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Calling all carolers! Host a pitch-perfect party

Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green…
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sounds like fun Smile singin is so much fun plus u can ask for donations for charity

by jewels96 on 12/19/2010 12:19:41 AM



On my profile page, the comments aren't showing. Could you see if you can fix that? I put a comment on, and it's not there so there should be at least one.

by JapanGirl4ever on 12/17/2010 1:03:52 PM


I've never been caroling either, and sorry, but I'm not very interested in doing so.

by lilgirlkt on 12/14/2010 10:24:46 PM


I've never been caroling.........

by rainbowsparkle98 on 12/14/2010 9:53:35 PM


So I've been playing viola since I was 5. In May, I decided I needed a break, thinking it'd only last at most a month. However, I'm still not playing! I miss it, even though when I'm taking lessons a lot of times I don't enjoy it. I want to play again but I also don't want to be overwhelmed with hw, sports, and viola. what should i do?


Hey girlie. I think often times we give up something and don't realize how much we enjoy it. When we are so used to playing an instrument, giving it up can be a big change. Is there anyway you can maybe take lessons once a week rather than every day? Try to lessen your load a bit. But also realize that being busy can be good in life. Definitely know your limits, but most things I quit, I end up regretting quitting. Just sharing my experiences...

Elizabeth P.

by HyperTea on 12/14/2010 7:46:11 PM


Mod Mod Mod My best friend who is practicly my sister does not eat. She says she eats at home but only junk food. My friends and i are starting to get worried. We think she might be sick or aneroxic but whenever we talk to her about it she says she is fine. What should I do im scared for her? Sorry its so long but i really need help.


Hey girl. Talk to your parents about it and say you are worries for her. The school counselor or nurse is a good person to talk to about this as well. Be prepared for your friend to get upset with you at first. But later, she will thank you. It's better to lose her friendship than to lose her. You are a good friend for caring : )

Elizabeth P.

by cmc143 on 12/14/2010 7:26:45 PM


I might tag along with my older sister and some of her friends who plan on caroling...
they're thinking of doing a 'screamo' in the middle of a carol, and I might film it.

by biskii on 12/14/2010 6:01:40 PM


idk. let it snow and rudoplh.

by carleygirl on 12/14/2010 8:55:19 AM

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