't like it. I just get really jealous of him being around people I know without me being there and I still have really strong feelings for him no matter how bad he acts towards me. I just want to be with him and have him like me. And I don't know how to get over it and stop caring where he is and what he is doing and how I can stop liking him? Please help me with this! I don't know what to do.

I think you need to tell your friends to stop talking about him first of all. Thats not helping you get over things. As for getting over him, its gonna take time. I just went through a break up myself and moving on has been a long process. You just gotta be patient and give yourself the space from him to move on. Good luck!! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/19/2010 10:39:19 PM


my best friend has been acting differently lately. We both just started high school and she has become overly clingy and rude. She keeps trying to control my life and who I am friends with. I love her like a sis, but she is dragging me down. What should I do?

Helen S.

by iluvchorkies on 11/18/2010 7:11:34 PM


My "friend" Really likes my bf and she is telling him things like brake up with her and she is trying to get me to brake up with him and go out with my old crush so she can have my bf to herself. what should i do?

Tell her you're onto her. It might seem like confronting her with no proof is a bad idea, but it'll shock her enough that she just might listen. Tell her a good friend wouldn't try to steal your boyfriend and that you would never do that to her. Good luck! 

Helen S.

by coke-cola on 11/18/2010 3:47:07 PM


**MOD**URGENT**MOD** Wait......should I tell her that I want to take a break?? Or should I just let it happen naturally?? Thanks! ;) XOXO~Courtney <333333


Just let it happen!!

Lindsay S.

by cmn5297 on 11/18/2010 6:45:08 AM


I have another question about that though. What if they don't believe that I didn't do it? I told them that I didn't and that I was sorry if I gave anyone the impression that it was true and I didn't mean to make it spread in any way and they didn't respond and when they did they acted as though they didn't really believe me..What do I do now? Please help. Thank you so much

Hey girlie, don't let them treat you badly. Just stand your ground and if they still don't believe you just try your best to stay away from them.

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/17/2010 10:57:09 PM


There was this rumor going around my school about some girls that had been drinking and I knew I shouldn't but I heard it and then told only a few of my friends. Somehow it got to the girls and when they heard about it a few people told them it was me who told everyone, but those people weren't the people I told. Now they are mad at me and they might have told the other girls who were in that group about it and so they might be mad at me and if so they are going to harass me at school tomorrow and I don't gossip anymore I stopped after realizing the mistake I made but I hate when people are mad at me and I just don't know what to do. I am almost in tears because I don't want them to think I did it when I only told two of my good friends who wouldn't tell anyone. Please help MOD I'm scared. Please help me.

Hey girlie, tell them that you didn't do it. Other people could be spreading this too and it's probably not all your fault. Just tell them you didn't mean for it to spread like that and you're not the one spreading it. 

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 11/17/2010 9:11:43 PM



Okay. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. ;)

XOXO~Courtney <333333

by cmn5297 on 11/17/2010 4:59:12 PM


**MOD**URGENT**MOD** What do you mean by take a break from each other?? Thanks! ;) XOXO~Courtney <333333


Give yourselves some space, hang out with other people!

Lindsay S.

by cmn5297 on 11/17/2010 6:44:03 AM


My BFF for, like, 3 years has stopped talking to me. Well her additude is really bad. She has been so rude to me and our other friend Autamn. I used to think it was her fault but now i think it is someone elses. please tell me what i should do to get her back

by LaLa Girl19 on 11/16/2010 9:50:19 PM


Ok so I did talk to her and she sadi she still din't know why I was mad. Then, she texted me later saying she understoof why I was mad. Could she just be saying that?? I also don't know if I want to forgive her. This isn't the first thing that's happened, but it's the first thing I told her about. I think this might have been the last straw. What should I do?? Help!
XOXO~Courtney <333333

Hey girl, I think you need to give it a little time. Let your emotions cool down. Your friend is cooling down too; don't doubt what she said. I def suggest you take a break from each other though for now.

Alyssa B.

by cmn5297 on 11/16/2010 7:56:27 PM


i am going through this right now and the best thing you can do is ignore her when she is mean to you, and she will see sooner or later she is hurting you

by mileyluverxx on 11/16/2010 4:16:24 PM


So i was chatting with my friend on FcaeBook one day when she told me she was bi. I dont know what to say to show i support her and i still love her for her!! Please help!!

by Mickie_Jonas on 11/15/2010 6:05:44 PM


hey!!! Um this is kinda awkward but im gonna ask it anyway. I keep seeing on here where u shouldn't wash down there. But that's just REALLY gross. I wash all over my body with cetaphil, encluding down there. So my question is is it ok to use cetaphil down there? Cuz I have been kinda itchy.

hey girl! you may not want to wash with cetaphil down there, expecially if you're starting to itch!! i would just simply be sure that water gets to it when you're showering, using regular bars of soap won't do you any harm either. 
Natalie V.

by EgirlH.97 on 11/15/2010 8:24:58 AM


I don't like the group of 7 friends I've had for 3 years
I think I'm maturing faster than them because i get bored talking to them and I don't feel close to them anymore
I've been thinking about making new friend for a while but it's so hard in my school people just don't like to

by *:)* on 11/15/2010 7:03:00 AM


Ok, so I need some serious help. My best friend, since we were 2, and I are in a fight....about a guy. I know that friend come before fellas, but I didn't break the rule, she did. She asked my crush of almost a year to dance with her at the dance. They even started planning their outfits together. Then, when I told her I was mad, she thought I was crazy. She said that it was meant to be a joke and that she didn't mean to hurt me, but she did. She didn't understand why I was mad. The same thing happened to her, though, and she got to be mad, so can't I be mad too? But then, when I wasn't forgiving her right away, she told all of her friends about it, so now they all know and are getting invlolved. I should just be between me and her. She's also tried to guilt me and bribe me into forgiving her, as well as trying to blame my crush. He didn't even do anything! What should I do? Forgive and forget? End the friendship? Help!
XOXO~Courtney <333333

hey girly! calm down =) bffs always fight even when they're really close! don't rule out your friendship just yet! you really need to sit down and have a conversation with her and let her know exactly how you feel and why you think it was wrong, and then tell her that she should know since she had it happen to her too! it's also important for you guys to realize that your friendship is what matters, and shouldn't be ruined over a boy!!  
Natalie V.

by cmn5297 on 11/15/2010 6:50:44 AM


so i'm the photographer who you guys did an article about for the breast cancer awareness month photos (in get inspired). I really am interested in doing something with GL, should I just email you guys again about my inquiry, like I did for the article? Thanks!

hey! yea i would email GL to get attention and a response faster! 
Natalie V.

by california9876 on 11/15/2010 12:22:01 AM


girl, i feel you on this one. this happened to me before, you should let her know its bugging you. if she doesnt stop, leave her and get new friends

by Pink Princess <3 on 11/14/2010 10:22:58 PM


i really like this one guy, and he might like me back!
but even if he does like me back...
neither me or him have dated
so im not sure if he will ask me out, but if he does, how do i ask my parents? or say yes?
im twelve almost 13 is that an appropriate age to start dating?

Hey girlie, you're probably old enough to start dating. You can just tell your parents that there's this boy you really like and you want him to be your boyfriend. All you have to do to say yes is say yes. 

Lauren T.

by polkadotzrool on 11/14/2010 9:47:57 PM


omg i've had that same problem....mine has gotten in the way of relationships with two of my boyfriends and that guy that i really like!! it can be so annoying and she loves to make me feel worthless too.

by totallyfree2bme on 11/14/2010 9:47:17 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD havi n trouble tryin to think of what to do for my sweet 16...its in febuary next year and its cold around than and i HATE it!!! if it was the summer itd be way kewler to me but im stumped!! my moms completely leavin the ideas up to me and i dont kno wat kinda party i can have that i kno my friends will happily come to and not feel dorky to o this or that... like if i had a dance partty idk if everybody'd dance or think its borin..i dont want anything to big but i dont just wanna go out eatin wit the family either:/ i like creativity and movin, sittin still is not my thing so if that helps lol but please HELP ME!!!! this is crutial!! for me anyway lol thanks in advanceSmile

Hey girlie, try to pick a theme that you like and work around that. You could a Las Vegas casino theme and have games set up or you could do a Hawaiian luau type party and have everyone dress up and you could a dance party. Picking a theme will help you with party ideas. 

Lauren T.

by beautiful blondie on 11/14/2010 9:27:14 PM


im new this yr and i made some friends, theyre rly nice to me but they want be popular. its not dat theyre unpopular, theyre just not the MOST popular girls at our school. they think i cud rly help them since im from cali and evryone here thinks dats rlly cool but im not sure wat i shud do. they say this popular boy likes me and if i go out wit him it wud rly help our whole group b more popular, i like him as a friend but im not sure i wanna date him...HELP plz. thanks :]

Hey girlie, if you don't want to date him then don't. Don't let them use you to make themselves look cooler. If you're having trouble with them then try to find some new friends. 

Lauren T.

by love.hannah on 11/14/2010 9:26:34 PM


YA i had the same bff for five years... i was kinda on the quite side (she wasn't though) and she had a ton of family working at the school so she was really popular and she just bragged on how her moms bf was rich and she always talked bad about everyone but everyone was friends with her... i finally told her we were done and now after two years she doesn't have many friends and isn't that popular... but were still friends but we have grown apart a lot... but ya don't put up with it... i wish i had the guts to tell her to shut up...

by maddiejay on 11/14/2010 7:54:20 PM


the same thing happened to me and i was upset then she started gossip about me and i hated it then she said i dont wanna be your friend anymore and that was it. I hated it

by prettyangel1997 on 11/14/2010 6:36:01 PM


i need help!!! im close friends with this boy in my class. my friend helped him to ask me out but i sed no, and he was ok with it. but she keeps tryin to get us to go out or wen we get paired up for a project and go "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" and tell people that we're dating! Frown and once when we were talking she pushed me on him and said "go ahead, make out." its SUPER annoying cuz i DONT absolutely DO NOT like him like that. hes like my brother, he even calls me sis! wut do i do?! i RILLY RILLY RILLY nee help!

by lisi674 on 11/14/2010 6:19:38 PM


omg i feel really bad because this is exactly how i am! but the thing is, most of us smarties dont BRAG about it, although it may seem that way to others. we COMPLAIN about how much work we have and how hard it is. well theres a few people that dont complain but most of us do and its not meant to be bragging!!! it makes us stressed out and we have to talk to someone about it, and we usually go to our friends like anybody else would, but we are not trying to brag!

by acpowers on 11/14/2010 5:39:15 PM


she sounds just like one of my friends. i feel for u trust me. its really hard. my friend acts like im stupid and calls me a lot of mean names. im right there with u

by volleygleek23 on 11/14/2010 5:30:49 PM


Yeah just be honest but not mean

by readerhi1234 on 11/14/2010 5:06:29 PM


park street avanue. ask me about it babes. talk about it to me. Share your side of the story with me. You will be glad you did. I need your help. You can help me by asking me what you need help with. you can trust me. I will trust you. it is a win win deal. you ask me about something, I ask you about something.

by kpianoplayer on 11/14/2010 4:09:27 PM



Hi, I am Cinderella and I want to make your life easier with advice. I know what you should do when it comes to a problem! Please ask me anything and I would love to answer!

by Ask Cinderella on 11/14/2010 12:39:10 PM

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