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I want to hurt myself

I can't stop thinking about wanting to cut and committing suicide. Last year I was a cutter and I tried to commit suicide and I...
59 Comments | Add Yours

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't hurt yourself. You have something to offer the world! You have everything to live for! Please don't take it away from yourself!!!!! We care.

by Miss Me1023 on 12/4/2010 10:24:40 AM


mod mod MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!! this girl picks on me all the time sometimes i feel like that today in english i was with oone of my friends it was a group thing this girl ill call hr "c" well c was with one of my other friends boyfriend and me and ill call my friend"k" k were working together and we were sopposed to loolk up definitions we were look ing up the wrong ones and c came over and is likYOU GUYS R DOING IT WRONG!!! and started to give k all the answewres cuase she was already doneso i said c its our turn to do it were working together she said well you dont deseve to work with k i felt horable i was crying for two periods!!!! and in last period i waas crying and c came up and was like WOW THANKS FOR SPREADING ROMURS ABOUT ME!! TELL ING PEOPLE I MADE YOU CRY IT WAS YOUR OWN FALT!!! it makes me feel horible about my self andi cry all the time from her i wish i didnt half to deal with her sometimes i feel like hurting myself really badd pleases help!!! how do i get her to stop



Hey girly girl, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this! She's the one with the problem, not you! Check out these tips for dealing with this mean girl...




Becca G.
Becca G.

by bratzstyleem on 12/1/2010 5:30:38 PM


if u have fam or guys or ANY trouble then contact me on my profile

by c07at on 11/30/2010 5:50:14 PM


This is a horrible way to feel! First of all, cutting has absolutely NO EFFECT on your situation besides making it WORSE. Besides, you already know how it feels to cut. It hurts. Suicide is a horrible thing to do. Death is not any better than the life you`re in now. Imagine how your family and friends would feel if you offed yourself! It`s a terrible thing to do, and selfish. You may THINK that you want to do it, but what about your family? How would your little sister feel if you killed yourself? Your mom? Your best friend? Your pet dog, for gosh sakes?! DON`T DO IT. Do anything you can to make yourself happy, and if you`re still not happy: Fake it until you make it. If you really are still having trouble, talk to someone. Your life could be save just by saying a few words.

by happydays!:-) on 11/28/2010 6:06:57 PM


aww same thing its hard

by cre8tive_2114 on 11/27/2010 1:42:12 PM


We all feel depressed sometimes and feel like we dont deserve to live. People might not admit it, but it happens, even for a second. But you DO have a reason to live, thats why God made you. We all are here for a reason, and to fulfill our destiny. If you kill yourself, how are you supposed to do that? Think about how your friends and family would feel if they knew you were hurting yourself, and if you died. They obviously care about you, and dont want you out of your lives. Stay stong, and God bless.

by ValShmal98 on 11/27/2010 8:48:38 AM


Last may my dad was cheating on my mom with my best friends mom. In june me and my other friend (lets call her C.) well we both started cutting ourselves, she only did it once.. i did it multiple times. The last time i did it, was when i had found out my moms sister, had gone missing. I told C, and she said she had told her mom and she said that if i kept doing it that we wouldnt be able to be friends anymore. I promised her that i would never do it again and to this day i have kept my promise. My parents stayed together although im not friends with my 'best friend' anymore. It took a huge amount of courage for me to post this but i just want everybody to know that It Gets Better. Trust me. check out katy perry's music video for Firework. it is very inspiring. <3 <3


Cutting is never the answer. Thanks for sharing that cutting does not help anything, is not OK and your life will get better and not always seem as bad as it may seem now.

Vanessa J.

by jonaslover1418 on 11/27/2010 3:06:17 AM


OK, I met this boy this summer lets say his name is Zach and he really really liked me, but I had a boyfriend at the time. Me and my boyfriend eventually, like all teenage relationships, broke up. Then Zach steps in and he was there for me I cried to him on the phone and he made me feel better. Zach now is telling me how he feels about me, how he loves me and everything, but I don't feel the same way. I look at him like my Best Friend or a brother. He's hasn't been a cutter in a year until now because of me! He said because I don't like him, he cuts himself. I feel horribly bad and I don't know what to do!! And don't say talk to a counselor or parent!


Hey girl,

This is a really serious and difficult situation. I know you said you didn't want to talk to a counselor or parent, but I do think you should consider doing that - this is not something that you should have to deal with alone. I would try talking to Zach and explain to him that you really do like him as a friend and feel horrible that he is cutting. Talk to him about your feelings and how much you do want him in your life as a friend. Tell him it makes you sad to hear that he's cutting himself, and you don't want to ruin your great friendship by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. If you feel like you aren't getting through to him, talk to his parents about the situation. This is too serious for you and him to deal with on your own. I hope things go well!

Vanessa J.

by cheerfreak on 11/27/2010 1:48:40 AM


i used to be a cutter a bad one and you could ask anyone who knows me you wouldnt be able to tell but last year i got so tired of getting treated like trash i turned to cutting but i relized all those ppl who turned me "emo" found out and tried to help me so they my pe teacher cuz shes 24 and wont over react rite now my bff is "emo" just for fun! im trying to get her to stop but she wont listen. i know something tht mite scare u out of it go to google images and search emo cuts thrs some pretty nasty 1s

by miss awesome 4eva on 11/27/2010 12:13:44 AM


I was a cutter, and a suicide waiting to happen. I just think of the people i love, and friends who neeed me. It only gets better, not worse, focus on the positive

by brokeshopperwah on 11/26/2010 10:54:51 PM

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