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Snag that dream job: I a politician

As the only member of her family to graduate from college, Phylesia Steele worked her education to her advantage and started a career beyond her...
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This is amazing. I'm 24 and interested in pursing a career in politics -- this is definitely ammunition for my ambition! Thanks for sharing!

by Odellia on 1/25/2011 9:15:33 AM


This makes me think of that little girl who died in Tucson last Saturday morning-she liked politics-so sad!

by titanicfanaic on 1/13/2011 5:46:59 PM


MOD I got horseback riding lessons for my birthday last feburary and have had to take breaks every few months because it's really expensive (like about $700 for 10 hours) and i love it but we can't afford to keep going for long periods of time. I've been paying for part of it but i would like to pay for more because i know that it's hard on my parents. The only problem is that i live out of town, don't have a liscense and am really busy with school and a hundred other things so i can't get a job. Do you have any ideas of how i could earn a little (or alot) of extra money? Thanks and Happy New year!



Hey girly! You could always offer to do errands and chores for your neighbors. Carry groceries, walk their dogs, or babysit their kids when you can Smile


Becca G.

by #1taylorfan on 12/30/2010 8:57:22 PM


Hey Girlies! Need advice on:
> Boys
> Fashion
> School
> Friends
> Family
> Makeup
> Puberty
> Siblings
> Fights
> Hair
> Bullying
> Music (Piano, violin, viola, cello, and singing)
> Figure Skating
> Parties
> Decorating
> Mean girls
> Starting Middle School
> Enemies
> Pets
> Parents
> Or anything else you can think of!

Come to my profile I will answer your question ASAP! I will post answers to your profile, and if its not publicly visible, to mine. I love to give advice and am happy to help!

xoxo Megan

by Chicka678 on 12/22/2010 1:23:54 PM


This is fantastic--the career field I'm planning on going into! LOVED the insight. FANTASTIC!

by fullmetal1 on 12/21/2010 8:35:42 PM


oh sweet 1st comment!! hey does anyone out there still need some gift ideas?? if so just leave a comment on my profile and I`ll try to answer ASAP!! thankssTong

by Luvs2cheer on 12/21/2010 7:43:20 PM


hi! merry (almost) christmas or hanuka ect.
ok so there's this guy i've like forever, but i know he doesn't like me. i like him a little less now (like i would say yes if he asked me out) but not like obsessing over it. well my best friend is friends with him, and likes him now. she said she feels really bad because i "called" him first. theres a pretty fair chance he likes her. is it bad i'm a little bit jealous?


Hey girlie. No, it's normal. You have to decide if you ready to let him go and let them be happy.

Elizabeth P.

by twilightgirl/taylorfan on 12/21/2010 7:17:48 PM


OMGSH, i can't believe nobody else has commented on this!! Laughing I LOVE politics and find this so interesting!

If you find politics just fascinating comment on my profile!! Laughing

by lover_of_life on 12/21/2010 6:20:13 PM

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