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I want to hurt myself

I can't stop thinking about wanting to cut and committing suicide. Last year I was a cutter and I tried to commit suicide and I...
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What are the laws for verbal abuse?

Hey girl,

Verbal abuse is hard to define because it comes in so many different forms. There actually isn't an official law against verbal abuse in the United States, which makes a lot of people think that it's still ok. But the truth is that verbal abuse can be just as damaging - or even more so - than physical abuse. But if verbal abuse is happening and hurting you, it's important to talk to a counselor or other trusted adult. They're the ones who can help you stop the abuse...and also help you realize that you deserve better than such hurtful words!

Lauren C.

by harajukulove7579 on 1/24/2011 2:16:07 PM


Right now I don't feel good about life. I mean what is the point, endless struggle that litteraly get's me nowhere. I can draw real nice , speak 3 languages and counting, get A's but my parent never saticefice with what I get. Right now I'm considering to got to a local art high school (alot of people say I should go) but what is the point really. Compete against 4000 people, kill get a spot for what? I don't even want to be a profesional at art. My dreams are being mocked by my dad.And today he nearly broke my laptop with all my dreams. Nobody at my school like the things I like (which they laugh at me about) etc: HTML,Flash animating, Watching old animation that is made the year I was born and listening to very sad songs like Alice of huamnn sacrifice or servant of evil... I have test like everyday with going to extra classes and going to church every week, but right now I don't want to do anything except for crying and crying.

by NGE on 1/21/2011 7:26:24 PM


Hey Girls! If you have any type of problems, I will be open to give you advice on what to do. Contact me on my profile anytime and I will try to reply asap.

by MelSaysRawr on 1/4/2011 7:27:55 PM


i am the same way .. and i love how this site is anonomus unless you dont want it to be....i feel i can say anything on here thanks guys!

by harajukulove7579 on 1/3/2011 11:59:21 AM


I have no idea how to know if I won the grand prize how can i check that it is not posted??

by Rainapop123 on 12/31/2010 6:58:06 PM


don't. please don't. i know someone who used to cut. it's terrible. you'll regret it your entire life. and you have ot think when you feel this way how will my friends feel,my parents when i'm dead and gone.

by thisisme3 on 12/28/2010 9:17:28 PM


Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? Mod ? SO i LOVE THIS WEBSITE . But I think that the beauty section should be a bit different . Girls come on here of all different races , backrounds , and things like that . And as u know , African Americans or "darker" skinned people have different hair that is more thick and curly. Maybe you can add more advice to girls that have that kind of hair , or more styles that can pertain to them , because most of the styles or adice here "darker" skinned girls really can't do without damagin their hair with perms or relaxers . I think it would help alot ! and would benefit 4 ur website to !!! Thankkksss !


Hey girl, I am so glad you love the site!  Thank you so much for sharing your suggestions. Laughing

Marie H.
Marie H.

by dorigirl116 on 12/20/2010 11:06:08 PM


No luck with the phone number:/


Really? Did it not go through? Well the next thing you can do is get a school counselor involved to see if your friend will talk to someone. I know not everyone is open to talking, but in my experience, just getting them into the office helps. Offer to go with him if that will make him feel better. But counselors are at schools to help with these problems. If he is thinking about hurting himself, then he really does need to talk to someone. 

Elizabeth P.

by nicegurl on 12/20/2010 1:23:39 PM


I was there once, i cried myself to sleep every night, i cut, i was depressed. Nobody knew and i wanted to keep it that way, to this day...only one person actually knew. It's reasonable you dont want to tell a parent or adult figure, so give settle hints to a good friend or something. I survived by thinking about my loved ones and one of my friends comitted suicide, at the memorial service, there were tons of people crying and i realized how many people it would hurt. I have an issue of caring for others and not myself. My pillow was wet with tears every night but i alawys just thought of tomarrow, and know ive made 7 new friends and i got a pet dog, and life is going pretty smoothly (i still cry myself to sleep sometimes) and im soooo glad i didnt give up on myself! People love and care for you, please contact me.
~love ya

by anythingal on 12/13/2010 6:49:16 PM


its okay your not alone i know someone who tried to hurt their self many of times her life is hard and if she can get throgh it then so can. don`t feel alone and im pretty sure your mom can under stand y u want to do these things if u explain it too her .and there are too many people who love and will miss you if u kill yourself. please do not do it it can be the biggest mistake of your life.this world loses millions of ppl every day.and i dont want you to be one of them. you may not love your life but many of ppl love you. i hope you get help soon. and like i said u r not alone. you can sucseed in any thing u want to if you try ( not including causing death) u have so much to live for. im pretty sure you r u a bright,pretty,smart, young, srtong young girl, so please dont hurt your self. because u have no good reason too. think of how your family would feel if u where gone ( not so good) so i wish u the best good luck

your freind,

by tiana8552101 on 12/6/2010 4:53:32 PM

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