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Where in the world?

In my writing class at school, we were talking about places. I was partnered with my crush (yes!). I started talking about all of the places I...
67 Comments | Add Yours

That's so cute!! I literally said "aawww" outloud when I read this!! Smile

by Julia218 on 11/27/2010 10:12:19 AM


Awwwwww. He defenitly likes you!

by Dreamer021 on 11/27/2010 9:27:38 AM


oh that is so sweet!

by mknisely on 11/27/2010 9:09:57 AM


MOD: this boy has liked me for ten months, but I found out he liked me eight months ago. So anyways I like him back. He's always staring at me, and he smiles sometimes. And at the dance, during the slow song he walked up right behind me, and my friends were saying "Turn around", but for some reason I didn't and then my friends said my crush was right there. After that I saw him sitting on the stage and he was looking at the ground, and he looked upset.... And then later in the dance me and him talked a little, but...... All he said to me was "I kno ur brother. Can u get him plz?!" and his eyes were open so wide. Whenever i talk to him he gets all excited. But, my friend Kate noticed that after we walked away, she looked back, and saw my crushes friend yelling at my crush, and my crush was blushing and staring at me. Soo my crush is really really shy, but with me only. And I really wanna talk to him again, and wenever I try to talk, 1 of his friends walk over',


It sounds like he's nervous about what to say to you and kind of
froze up at the dance. Maybe he was planning on asking you to dance but
chickened out at the last minute. I would try to talk to him about
something really casual. Since he's always around his friends, it might
not work out if you always wait for them to go away. Bring up a topic
that all of you could talk about together. You could say something
about school or ask how their Thanksgiving breaks were or something
like that. Once you get used to having casual conversations, it might
be easier for him to open up to you a little bit. 


Also - I noticed that you posted this multiple times. We have to approve all comments, so they don't show up on the site right away. You only need to post your question once - it will get answered. Smile

Vanessa J.

by heartflowers on 11/27/2010 8:33:25 AM


I wish my crush would say is so sweet!!

by topchef88 on 11/27/2010 8:28:55 AM



by orangeache on 11/27/2010 8:07:03 AM


Aww how sweet
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by lilmizzjo on 11/27/2010 7:10:29 AM

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