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How can I smell better down there?

Last October I got my first period and I’ve heard of feminine odor, but recently I've had a really strong smell from “down there.” It...
27 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD I a healthy weight? All websites tell me I am underweight, but I feel really fat, so I want to lose about 6-7 lbs in one month. Any tips on how to do that? (And I already train 14 hours a week at the gym.)

Hi girl,

The only person who can tell you that you're a healthy weight or not is your doctor. If you're concerned, please give your doc a call and make an appointment to chat about this. They can recommend the best ways to eat healthy and exercise to stay in shape - but if you're underweight at all, there's no reason you should need to lose weight!

Lauren C.

by gymnastqueen00 on 12/20/2010 7:39:40 PM


Dear rose1998,
Ur not alone. I am in gymnastics every day. Trust me, no one notices except you. Unfortinately I have the same prob. I don't do anything about it b/c they're blond, but if it really bothers u, you could begin to shave or wax. Tip 4 waxing: Use baby oil to soothe it for post-waxing pain. Hope this helpsSmile

by alex12 on 12/19/2010 8:36:37 PM


MOD, i feel really uncomfertable about this but is it normal for your inner lips of your vagina to be outside the vulva? help!

by michaela32 on 12/18/2010 9:45:44 PM


Ive had discharge for a while but lately its been heavier what does this mean?


Hey girl, I'm not sure if it means anything if it's heavier, but once you have your period, I think it gets a little heavier around the time you are ovulating (releasing an egg). You could ask a doctor next time you go. If it is clumpy, really heavy or itchy, you could check with your mom or a doc to make sure you don't have a yeast infection. Keep some pads handy in case your period is nearby!

Vanessa J.

by girlie1 on 12/8/2010 4:52:43 PM


so Ive been having discharge for a really lobg time and recently its been getting heavier, does that mean anything?


I'm not sure if heavier discharge means anything or not. Sometimes I think once you are having your period, discharge can become a little heavier when you're ovulating (releasing an egg). I would ask your mom or a doctor about the heavier discharge, and keep some pads handy just in case!

Vanessa J.

by girlie1 on 12/8/2010 2:23:30 PM


I'm in love with this boy and I think he likes me but I'm too scared to ask him. I've been crushing on him now for 3 years but don;t know how to get through to him. Any ideas? And a bigger problem is he doesn't even live in the same state as me! My friends tell me to get over him but I really don't want too, should I?

by TruBElieber on 12/4/2010 10:35:12 AM


MOD MOD MOD I am confused about what it said about washing "down there". If you arent supposed to wash there, do you wash any "part" of "that area"? This is REALLY embarrassing, but I am conufused! thanks


Hey girlie! This question is completely normal, and props to you for asking about it! You can wash down there, but it's recommended that you don't use soap and instead use soap-free cleansers. There are also feminine wipes that you can use to wash down there. As far as washing certain parts of that area, you can wash any part.  

Marly Z.

by kitkatt23 on 12/3/2010 10:02:58 PM


When it comes to smell, we all have it sometimes worse than other times but most of the time its nothing to worry about.

And all of you in gymnastics and swimming, you can do what I do and shave the entire area down there. Then you dont have to worry about hair showing or it bumping out as much and for me I think it has helped with my smell. Just make sure you use a good moisturizer on the whole area every time you shave.

by luckykel on 12/1/2010 11:40:04 PM


I'm having this same problem.. i think.
I'm almost 14 and have not started my period, but i think i'm having 'discharge,' so after reading this i started wearing pany-liners and they help. But is it weird to have this before starting your period? Is it weird that i'm nearly 14 and havent started?

by izzywuvsyuh on 11/30/2010 12:55:06 AM


I have a friend who cannot fall asleep at night and he claims he's really tired and has tried to sleep but can't. He claims he hasn't slept for the last three nights and I am really worried about him. Do you have any tricks to falling asleep I could give him? Thanks.


I have heard that drinking a glass of warm milk is supposed to help. He also shouldn't have caffeine (like in soda) or sugar before bed because that would be more likely to keep him awake. He could also try to think about what he wants to dream about before going to sleep. If he's having a serious problem with not being able to sleep, he could see his doctor.

Vanessa J.

by Snowby2 on 11/27/2010 11:55:39 AM

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