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Is my cuz in danger?

I have a cousin who’s a year younger than me that I'm worried about. She's dating a boy who's a couple years older than her...
28 Comments | Add Yours

@anasquirrelygurl That relationship is TOTALLY inappropriate, and if they're still together next year, illegal. Have a talk with your cousin, and tell her that it would be good to break up with this boy and find a guy her age. As her cousin, it's your responsibility to make sure this boy is an overall good person, who respects her feelings. Wish her good luck for us!

Hayley & Bella

by Hayley_finnsessed on 8/18/2011 9:38:26 PM


I have the same problem with my cause but its differnt im 14 and shes only 13 but her boy friend is 17. My aunt haes her boy friend and im starting to think hes not so nice either. I Have never acually meet him because my cuz lives in a differnt state from me but im scared for her she comes to visit alot and on these visit she tells me how there make out alot and how she thinks there going to have sex soon. She told me this last year at frist i was really scared because she also told me she would sneak out at 12 midnight to see him but she never said they had sex after that, just tha they made out. I thought they would break up because shes 13 and all but this last time she came to visit she told me they had sex only like for a minute but now he thinks they should do it all the time. She also told me at this church lock in there going to there going to sneak away so they can do it again! I`m scraed i dont want her to get pregant but i dont want to tell on her either?

Hey! their relationship is pretty inappropriate. She is too young to be getting involved in this stuff. You should tell her mom what's going on. It's the right thing to do. simple as that.  
Helen S.

by anasquirrelygurl on 3/25/2011 4:52:47 PM


Dear Is my cuz in danger,
This is a tough situation girl. My advice is tell your mom even if your scared. Whoever you tell will more than likely understand why you were scared to tell her sooner. good luck! Smile Also I give great advice! On anything, school,friends,family... ect. So feel free to ask! Smile

K-Girl Smile

by kaylarocks2000 on 1/30/2011 10:31:50 PM


MODMOD I need some help. My older sister is 25 and I'm 13. She has a boyfriend that lives in California and we live near Iowa. Recently, I heard my mom and her talking, and my mom said,"Have you called the doctor for that thing?" and my Sis said yes, but it the appointment would b b4 her BF comes over for a visit so it wouldn't do much good. He is coming a few days before V-day. The doc she is seeing is for down there. When I asked her why she needed to see the doc, she told me not to worry about it. When I asked her BF what they were gonna do for V-day he said that if he told me, I wouldn't like it. And my mom asked my Sis if she was preparing for what they (my mom and Sis) and talked about for when her BF comes over. (BTW, he stays at our house with my Sis, sometimes alone when he comes) My Sis said yes and appeared sheepish. It seems like my Sis and her BF are gonna do it, in our own house! She isn't even married yet, and they havent gone out for a year, what I am to do?

Hey girlie! Well, I'm not sure what your sis has planned, but I'm sure it's nothing too crazy! Try not to worry too much about it! 
Marly Z.

by bee309 on 1/22/2011 5:02:52 PM


Hey girls! Get advice from me on anything! Boys Relationships Family Friends Healthy-Eating Staying-Fit School Dance Acting ANYTHING!! So visit my profile, and ask me! sstods Smile guaranteed answer within 24 hours on ur profile. If your profile isnt publicly visible, ill answer on mine!

by sstods on 1/17/2011 4:12:09 PM


MOD MOD MOD not to bother, but why when i want to see "what others see" on my profile, it says its not visible. ive had it for over a week, and the privacy isnt selected. whats up? thanks<3



Hey chickadee! Under "My Profile", make sure that "Keep My Profile Private" is NOT checked. It might still take a day or two to adjust to your new settings too Smile


Becca G.

by tweexoxo on 1/13/2011 6:39:18 PM


Hey chicas! This is Happy, your personal advice go-to. Ask me anything- I’ll give you advice on boys, clothes, style, makeup, hair, beauty, family, friends, school, parties and other hangouts, gifts, jobs, workouts, eating, health, accessories, your body, entertainment, hobbies, after-school, depression, drama of any kind, difficult situations, bullies, and anything else you want help figuring out! Ask your question on my profile, and I’ll post your question with well-thought out advice underneath on your wall ASAP!

by Ask Happy on 1/11/2011 10:01:21 PM


Hey Chicas!! This is your advice girl right here!!
My name is Kelly and I am in high school and I am great at giving girls like you advice. I have experienced all kinds of drama and problems with friends, family, and boys. Just name it, I can help you with anything!

So, just ask! Smile

by iamkellyrose on 1/9/2011 4:22:46 PM


Ok so my parents have been fighting a little over a year now (step dad and mom) all because my mom hangs out more with her friends than with us. Now my step dad is tired of it and he has been telling me that he's tired of it and if my mom doesn't clear up her "act" then he's moving out and that they're over. I'm upset by this because I've known my step dad since I was 5 (I'm 12 now) and that he's like a real dad to me, (My real dad passed when I was a baby) and I'm afraid to confront her because I'm afraid she'll get mad and think that my step dad put me up to it.
What should I do? I don't wanna lose the best "dad" I've ever had and I don't want them to break up, I also want my mom to hang out with us more.

Hey girlie! If you're upset with your Mom, don't be afraid to talk to her about it. Let her know that you want to spend more time with her. She won't know how you feel otherwise. Also, tell her how much you care for your Dad, and how you don't want to lose him.  
Marly Z.

by Randafanna2 on 1/8/2011 7:23:48 PM


Mod! Mod! Mod!
My dad doesn't really watch his health. He will always buy fatning ice cream. I say to stop buying it cause I don't like it, but I really do but I don't want him to eat it. He stopped buying it, but now he is buying klondike bars and eating them constantly! My family is buying a tredmill soon(I know that for sure)but I don't know if he is going to actually try to work out. I've tried many times to tell him not to eat certain stuff and he always says "thanks for caring! I'm going to start working out soon!" I can't stand to watch him let himself go down hill. I'm so scared that he willl have a heartattack. What should i do?

Hey! you're doing everything you can do. maybe you can work out with him as encouragement? 
Helen S.

by Themagpie on 1/2/2011 2:01:38 PM

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