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Holiday beauty musts you can buy at the drugstore

Here’s how to do girly-yet-glam makeup for your next party...
69 Comments | Add Yours

ok so my mom hasn't really talked about an age to start wearing make up but i'm in 7th grade and i want to start but idk how to aproach her without being really awkward. my mom is like my bfffl

If shes your bffl just bring it up! Be like hey mom i really wanna start wearing makeup. Is that ok? See what he says. Im sure it will be great Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by winkerz on 1/19/2011 10:35:29 PM


K, so my mama isn't exactly BFFLs with makeup ( I'm 12) But i have a huge dance and she doesnt like tall heels either but i like shorty heels so wat kinda makeup and shoes should i wear i have a bright blue dress, have brown hair and blue eyes

Hey girl,

Mom's right about some things...don't overdo it with the makeup! Stick with natural makeup to enhance your best qualities. Go with a pale lip gloss on your lips and some chocolate brown eyeliner for your eyes. Smudge it on the upper lashline and finish with mascara (but this last part isn't necessary if mom doesn't let ya buy it). And most importantly, have a GREAT TIME!

Lauren C.

by issirby on 1/17/2011 8:15:13 PM


For makeup beginners Physicians formula is the way to go! You will look natural and not a mistake like loading on the bronzer or making a thick eyeliner line won't show as much so Mom will let you out of the house. Plus their stuff is natural like the blush above. Hope this helped!

by blaze789 on 1/14/2011 1:36:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD i have really red blotchy cheeks and my skin is sensitive so i need help finding the right kind of makeup and moisturizers!!! any advice?

Hey darling! For makeup, make sure you choose ones that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. I would recommend Bare Minerals makeup since it is all natural and healthy for your face (plus they have a wide variety from foundation to eyeshadows). Start out with their "Get Started Kit" and see how you like it. As for moisturizers, same as makeup - fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive skin would be one I recommend and it is only $10.49 at your local Walgreens
Jessica W.

by jador la mode on 1/10/2011 9:56:34 AM


Not for the holidays, but just daily: I have really long *(but not so long their disgusting) finger nails and I own enough shades of nail polish to open a salon. What are some good colors and patterns to emphasize my nails?
PS: (Just bought and extremely glitter-ful clear coat to put on over normal shades)

hey! I think french manis always do a good job of emphasizing nails, also: greyish purples are super in right now.  
Helen S.

by bluecatcrazy on 1/9/2011 3:27:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD What colors of makeup go best with green eyes?

Hey girl, I'd say cool colors or a brown or pearl.

Alyssa B.

by brookie673 on 1/5/2011 12:11:27 AM


thx Lauren C (:

by glittergurrl on 1/4/2011 4:21:15 PM


omg i love makeup... expecially liquid eyeliner i have raison color (brownish purple shimmer) an silver!! aaah makeup is so awesome but i no how to not go overboard an jus look totally cute.. if u girls need some makeup or fashion advice questions then come 2 me (: ill be gladddd 2 help!


by awesomeful on 1/4/2011 10:36:24 AM


Mod mod, what colors/kinds of makeup looks good with pale skin?

The trick with pale skin is to not go too drastic or intense. Avoid black eyeliner/mascara or bold gem tones. Instead, stick with simple pastels like rose pink and sparkly gold. If you wanna go deeper, coral and berry tones will also work really well to warm ya up! Pass on dark reds with hints of blue in them though - those will only make pale skin look paler!

Lauren C.

by glittergurrl on 1/3/2011 7:45:25 PM


What are the best shadow colors for brown eyes?

Hey chica! Browns and purples are the colors to go with your brown eyes 
Jessica W.

by lilbob117 on 12/31/2010 2:33:32 AM


MODMODMOD!! how can i get a natural sort of look that is easy and quick enough to wear to school? i have fair skin, and i just started using makeup, so i dont really know. Any ideas?



Hey girly! I would start with some foundation...either powder or liquid. Then, maybe add some blush, mascara and lip gloss. Very natural, and quick!


Becca G.

by peace&luv09 on 12/29/2010 8:25:36 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!! I love that skin tone type nude lipstick, and one day, my friend got it. She let me borrow it and I wore it to school, but then some people said it looked wierd. I felt embarassed and that made me self concious. Even worse, it was my favorite shade EVER! I was looking for it for months and I just couldn't find the right shade, but when I saw hers, I knew it was the shade I've been waiting for. How do I respond to the people who said I looked wierd?



Hey chica! You don't need to respond to those people. You should wear what you like, period. If you love it and feel confident, then rock it! Play around with it in front of your mirror and find an eyemakeup look that makes the nude lips pop. I'm sure it looks great!

And P.S. What kind is it? I've been looking for the perfect nude lipstick too! Smile


Becca G.

by BriannaTLC556 on 12/29/2010 7:09:23 PM


Mod thanks Becca

by Cutie314 on 12/29/2010 6:36:28 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod i need qick advice like ASAP okay i have about a little darker than fair skin and blonde hair(white) 4 inches past my shoulders i have blue/green eyes i usually wear mascara(black or navy blue) and gold/skin tone eyeshadow ad sun-kissed blush but i want something new and cheap but i need it FAST!!! do you know of anything else? well thanks and sorry to bother you thanks again bye!!!



Hey chickadee! Why not try some brown eyeliner with tan or taupe eyeshadow and pink lips for a clean look? Or, have some fun with a light purple eyeshadow and more neutral lips.


Becca G.

by Cutie314 on 12/29/2010 6:24:05 PM



I have hazel eyes and i was wondering if you know the best colors to use. They are a darkish green but ive been told they appear blue and brown. it just depends on what im Thanx! in advance!

by cougargirl on 12/28/2010 12:57:53 PM


MOD!I don't wear makeup (lipgloss doesn't count). A whole lotta girls in my grade wear eyliner and mascara, it's totally making them all racoon-y and weird. I think my natural beauty is good enough and that i don't need makeup, it will make me look way too overdone, but when i see all those girls with makeup on I feel really weird inside. I think I'm feeling left out, even though I'm pretty sure I don't even WANT to wear makeup (besides I have no time to put it on in the morning!). Should I wear makeup or not? I wanna get rid of the feeling of being the odd one out!

Hey girlie. It's hard being an individual but it's one of the most rewarding things you can be. I'm proud that you have found a style that you're comfortable with and are sticking to it despite what others are doing. You know heavy makeup is not right for you and if you end up doing it, you'll only feel disappointed in yourself down the road when you find that you are doing something that you don't believe in. But if you're are really insistent on using makeup then there are some ways you can use it but still look natural. Use a light brown eye shadow with a little mascara for your eyes and continue using the lip gloss for your lips. That way you can make your face pop slightly without allowing it to become overdone. Just remember to never do anything just because it may be popular. Stay true to yourself, for that skill will help you in the future.
Jessica W.

by happydays!:-) on 12/27/2010 10:06:23 AM


Okay, just a few Qs...
On Christmas I got a make-up set with eye shadow. I've never used it before! Any tips?
Also, I have brown eyes, so what colors would look good?

Hey girlie, brown eyes go great with a wide variety of colors so now is the perfect time to experiment and see what colors you like, colors also can correspond with mood you can go natural and light with a flesh color tone or bold and lively with vibrant colors it's totally up to you. 
Paige T.

by crystal904 on 12/25/2010 12:48:42 PM


Hey girls! Heres a super simple way to do your make-up for a party of any kind. Take a light shimmery eye shadow with a bright lip color. Simple but super cute!!! <3

by awesome2797 on 12/23/2010 5:43:47 PM


Hey everyone hope your having a great stylish holiday season. My latest Holiday makeup obsession is Red Lips! I first thought way to crazy but everyone can pull of red you just have to find your shade. If you want the red color but more suddle go for a red gloss. I recommend Maybline. It gives you all the color, but more natural and glossy!

by 20princess on 12/23/2010 2:09:10 AM


I have REALLY dark dark brown wavy medium length hair, medium skin, and dark brown eyes.
I'm thinking of getting toasted almond highlights in my hair, straightening my hair, and getting contacts to make my eyes look kinda hazel(i wear clear contacts right now). Do u think that would be a good look for me?
P.S. Should i get my highlighting done professionally or at home? I'm thinking at home because my mom does hair color so she may know how but i'm not very sure.

Hey girlie. I think you have to make sure you are doing these things for the right reason. Natural beauty is true beauty. I don't want you to change your appearance for the wrong reasons. Highlights sound pretty, but once you dye your hair, it's hard to get it back to its original color. I think dark brown eyes on a dark brown haired girl is gorgeous so I wouldn't get the contacts either. Straightening your hair can be fun so that sounds good to me. But do what makes ya happy : )
Elizabeth P.

by Art Crazy52 on 12/21/2010 6:54:12 PM


okay, so i am 12 turning 13 next year, and i've noticed that a lot of my friends are wearing eyeliner or mascara and they are my age . my mom is a professional makeup artist, but she always tells me at around my age when she was young she wasn't allowed to wear makeup at her school . but my school allows, so when i have those talks with her about how much i would like to wear eyeliner, she always tells me no, i can only wear it on special occasions .
i do want to at least wear it near the summer, so that way when i go to the 8th grade, at least i won't feel like the only person who doesn't wear makeup (because a ton of the 8th graders this year wear eyeliner and all that.) what can i do to persuade her with the positive points in letting me wear eyeliner?

Hey chica! Talk to your Mom again, and express to her how important it is to you. Tell her that it makes you feel good about yourself and how it makes you feel like you are fitting in with all of your friends.  
Marly Z.

by toxicmilk on 12/21/2010 12:30:21 PM


mod mod mod
i get self concious sometimes and i cant look people in the eye. this is gonna sound like im weird but,its because i think i have a booger in my nose showing...i always have a prob with that...any advice?

Hey girlie! Try keeping one of those pocket mirrors with you as much as possible. Then, when you're feeling insecure, get it out and "use it to put on other makeup"-like lip gloss (when really you're just checking your nose)!
Marly Z.

by madison2016mj on 12/21/2010 10:03:28 AM


I want to rock a look that will make everything about me look great. I have straightish long hair, it's medium brown with gold highlights, hazel eyes, and paleish skin. I'm skinny, and medium height. What kind of makeup colors and clothes should I wear??? Oh, and also, what should i do with my hair?

Hey chica! Well, you are pretty similar to me! Hair- keep it long and straight! That's always a good look. Straighten it if you want the added straightness. If you're looking to give it added volume, try pushing up either side of your hair and spraying a little hairspray so it doesn't fall flat. Clothes- I just love skinny jeans, and I would recommend them for your body type. Throw on a tank and blazer with heels for a more professional look. Or, grab an oversized sweater; they always look good with skinny jeans and boots. Makeup- keep it simple. A little blush and eyeliner will do for paler skin. If you're going out though, try and make your eyes pop with a little more eye makeup.
Marly Z.

by blissbaby on 12/21/2010 9:50:39 AM


Ello Smile I was wondering, what would make my blue eyes brighten? I also have pale-ish skin...thanks!


Hey girl. I have blue eyes and pale skin, too. Try wearing a soft blue eye shadow and a very black mascara. If you feel comfortable wearing eye-liner, try a midnight blue eye liner on bottom and very black eye liner on top. This will make your eyes pop. Remember not to go overboard-just a bit of each. Then wear some blush to make the look very natural. Good luck.

Elizabeth P.

by Anney246 on 12/20/2010 2:10:35 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok i want to look natural for christmas eve...i have brown eyes, wavy brown hair and a medium olive skin color.....what color shadow and lip color should i wear? thanks, katy


Hey girlie. You sound like a very pretty girl. I think a nice red lipstick would look gorgeous. Especially if you don't wear much other make up. As for eye shadow, try a soft brown on your upper brown but a soft pink on your eye lid. Good luck.

Elizabeth P.

by dramaqueenla6 on 12/20/2010 2:09:08 PM


mod mod mod
i reeally want to have a sporty reputation...but im a varsity cheerleader...i already tried out for cheer and made it so i cant do basketballnow cuz its too late...any advice? im already known as kinda a girly girl


Hey girlie. Try spreading the word that cheerleading in, in fact, a sport. It's very physical and there are competitions for cheer leading-it's not just about cheering at football games. Get the other cheer leaders and yourself to do some research and spread the word about cheering being a sport.

Elizabeth P.

by madison2016mj on 12/20/2010 9:11:34 AM


no i meant can u name a peach blush that would look good on tan skin?

by soccerlover97_n on 12/20/2010 1:58:49 AM


MOD i really want a peach blush but i dont know which one will look good on me. i have tan skin (almost medium). what do u suggest?


Hey girlie, If it is possible experiment with a few colors see which you like best

Paige T.

by soccerlover97_n on 12/20/2010 12:57:23 AM


MOD MOD MOD What is a mod? And how do you become one?


Hey girlie, a mod is a blog moderator you become one by applying to girls life

Paige T.

by CowSaysMoo on 12/19/2010 11:13:07 PM


MOD: hey! I was wondering, what are some good colors for a blonde with green eyes for lips, blush, and eyes? thanks so much! -rach


Hey Rach, you should try out subtle natural colors. Go for a smokey look with brown eye shadow and pink lips

Paige T.

by rlitke13 on 12/19/2010 9:02:58 PM


makeup colors for brown eyes and brown hair?
Laughing Smile Laughing thanks!
XOXO thebeat1es

Hey babe,

This season, brunettes should totally look to nature for makeup inspiration! Use taupe/beige, chocolate brown, forest greens, and golds/bronzes to really play up your features. Brunettes are lucky because they can also pull off intense gem tones, like navy blues, pretty purples, and emerald greens Smile Have fun!

Lauren C.

by thebeat1es on 12/19/2010 1:19:26 PM


thx i tried but didnt quite work got any thing else MOD!???

by issirby on 12/18/2010 10:34:52 PM


MOD!!!! plz help! I really like this guy named ben and i think he likes me back but hasnt told me, YET! How do i make myself be noticable without completely embarassing myself? I appreciate it! (im in 6th grade btw) THX

hey! just talk to him, try to befriend the guy Smile 
Helen S.

by issirby on 12/18/2010 10:00:40 PM


hey uh, what exactly is mod? does it stand for something?

Hey girlie, mod is short for moderator.  It just means that I moderate your comments.

Lauren T.

by Gingergurf123 on 12/18/2010 8:12:26 PM


thanks but what color eyeshadow and lip?

Hey girlie, try a peachy eyeshadow and a clear or light pink lip gloss. 

Lauren T.

by kaiptau on 12/18/2010 7:30:46 PM


I need help. I have a red velvet a-line dress that was made for my grandmas honeymoon in 1955 and I'm wearing it for Christmas. Now keep in my mind that its from the 50s so it's classy and conservative. I wanted sum makeup and hair ideas. I'm pretty sure I'm guna use hot rollers to curl my hair. I want to look good but I don't want it to be overpowering the dress. Nothing dramatic cuz I almost never wear makeup. I have fair skin and almost black hair. I look like mila kunis when that 70s show started around that time frame I think it was 1999. Please keep in mind that I'll be with my family and I want to look classy and sweet, like me. Haha. Thanks for any help!

Hey girlie, curling your hair sounds like a great idea and you can use a bobby pin to pull a small piece of it out of your face. For makeup just try some eye shadow and mascara and a light lip gloss. 

Lauren T.

by kaiptau on 12/18/2010 7:16:56 PM


Oh! I want the bluce Smile dont buy the nailpolish, it goes on really rigid (i mean just look at the picturee!) comment on my profile, i give advice on ANYTHING!
<3 Laura

by GottaLoveLaura on 12/18/2010 5:53:31 PM


so this cute guy i like asked me to go to a movie with him and some of our friends and i had 2 say no, cuz im not allowed 2 date until highschool ( im in 8th). i really wanna be able 2 go next time! how can i convince my mom to let me go out?


Hey girl. Ask your mom if "group dates" are okay instead. This way it's not just you one-on-one with a guy. Good luck!

Elizabeth P.

by jessielikescake on 12/17/2010 9:19:23 PM


ok so everytime i put on mascara, it clumps up really bad all over my lashes and i dont know what 2 do. Help!


hey girl. Try looking for mascara that says, "Clump free" or "separates lashes." Sometimes, you just need to test out different brands until you find the right one for you!

Elizabeth P.

by jessielikescake on 12/17/2010 9:10:26 PM


what the heck is primer?


Hey girl Primer is a foundation like cream that you apply to the area around your eyes (under eyes and on eye lid/below eyebrow) before putting make up on. Primer is good for you skin and helps your make up-eye shadow, eye liner, etc) stay in place for longer without smudging. 

Elizabeth P.

by jessielikescake on 12/17/2010 9:09:13 PM


NEED ADVICE?! im here chickas!
just comment chicks!

by frizzheadgal on 12/15/2010 9:02:35 PM


i have the eyeshadow and it's awesome Smile really sparkly

by HyperTea on 12/15/2010 7:39:14 PM


mod mod mod
I 'm in a orchestra and it's today I need cool ideas for hair and make-up like now


Hey girl. Why don't you pull your hair in a low ponytail to the side and then curl the pieces in the pony tail This looks chic and very profession. As far as make-up goes, try some pretty lipsticks. When you are a good distance away from the crowd, it's good to wear bright make-up so the crowd can make out your face. Cheer leaders do this as well as people in theatre. Try wearing some mascara and eye liner, too. Stick with dark colors for eye liners, but maybe a nice Christmas red lipstick. Swipe some soft pink blush, and you are ready to do. Good luck!

Elizabeth P.

by joojoocb on 12/15/2010 7:23:46 AM


so what color eyeshadows go good with brown eyes? also what are the steps you use for a flawless face? (eg: 1. primer 2. concelear 3. powder etc etc)
this is a beauty emergency! help please!


Hey girlie. Green looks really cool and so does brown, actually! I think you have the routine down, perfectly. Primer, conealer, powder, blush, eye make up. It's pretty easy. : )

Elizabeth P.

by toughnoodles332 on 12/14/2010 6:30:08 PM


the eyeshadow's cuuuutee!((:

by gogreen7487 on 12/13/2010 11:29:19 PM


MOD I've met this group of girls at my school that I LOVE. I've had lunch with them everyday this school year and we get along really well. The problem is this group has been friends with each other since forever and I'm the newbie, plus they all live close to each other and I live 45 mins away! They talk about their weekend and after school plans right in front of me at lunch, but don't invite me! One day they said I could come to a coffee shop with them after school, then said that they were sorry they talk about their plans in front of me all the time and but that I live really far away, but still didn't say I could come with them places! It makes me sad that we get along so well, but I still seem to be out of the group at the same time! Please help Frown


Hey girl, I imagine it does feel awkward or hurtful when they talk about their plans.  But since they invited you to the coffee shop, and said they were sorry about talking about their plans all the time, they probably really just think that you can't come.  If you would like to be invited, let them know!  Or, you could make plans yourself!  Perhaps you could plan something for during break when you have more time.  xoxo

Marie H.

by ~liv4dance~ on 12/13/2010 10:53:28 PM


cute stuff!

by musicluva246 on 12/13/2010 9:55:36 PM


MOD MOD MOD i know its not bikini seaon yet but my confidence level is low. i wear a 7 in jeans andim only 13. its bc my biggest area is right where my jeans hit! do u have any workouts that would melt fat not only on my front of my tomach, but the sides? that is whatihate. thank u xoxo


Hey girl, First, I don't want you to be so hard on yourself!  It's easy to feel not perfect, especially when you are starting to grow and change.  But you just don't realize all the great things about you!  Try to identify the things you do love about the way you look for a confidence boost (you can always ask someone you love for suggestions if you're stuck).  Of course, if you're feeling like adding some work-outs to be more active and healthy, GL has tons of them here:

Marie H.

by fashionista37 on 12/13/2010 9:52:15 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD. okay so i really want to get my hair dyed. my mom said i could and she was cool with it. i want to get the bottom layer of my hair dyed light blond. my hair is dark brown, but not close to black. i'm 12, bee tee dubss. do you think that would look odd? oh, and my hair is like an inch or a half past my shoulder. thankkss. also i'm a vegetarian. i started a month ago. do you think that is a bad idea for a growing kid? i eat tofu sometimes. i try to get all my nutrients. do you have any type of advice for something like that? thankssss,(:


Hey girl, as for the hair, I would definitely check in with your stylist.  They can tell you what would look good for you, and give you some tips on how to go about it.  As for going veggie, it's really a personal choice.  The important thing is to just make sure you're not missing out on protein and other nutrients you need to grow strong.  This article has tips on how to do it right:  xoxo 

Marie H.

by misslivvy101 on 12/13/2010 9:44:29 PM


Hey guys!! if anyone out there is confuzzled about wat gifts 2 get for the holidays then I have some great ideas so if ur in some serious need of gift ideas just leave a comment on my profile and I will try 2 answer it ASAP!!! thankssSmile

by Luvs2cheer on 12/13/2010 8:58:08 PM


I love the maybelline eye studio quads <3 i have it in... sunset seduction. its pinks and browns, and came with this really pretty highlight (the biggest one) which broke Frown it was bright white with pink shimmer in it, and it was perfect if you just wanted to wear a little bit of shadow but not much color.. the only thing is once you get through the top layer of the shadows, theyre not as sparkly. its depressing. haha

by acpowers on 12/13/2010 7:18:08 PM


Makeup ideas for super dark brown eyes(almost black).

by girlsliferocksss98 on 12/13/2010 6:47:44 PM


Hi! I'm allowed to wear makeup and have some but I don't wear any. I want to start wearing it, so I was thinking I would do it when we come back from break. Would that be fine? Also, what are some staples I would need?
I'm going for a kinda natural/girly look. I have pale skin and blond hair. Would you suggest brown or black mascara/eyeliner? Do you absolutely need eyeliner? And what color lipgloss should I wear?
Thanks so much! (:

Hey babe,

Sounds good to me! Some makeup staples to snatch up would be a pale pink/nude lipgloss, a khaki/chocolate brown eyeliner, and a light brown mascara. Eyeliner definitely isn't necessary though - you can even just use a swipe of darker eyeshadow along your lashline instead Smile

Lauren C.

by thecupcakequeen on 12/13/2010 6:39:06 PM


Please help me! One of my guy friends told one of my girlfriends he is going to ask me out! I have never ever been in a relationship, but my mum and dad are ok with it, and i am interested in him. I just dont want to lose our friendship if we have to split. How can I date him, without losing his friendship! Pleez answer quick, he is asking tomorrow!

Hey girlie,

After you get to know someone on a dating level, it's usually tough to go back to the same type of friends relationship that you had before. Still, it might be worth it to push it further than "just friends" and date him if you really like him! Talk to him beforehand and share your desire to stay friends if something happens in the future. That way, you can both pursue a dating relationship on the same page. It's all about reminding yourself to be aware of any problems that arise and handling them maturely and objectively - if it looks like you guys might not get along as BF/GF, it's important to recognize that early before anyone really gets hurt and rules out the "just friends" status.

Lauren C.

by Beluga-swim on 12/13/2010 6:27:59 PM


ive had that gold nail polish for a couple years and its really good! its thin and doesnt get thick/gooey when its humid out and looks cut if u do whit french tips and do a thin coat of this on top!!

by X-MasBabey97 on 12/13/2010 6:15:47 PM


Kinda a wierd Qs but it normal for period blood to be brown to blackish brown? Cuz my period started yeterday and it was blackish red, but today its dark brown-brown. Is that norm? 2. I get really lovey dovey and romantic around my period, for the past 3 nights ive had dreams about sweeties fallin in love with me and its kinda depressing cuz i dont have a bf, wat should i do?

Hey babe,

1) Yep, that's totally normal! The "main" days of your period will normally be bright or dark red, but the beginning and the end tend to be brownish. No worries!

2) Just keep your head up and stay optimistic! You know you wouldn't mind having a BF, but if you focus on it too much it'll never happen. The best thing to do is to pursue things that will make you happy on your own - a new hobby, a sport you're passionate about, etc. Hang around your friends and commit to having as much fun as possible. The boys will come around when you're independent and happy on your own... they love that in a girl! 

Lauren C.

by selgomez1997 on 12/13/2010 6:14:19 PM


MODMODMOD! I'm going to the Justin Bieber concert on Wednesday, and I have NO idea what I'm going to wear!!!!!!! I'm going to be in one of those little fancy box-room-thingies, so I want to look nice. Help!
Thanks!!! xoxo,

Hey Kacey,

I'd go with a sleek pair of skinny jeans with some comfy flats or boots. On top, go a little bit special: wear something a little metallic, with a bit of shine, or in a special gemtone shade. Top it off with a plain cardigan or pretty blazer and dress it up with a sparkly bracelet for a special touch. And HAVE FUN!

Lauren C.

by kcgirl109 on 12/13/2010 6:01:34 PM


Hey girls! Come check out my club. its called Club STARS.Its a club for everything? have a prob? come ask. LOL

by cougargirl on 12/13/2010 5:51:13 PM


what is the best way to wear your hair when you are wearing a strapless dress. and you need to look formal keep that in mind!?

by swimgirl13 on 12/13/2010 5:50:37 PM


this is so cool i <3 girls life!

by tine on 12/13/2010 5:47:06 PM


Cute!!!!!!! Laughing

by reneesonglover on 12/13/2010 5:28:29 PM


love it! go check out o.p.i nail polish. bring on the bling is my fave right now Smile Smile
comment on my profile. i give advice and will comment u back!

by narnianpirate on 12/13/2010 5:19:24 PM


I love these! So FUN AND CUTE!

Hey girls. I give advice on everything and if your lesbian or bi I can still help you! I'm not either but that doesn't mean I wouldn't help you! We are all different and unique in our own ways and I find that amazing about girls.


by Cupcake1999 on 12/13/2010 5:16:00 PM


these are cute i love makeup (:

by awesomeful on 12/13/2010 5:13:00 PM


Hey girls!
This is a club made for all of you that have mental/emotional health issues! So if you if you have mental/emotional health issues then comment or ask a question….. whatever you want. Smile Have a GREAT day!! Smile

by Club Tough Stuff on 12/13/2010 5:12:06 PM


Cool think I might need to buy these

by eschultz on 12/13/2010 4:44:19 PM


MOD, do you know any makeup ideas for blue eyes? thanks Laughing

Hey babe,

For blue eyes, the best eyeshadow colors are peach, copper/bronze, chocolate brown, dark blue, purple, and pale pink. Try some to see which work best for you! Smile 

Lauren C.

by polska456 on 12/13/2010 3:42:54 PM


Mod- My new years resolution is to lose 20 pounds......

Hey girlie,

It's great you're committed to being healthy, but remember that doesn't necessarily mean you have to lose a lot of weight. The best thing to do is to work out daily to make sure you're in shape, plus also eating 3 balanced meals a day full of veggies, protein, etc. Try talking to your doctor or school nurse to create a plan to follow and stick to it! Smile

Lauren C.

by i_luv_devin on 12/13/2010 3:40:46 PM


Hey girlies if you need advice on,
< boys
< friends
< family
< hair
< makeup
< clothes
< stress
< school
< babysitting
< bullies
< fights
< health
< crafts
< jealousy
< anger
< dating
< tough stuff
< drama ( of any type)
and ANYTHING else you can think of!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE giving advice!
PS. I'm on GL a lot so I'll get back to ya the day you post your comment!
xoxo kikidee12

by kikidee12 on 12/13/2010 2:34:58 PM

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