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Kissin' booth babe

My boyfriend and I were at a football game one Saturday. I had to sell stuff for band boosters because we were fundraising for a trip...
53 Comments | Add Yours

me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost a year, i am 14 and he is 16. we are pretty serious(: and i love him, i dont know what to get him for our anniversary or for christmas. i wrote him a looonnngg letter and i drew him pictures but i want to get him something. he keeps saying all he wants is me(: but i want to get him something

by britt23 on 12/12/2010 10:28:57 PM


okay so im 14 and i have been going out with this amazing guy for about a month and a half. everythings going good, its just we havent kissed. this is partly because im not allowed to hang out with him out of school. but we talked about it and my first kiss is coming up soon im just super nervous! any tips?

Hey girl,

First and most important tip: RELAX! First kisses with any guy are a little awkward, whether it's your first kiss ever or not. But if you stay calm and go with the flow, you'll enjoy it Smile And read this for a few more specific pointers! 

Lauren C.

by samaya on 12/12/2010 6:28:46 PM


This guy I like sits right next to me in class, because of our teacher's seating chart. He cracks me up, and we always talk, and we even go to the same after-school program together. But the problem is, Im not sure if he likes me or not. He talks and makes other girls laugh, which is not a problem; since Im not the jealous type. But his bestfriends flirt with me too..
What should I do?

by BoomxKaren on 12/12/2010 3:59:14 PM


S.O.S. this guy I used 2 date still likes me and i dont kno wat 2 do because my crush iz his best friend plz i need advice

by wolfy2149 on 12/12/2010 1:15:09 PM


MOD!!! Yesterday i had my first boy girl(my house) party there were only a 5 3 boys2 girls. My friend had her bf. and i was eyeing thiis guy named christian for a while. Like almost all partys like this we all ended up playing truth or dare. We were all sitting in the back of my grandmas pic up and i get dared to hug the christian. He sat there i walked over to the other side of the pic up and it was akward silence all a sudden he through his arms like haha . and i went over and hugged him. Rhis is really the first time ive hugged a guy i like . Im 13 kay! and when i was hugging him i felt all safe like confortable never like that have i felt bout a guy. My friend thought she saw him blushing... My friend i guess eariley asked him if he liked me. and he said i have a gf. she said still at all he said I dont know. when i found that she said this i was surprized because wouldnt he of chickened out if he didnt like me? help!

Hey girlie. These kinds of situations are hard because if this guy has a girlfriend, then he is off limits. So, try and be friends with him, and if it eventually leads to more (and he and his gf break up), then go for it!
Marly Z.

by reign5longboard on 12/11/2010 10:47:20 PM


idk wat to get my bf for christmas. he keeps on asking me wat i want and i seriously dont want him to get me anything but ik he will cauz hes like that. wat r some ideas of presents to get him its hard cauz hes like like most guys his styles kinda different

Hey girlie. Guys are always hard to shop for. My best advice is to get him something related to his interests. Does he like a certain sports team? Get him a shirt or something that has the team name on it! Or, if he's not into sports, you could go with something more cutesy- like a picture frame with a picture of you two in it!
Marly Z.

by luv2run on 12/11/2010 7:33:28 PM


MOD MOD Can people who are lactose intollerant come in contact with milk, or will irritation develop? I really wanted to use a homeade face mask with milk! :O

Hey girlie! I wish I could give you the answer to that one, but that's a question for your doctor. Definitely check about that to ensure your safety! 
Marly Z.

by rosepetal101 on 12/11/2010 7:27:20 PM


Hey gals! ask me any adivce stuff on my profile n i will answer ASAP!!! i give awesome advice and trust me, i have gone thought just about everything.

by mypuggl3 on 12/11/2010 6:44:21 PM


awwww thats so cute! ;)

by cross_country.cocoa on 12/11/2010 4:34:29 PM


okay so i hav two guy friends and they kinda get in fights alot on really stupid stuff...and sometimes its like they compete to b the favorite guy friend that gives advice...and me and my friends talk to both about everything...but once they know what the other thinks they kinda go the opposite way...
so one,N, i helped him get his ex gf and sooo he was gonna help me get my crush and so he was going to tell him..and i told the other one, C, and he said that if N told my crush it would ruin my chances with him!....i dont want their little compition messing up my love life...and i dont know whos right! C says to b patient and he'll work things out and N says that my crush is a great guy and How could he NOT like me and thinks i should just take a chance...
sooo what should i do? be patient or hav N tell my crush(my crush and N are friends)

Hey girlie, well all guys can be confusing. I'd say go with your gut feeling. Don't worry about your two guy friends. If you flirt with this guy a lot and thinks he likes you, maybe you should drop little hints. If he really doesn't get that you like him, maybe N should say something to him! 
Marly Z.

by pjcute2 on 12/11/2010 4:26:29 PM

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