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I can't get the hang of tampons

I’ve been on my period for two-and-a-half years and I want to use tampons but every time I try to put one in, it hurts...
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i've been homeschooled always, but i'm starting junior high (9th grade) next year because i'm very lonely out here on my farm and i have no idea what to expect! what do i do?

Hey girlie,  every school is different so it's hard for me to tell you what to expect. Just be really outgoing the first couple weeks and meet as many new people that you can.

Lauren T.

by lovla1 on 1/15/2011 5:35:25 PM


Okay so i am new to tampons and thanks you you girls help i can insert one, but when i push the button thingy to slide it up and then pull the plastic tube out, the tampon comes out with it! How do i fix this? I really think tampons will make me feel less insecure.

by sydiscool on 1/14/2011 8:45:49 PM


Okay! Thanks for the input!

by pumpkinerin on 1/13/2011 7:18:54 PM


MOD MOD MOD Is it okay to leave a tampon in for the whole school day (around 8am-3pm)



Hey girly! You shouldn't leave a tampon in for over 8 hours. If you do, you're at a greater risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. So, I'd make sure to change it right before you go to school, and as soon as you get home.


Becca G.

by pumpkinerin on 1/13/2011 6:59:01 PM


It does hurt at first but once you get it in, you will never want to use pads again

by Iluvboyz20 on 1/13/2011 4:50:59 PM


I've been using scented for years and I'm not dead yet

by Iluvboyz20 on 1/13/2011 4:47:52 PM


I tried to use a tampon for the first time today and it really hurt. Everyone says you shouldn't feel it. I'm scared that I'm not able to wear tampons.

by Softballqueen97 on 1/10/2011 12:00:05 AM


okay so everytime i use a tampon and take it out my period stop so a while, like i would say 3 hours. I understand it's probably since the tampon sucked up all the blood, but does that mean that tampons can make my period go by faster? because it sucks up the blood faster?



Hey girlie, no your period doesn't go by faster it still would be the same number of days 

Paige T.

by kupcake101 on 1/9/2011 9:47:43 PM


The first time I tried, it wouldnt go in and hurt. You have to make sure you're putting it at the right angle, otherwise its not actually going in.

by ilovedolphinz on 1/9/2011 5:49:17 PM


 MOD! I haven't gotten my period yet but is it better to use tampons or pads for your first period?

Hey girlie! Most girls start out wearing pads then transfer over to tampons. It is your choice though! Neither is a "better" option; it's just personal preference. 
Marly Z.

by shannon5622 on 1/8/2011 5:52:22 PM

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